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A lot of people this offseason have been voicing their opinions and concerns about certain rules. We continually try to grow and make this the most user friendly and fun league you have ever played in, so we have taken some into consideration. For next season we are thinking of replacing something old with something new, what do you guys think?


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Congratulations to the Nashua Vikings on winning the Spring 2016 Championship
Sometimes life gives you a curveBALL and you are forced to adapt. They persevered through thick and thin. Hard and Soft. Hot and Cold. Blood and Tears. They won in Overtime against a formidable and athletic rival. It was by far the best championship game in our history. Congrats to both the Blue Balls and the Vikings for making it one hell of a game. This is the third championship for the Vikings in four appearances. Thanks on a great season to the Vikings and everyone else who participated. See you all again in the fall!



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Our All-Stars for the Spring season of 2016 have been officially selected by our panel of referees and blitz board members. Every season, there are always several Blitzers who are deserving of the praise. However, just like the NFL and other organizations, we can’t fit everyone we want on the team. Please congratulate your colleagues and teammates on their honor. There will be a short exhibition game on Sunday in between the conference finals and championship game. Hope to see everyone there!



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After seven arduous yet delightful weeks of tough and hard hitting football, Week Eight was the bittersweet finale of the season. Teams in both conferences had make or break games that could catapult them from one playoff bracket to another. They had games that could reposition them to a tougher opponent or more difficult path to ship. Week Eight brings the butterflies and furrowed brows out from hiding to prep them for weeks to come.

To start the day off the predestined for the B’s, Scoregasms looked to upset the recently struggling Tigers. If the Scoregasms can win here, they would clinch the number one seed in the B bracket playoffs. While on the other side, with a Tigers win they would clinch the number one overall seed in their conference. The Scoregasms have had a rough going at it this season but today, they came to play with upset on their mind. After the Tigers first possession score by AJ Labrecque, the Scoreagsms came right back. Derek Riley who can now successfully move out of the pocket without the help of a crutch, connected with Leon Lackiram from the 11 to take a 7-6 lead. A short lived lead due to a Dave Brown shovel pass from the 5 by the Tigers to pull in front 13-7. Once again Riley came right back. He connected with his new guy Zach down the sideline to tie it up again. On the Tigers next possession, they were finally halted on offense via Dan Walkley picking of his third pass of the season. That pick would then set him up for a quick out and touchdown to take an 8 point lead with just under 2 to play in the half. The Tigers would not go quietly though in this half. AJ Labrecque caught his second TD of the game with 46 seconds left on the clock to pull within 2 at the half. The second half was a different story as the Tigers offense went completely cold. Dan Walkley and Leon Lackiram each added two more touchdowns to their totals as they route the Tigers in the second half. The Scoregasms finish the season 3-4 and knock the Tigers down to the number three overall seed, 47-19.

Up next was the matchup of the season as undefeated Flagnado took the field to secure the number overall seed against the Blue Balls Dynasty. With a win the Blue Balls would not only knock off the undefeated Flagnado squad, but they would also pass them in the division as they would hold the head-to-head tiebreaker. This was by far the biggest test for the young Flagnado squad facing off against the number one ranked offense and defense in the league. The Blue Balls with a chip on their shoulder came out with something to prove. On their first possession of the game QB Dave Martel connected with Kiel Canada for an easy touchdown. A touchdown in which they just ate the Flagnado defense alive like no one had been able to do all season. Flagnado’s first possession for a comeback didn’t go quite as planned. On fourth and 27 they threw up a jumpball of a prayer which was snagged and intercepted by Dre Williams who then stiff armed and shook his way past defenders for a pick six. Now down by 14 points, Flagnado started to fight back. After matriculating their way down the field, Dylan Humphrey caught a ball in traffic in the corner of the endzone to put his team on the board. They had life once again but the Blue Balls would not let them capture momentum. Martel did his best Chris Paul to Deandre Jordan as he found Jay Vance for a leaping TD in the back of the endzone for the score. After Flagnado’s offense stalled at the 10, the Blue Balls took over once again looking for the kill. This time Martel was eaten up by the blitz of Jake Tinirella which led to safety David Zocco interception of pass to set his team up at the 18 yard line. All-pro center, Nick Sapienza was able to secure a TD from the 3 to go into the lockerroom down 21-13. Unlike the game before it, the second half of this one was competitive but not like it was in the first half. The second half became a defensive battle after Blue Balls blazer, Anthony Williams scored right out of the break. It wasn’t until the final drive of the game that Flagnado’s Dylan Humphrey caught his second TD of the game to pull within 8 once again. They had the money ball in their pocket in hopes to pull within 2 and then get a turnover with 22 seconds left. They launched the ball into the sky Aaron Rodgers style but the ball spent so much time in the sky, it died before reaching the endzone. The Blue Balls survive a late charge by Flagnado and steal the number one seed in their conference, 27-19.

