1Vikings+1Number one seed , poised and looking for the calendar ship slam
2FTB-1Loaded up and ready to soar above the competition (like a bird get it)
3Flagnado+1Big win in the finale set them up in the A’s
4Shotgunnaz-1Split the doubleheader but earned a spot in the A’s
5ScoregasmsA bye in the B’s will hopefully end this losing streak
6Goya Beanz+1Up and down season may have built character for a playoff run
7Nightmare-1One of the best all around teams in the league, certain for noise in the bracket
8Most Wanted+1Don’t let their record be indicative of their talent level
9America’s Children-1A lot of close losses, don’t count them out
10SpartansEach first half of the final three games has been close, playoffs could be the time to pop off

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