B’s are aBuzzing

Here we are. A lot of surprises to get us here, but we made it.

The Scoregasms and Flagnado have been relegated to the B bracket and will serve as the A1 & A2 seeds. The division winners get the #1 & #2 seeds. The number 3 through 8 seeds fill themselves in accordingly based on their record. If in the case of a tie, the tiebreakers were the division record, then conference record and lastly the head-to-head if the previous two were the same.

Raw Talent is the one seed with their unblemished record. The New England Nightmare is the number two seed as they are the divisional winners with a victory over the Tribe in week seven. The Shotgunnaz had a better divisional record than America’s Children even though the Children held the head-to-head and conference tiebreaker.

The final two teams will earn berths into next week’s A bracket playoffs (6-26). The actual champion of the shortened game gets to choose the side of the bracket they want to play on. They will get the choice of Rampage or Legion of Doom.

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