The next game on the docket was a game that thanks to a Tigers loss, meant nothing as far as playoff seedings. The now locked into the 2 seed Nashua Vikings went on the road to take on America’s Children. This game was much like it was predicted with the Vikings soaring out to a 21-7 lead at the break. The first half featured touchdowns by Kyle Twiss, Matt Arpin and the final TD by MVP candidate Nate Forsaith to take the commanding lead. The game wasn’t quite over as the Children did what they usually do by hanging around just enough to make the game uncomfortable for the Vikings. “Murica’s” big drive was capped off by a leaping backflip mctwistypants touchdown by Jesse Fortier, that helped them within 7 early in the second half. But unfortunately for Murica, that uneasy feeling didn’t last long. Joey Lorento caught his third touchdown of the season from the three yard line to put it officially out of reach. The Vikings claim the two  seed with a victory over America’s Children, 34-13.

Across the pond was simultaneous action between the Punishers and 603 Mafia in a matchup where the winner will move on the A’s and the losers road to the A’s will be a long journey through the B’s. The Punishers didn’t bring their full ensemble of characters but the PUN in which they brought, fought with what they got. 603 Mafia got the scoring started when Vinnie Frasco caught a post on first down from the 30 yard line to go up 6. The Mafia’s defense then got some work in with a Shane Beckles INT that set up Frasco again from the 2 yard line for a 13 point lead. The Punishers team of 4 didn’t let that rattle them. Rookie of the Year nominee, John McCarthy kept his team in it with a seam up the sideline thanks to broken coverage for the score. With the temps nearing 100 degrees and no subs the Punishers were still in it at the half, 13-7. That’s about when the hotness kicked in and really took a toll on the Punishers. Mafia’s Vinnie Frasco scored his third TD of the day right out of the chute to go up by 2 scores. Shane Beckles then struck again but this time on the offensive side of the ball with a gorgeous leaping grab followed by some high stepping for the dagger. JMac caught another TD for the Punishers towards the end but it was too little too late. 603 Mafia wins its biggest game to date and packs their bags for the A’s, 26-13.

The finale of the day was another classic as two divisional foes matched up for a division title. Both the Goats and Disruptive Coverage were on losing streaks coming into this one and they both needed a kick in the butt to prepare themselves for the playoffs. The Goats calling card since their inaugural season has been defense, and they made a living off it in this one. Safety Adam Lafrance was all over the field for the Goats D. After his offense gave him a 6 point lead he morphed into what it would look like if Ty Law and Rod Woodson had a baby together, grew it up in a football stadium and fed it nothing but sod and turf til it was old enough to start hitting people. Lafrance intercepted 2 passes in the first half to go along with 3 pass deflections, Disruptive had no answer for any pass in his direction. However Disruptive’s D was equally as impressive. The usually potent Goats offense was held to just a Chris Morgan TD in the first half as they both went into the lockerroom tied at 6. Lafrance would then keep his hot streak alive. He picked off his third pass of the game and just missed his 4th as he touched his toes on the line on Disruptive’s second drive of the half. The game would stay tied at sixes until just 4 minutes remained. Jerry Brown would take a handoff from QB Eric Rosario and shake his way up the sideline for his 16th career rushing TD and a 6 point lead. The Goats finally had this game in control. Morgan would add another TD to go up by 13 points and finish off the battle. Disruptive got it’s second touchdown to Frank Woodard as the clock expired but it just wasn’t enough. The Goats take their division and get back to their winning ways, 19-12.


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So the season has ended and we are onto the playoffs. Us here at the Blitz Headquarters have watched every game this season and in order to provide the most accurate ballot possible, we then went down to watch them again in the film room. This allowed us to choose the best and most deserving nominees for our season ending awards. Each team will get ONE VOTE. Captains and teammates, get with your guys and discuss what you feel it right.
First you must download the EXCEL file (Spring ’16-Awards under the poll). Read it over and talk it over with your team. Fill in the bubble next to the name, or you can just type out who you want to win. And then finally email it to BlitzFF@gmail.com to cast your ballot.
We also are allowing a fan ballot below for the Old Spice Swagger Award. Tell your mom, tell your dad, tell your friends, tell your friend friends, tell your pastor, tell anyone to vote. In exactly one week, whoever has the most votes will win, plain and simple. All the other award winners will be announced and awarded on Sunday June 12th prior to the championship game.

