Blitzen RankTeamMovementComments
1Rage of DoomUndefeated Regular season. Can they finish it off?
2STSix game winning streak. Ready to make it more.
3Vikings+1Discovered their new path to success
4Raiders-1QB could be done, but QB2 isn’t no slouch
5Shake n’ BakeBipolar attendance thus far, just need em all there for one week
6Scoregasms+4Doubleheader sweep might be the momentum they need
7Raw TalentPlayoffs is their time to shine, can they keep the magic alive?
8Pickledix+1Can beat anyone if everyone shows up
9Suicide Squad-3One final duel to see if this season was all for not
10Rampage-2The Spring defending champs, need to regain form for one more to show out
11Most Wanted+1Overall number one in the B’s. Prove it time
12Golden BoysRevenge is a dish best served, Golden
13FlagnadoTime to defend the chain
14Shotgunnaz+1As long as they play to their competition, they’re gonna be dangerous
15Gumbys-1They don’t belong here, could easily be a top 10 squad
16Flaming Hot AmigosExplosive offense needs to carry leaky defense for a deep run
17Nightmare+1Ending season on a big win streak, don’t sleep on their 17th rank
18Battletoads-1This is when the Toads thrive, watch out
19Phantoms+1Positive vibes at the end could contribute to upset city
20America’s Children-1They’re gonna be a sneaky tough out in a tourney where they thrive
21UnderratedTime to prove they’re better than their record shows
22Nocturnal KnightsDon’t run over these guys quite yet. Lots of good steps in the last few weeks

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