1Flagnado+1Overall #1 seed ready to prove it
2Raiders-1On the cusp of greatness, now's the time to get there
3Rage of Doom+1Looking for a ring to match the new Unis
4Rampage-1The whole world is watching, whatcha gonna do
5Shake n'Bake-They made it, they're here; be scared
6Vinegar Strokes+3Squeaked in; now show the world why
7Scoregasms-Bad luck sent them here, now need to pull themselves out
8Battletoads-The B's is where they thrive... Ribbet
9Tigers-2Reigning champs, time to go to work
10Phantoms-Can they shock the world? They sure think so
11'Murica-Just out here for fun, but can sneak up on ya
12Vikings+2Is a small eligible roster enough to make a run?
13Shotgunnaz-Time to end the losing streak and make some noise
14Nightmare-2Bad bounces led to their record, not their talent

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