Spring ’16 – AWARDS

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Michael-Jordan-23-Space-Jam-Basketball-Jerseys-Tune-Squad-Jersey-LOONEY-TOONES-New-REV-30-EmbroideryWeek Seven has come and gone, and boy oh boy has the playoff picture gotten all jumbled. The day started off with a pair of games; one being a game previewing a possible matchup in the B’s and another being a game of fantastic football..kinda of. The preview of the B’s was the best game played by both of the respective teams all season as the Toon Squad visited the Flyin Sioux. The Sioux had a new look squad once again as Jared Ombati took control of the offense at QB. He led his team to 20 straight points to start the first half, bookended by a pair of Pierre Noel TD receptions. The Toon Squad was able to get a Pablo Hernandez TD at the end of the half to cut into the lead. Coming out of the break, the Toon Squad gained control of the game. Tyler Skladony caught his first career TD to pull within 8. Later in the half, Hernandez struck again this way via Trick Play that completely stiffled the Sioux defense. The Toon Squad took the lead and then at the end punched in one more for their first W of the season. The Sioux put up a good fight but fail to score in the second half and lose again, 24-20.

Across the pond, Flagnado went on the road looking to keep their record unblemished against America’s Children. This wasn’t the game that people had in mind when they looked at it on paper. America’s Children has often been compared to as the Glitter of the Blitz league. Not glitter in a way that they shine and makes things beautiful, but because after you dance with a stripper and then take a shower there is still glitter days later in your ear or stuck to the hair on your wrists. Basically, America’s Children just doesn’t go away. No matter the score, or the opponent; they always have a way of hanging around and making it a game. This one started out as expected as Flagnado scored on its first two possessions of the first half and shut down the Children on all their possessions in the first half. The second half is when things got sloppy. The Flagnado offense got stagnant. They went from two possessions and two TD’s in the first half, to two possessions and two turnovers in the second half. With just under two minutes, America’s Children found their stride. They had been stopped at the doorstep 3 times throughout the game and on this drive, they would not be denied. QB Cory Allen found Devin Conley in the front of the endzone as he barely got his flags over for their first score of the game. They converted the extra point to pull within just 5 points. Flagnado who had two turnovers on two second half possessions was in eat and burn clock mode. They were moving the ball well burning the clock and then on fourth down, Darrin Standish of the Children picked off his second straight ball to set them up for a game winning drive. With 14 seconds left the Flagnado D picked up their offenses terrible outing. Patrick Morris reached over Conley to swat down what would the game winning TD. Flagnado survives against a noble opponent, 12-7.

10999668_971939532824334_1737773891038702458_oAt 9:20, Legion of Doom and the Battletoads met up for their last games of the season as both teams will be on a bye on the final weekend. Legion of Doom has been on fire in their last loss in week three. The Battletoads did not care. Ben Phelps scored his team high sixth TD of the season followed by a Nick Kepka Calvetti TD to combat the safety sack and Dee Jennings TD by LOD. The Toads led 13-9 at the half, completely shutting down the LOD offense. Of course, all football games have two halves and these two halves were two completely different ones. LOD figured out how to get it moving against the Toads stingy defense. MVP front runner, Jamal Woods continued his league dominance. He took a handoff out of the backfield and slashed his way into the endzone to give LOD it’s first lead of the day. Jennings and Woods would each add TD’s to their total in the second half as they commanded the offense and shutout the Toads on defense. Legion of Doom finishes the season 6-1 and wait until next week to see if they will earn, the 1 or 2 seed in their conference. The Battletoads fought hard in each of their 7 games this season but finished the season 1-6 as they fall in the finale, 36-13.

On paper the Vikings at home against the Goats looked like a possible championship matchup. In real life..it was Super Bowl XXIV (Niners vs. Chargers). Both teams came out and wanted to make a statement to which team was number one in their respective conferences. The Goats proved that first. Eric Rosario threw a beautiful leaping ball to Luis Andino over a defender for a quick 6 point lead. That did not sit well with the Vikings. Jake Forsaith marched his team right down the field and connected with Nate Forsaith who in Andino like fashion, leaped over a defender and manned up for the score. With the extra point converted, they took their first lead of the game. A lead that would hold solid for the rest of the game. The Vikings D suffocated the Goats explosive offense for the rest of the game. Despite getting 6 on their first drive, they were only able to convert just three first downs til their final drive of the game. Nate Forsaith would add two more TD’s to pair with a pair of Mike Lamonday TD’s to consummate the win. The Goats drop their second straight, 41-6.

