Blitzen RankTeamMovementComments
1Shake n’ BakeTaking down champs one game at a time
2Suicide SquadHalf the squad, full win
3Rampage+1A sloppy win is better than a clean loss
4Rage of Doom-1Every game is a GAME. Just gotta get to the playoffs at this point
5VikingsTwo losses put them right in the middle; right where they were
6Raiders+1Record setting performance might put them in the right direction
7Nightmare+1Big win guaranteeing there won’t be an undefeated B team
8Flagnado-2Extra points are real and they matter. Small hiccup in their grand goal
9Hit Squad+2While yelling at each other, they get better. It’s very weird, but it works for ’em
10Scoregasms-2Grab a paddle cuz the lifeboat has left the dock
11Shotgunnaz+3Funny what happens when all their soldiers are there
12Most Wanted-2Ran into a buzzsaw and still balled out
13Phantoms-1Just can’t get momentum quite yet, timing will be key for these guys in two weeks
14America’s Children+1First win of the season, they havta move up
15Battletoads-1Only here cuz everyone above them won and they lost. Sowwwyy
16TribeOne of these days, they’ll show up again

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