1LODTook down the champs in convincing fashion
2CarnageThis could finally be their year
3BattletoadsUndefeated in the A’s. Yep the Toads
4Tune SquadNew Squad; Who Dis
8Vinegar StrokesSour grapes and Vinegar don’t mix well
9New WaveYou could’ve been somebody
10RageChampionship hangover is real
11ReignLooking poised for an A promotion
12RaidersTiny logo, big hearts
13‘MuricaThe Children are perhaps finally becoming men
15BanditsMuch improved from a year ago
16FlagnadoForgot how to play with more than 5 guys at once
17DevilzDefense is stout, just need some offensive consistency
18PrimetimeD solid, but two losses gets you here

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