Up next was a pair of struggling teams as both have underwhelmed in recent weeks. Disruptive Coverage who was looking strong to start the season, has since dropped two in a row faced off against the usual powerhouse Scoregasms, who came into this one with just one win. The Scoregasms who are rattled with injuries finally got a semblance of their old selves in this one. After shutting down Disruptive on their first drive, Dan Walkley found the endzone for the first of 3 TD’s on the day to take the lead. On Defense, the Scoregasms were stout as well. Recent college grad, Travis Tripodi picked off three Disruptive passes to set his team up for more scores on offense. Disruptive Coverage’s lone bright spot on the day was from their elder leader, Kevin Langevin. In the first half he picked off a pass at the 10 yard line, shook a defender and sprinted down the sideline for the pick six. Disruptive drops their third straight game, 28-6.

The 603 Mafia, despite having new looks and a new name, have been a perennial Blitz powerhouse. This year between injuries, general 11227410_998067463544874_4233497784327019954_omanager and coaching issues, and commitment levels they have been struggling to stay relevant in the A playoff race. Coming into their 11:20 game against the undefeated Tigers, they needed to win out and have some help to make it to the big boy playoffs. The first half of this game was a pitchers duel. Neither team was able to get anything going on offense and by the end of the half it had people wondering if it could end in a zero zero tie. No game has ever gone scoreless as it is unnatural for a pair of teams to not make a single mistake for an entire game. Six minutes into the second half, this was shaping up to have that be the case. But with 11 minutes on the clock, 603 Mafia struck. Danny Connolly found Shane Beckles in the endzone to break up the no hitter and deflate the confidence of their opponent. The Tigers quickly got down and were not able to move the ball as they seemed dejected and morose. 603 took advantage of this as Offensive Player of the Year nominee, Vinnie Frasco caught his 10th touchdown of the season late in the half to put it out of reach for the Tigers. Beckles added another TD at the end as 603 Mafia hands the Tigers it’s first loss of the season, 19-0.

In the matinee, the Blue Balls and the Raiders squared off in a divisional battle. The Blue Balls came into this game as the highest scoring offense and top rated defense in the league. Yet they needed to win in order to set up a showdown for a chance at the one seed next weekend. The Raiders as they have been for the last couple weeks, continued without their key athletes and team leaders to contribute to putting out a good product. The Blue Balls took full advantage of the shorthanded Raiders squad. QB Dave Martel connected with a plethora of receivers on the day leading to 6 TD passes and a near perfect 99.8 BQR(Blitz QB Rating). Jay Vance kept his hopes alive for defensive player of the year as he picked off another pair of passes to give him 8, to tie him for the league lead. In a losing effort, the Raiders Ryan Sanford kept his high motor charged. He led his team with 55 receiving yards to go along with 5 tackles. The Blue Balls win 37-7 and now are poised for a big matchup next weekend as they take on the undefeated Flagnado in a winner take all matchup for the number one seed.


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Ah week six. The the final week of outer conference battles and possible previews of championship matchups. A lot of marquee matchups were on the docket and just like the week before it; none of the games were worth the price of admission. Several games came in with great expectations to make memories and highlight reels for years to come, but none of them fit the bill.

IMG_5120This tendency started in the first game of the day between 603 Mafia and the Blue Balls Dynasty. The Blue Balls came out electric. They jumped out to a 20-0 lead thanks in part to the trio of Jay Vance, Jordan Morando and Tyler Shattuck. Morando kicked off the scoring with a 40 yard pass up the seam for 6. Then Shattuck tip toed his way to the endzone followed by Jay Vance delivering a dirty stiff arm to the 603 defender for the big lead. 603 Mafia was able to stop the bleeding a bit as Vinnie Frasco stayed hot catching a TD before the half wound down. The second half was more of the same as Blue Balls continued to pour it on. Kiel Canada who caught 6 passes on the day caught a TD sandwiched between a pair of Shattuck TD’s. Frasco hauled in two second half scores himself to bring his total to three for the day, but it just wasn’t enough. Blue Balls double up their rivals, 40-20.

Across the pond from this game the Raiders were at home to take on the Battletoads. In a battle of winless teams, one would think this game would have been more of a battle, but thanks to some shenanigans in Manchester earlier in the week, the Raiders were shorthanded; and the Battletoads took full advantage. The first half was close and somewhat exciting when on their first drive the Battletoads hopped into the endzone via center Ben Glassman. The Raiders then responded by way of Rey Voisine catching a deep go route in double coverage for the equalizer. On the next Toads possession, Ben Phelps found a hole into some broken coverage for a 60 yard touchdown to go up 7. But before the scoreboard operator could find the upside down L, Voisine and the Raiders got into the endzone again. The game was tied 14 a piece and they were locked at that for the final 6 combined possessions of the first half. The first play of the second half was indicative of the rest of the game. Ben Phelps once again caught a touchdown thanks to a miscommunication on the Raiders defense. That score opened the floodgates for the Toads. They finally got kissed and finally became princes for their first victory of the season, 35-14.

The following game was a preview of perhaps a B championship in which the winless Flyin Sioux took on the bad luck, new look America’s Children. The Sioux got on the board first on their first drive thanks to a Bill Savary toss in the back of the endzone to Evan Anaya. America’s Children then quickly answered. Joe Daly caught a little hitch on the sideline then stumbled and bumbled his way into the endzone for the score. On their next possession, QB Patrick O’Donnell took a handoff right up the gut and flashed his way into the endzone for his first career rushing TD. Then Daly struck again, then the pick 6’s began, then before we all knew it, the game was over. America’s children scores 39 points unanswered before allowing a Jared Ombati tipped ball touchdown as time expired for the Sioux. The Children win their second game of the season, giving them a chance albeit a small one for the A playoffs, 39-13.

Some would argue the best game of the weekend and what some Vegas bookies are calling a championship preview, followed the scalping IMG_5209of the Sioux. The red hot Legion of Doom went on the road to take on the fresh off their bye Gate City Goats. LOD is generally known for their high powered offense over their Defense, but early in this one, their Defense helped them control the game. Brian Bebyn scored a TD early for LOD and then their D hunkered down and pitched a shutout for the entire first half. LOD’s Dee Jennings went up and over everyone before the half for a leaping TD to give them a 12 to nil lead heading into the lockerroom. The Goats finally got it going when Jerry Brown caught his first touchdown of the day with a little tip toe dance around the pylon to pull within 6. Later, LOD’s MVP Candidate, Rob Keddie increased their lead by 11 once again after he muscled his way to a jump ball in the endzone. On the Goats next drive, Brown found the endzone one more time to pull within a score. There was just 90 seconds left in the game when LOD got the dagger. Jamal Woods took a quick little slant over the middle and turned it into six to put it officially out of reach for the Goats. LOD would add another TD in garbage time, to make the score look worse than it really was. The Legion of Doom knocks off another undefeated squad, 31-12.

After that pair of championship hopefuls cleaned up and got off the field, another pair of teams destined for the A playoffs took to the turf. The slumping but still holding strong Disruptive Coverage was at home to face off against the Nashua Vikings. The reigning Defensive Player of the Year, John Colon made a bid for his second straight in this one. He was only able to record one sack and 3 tackles on the day, but he did disrupt the timing and tempo of Disruptives offense. He led the team with 8 QB pressures, leading to a pair of Mike Lamonday INT’s, holding the Disruptive offense scoreless on the day. Disruptive was able to get on the board via their Defense, when Frank Woodard picked off the Vikings in their own end and shook off a few defenders on his way to the pick six. For the Vikings, the Forsaith’s on offense kept it going strong. Jake ended the day connecting with his center Tyson for 3 receptions and his wideout Nate for 10 receptions and a TD. The Vikings put the Disruptive fans to sleep with their methodical dominance, 43-6.

IMG_5168The final game of the day was in a galaxy far far away, high up in the atmosphere of the planet Moron Mountain where the Toon Squad was at home to take on the Tigers. It was bobblehead giveaway night for the fans of the Toon Squad to try to get asses in the seats as attendance has been down all season, due to their lack of production on the field. The fans were rewarded with the free ceramic but unfortunately were not awarded with a good game from their home team. Daffy, Bugs and the gang were able to muster up 12 points thanks to Diggy catching and rushing for touchdowns once in each half. The Toon Squad despite a season high 12 points, had no answer for Tigers QB AJ Rotella. He threw for over 300 yards on the day to pair with 4 TD passes and also added 48 yards on the ground and a rushing TD. Some bum named Lebron tried to come in at the end to save the day for the Toon Squad, but they knew he would ruin the chemistry and memories of their original squad, so they kicked him out of the huddle and ended the game graciously. The Tigers remain undefeated and win going away 33-12.