vegas trending


1 Athletes +1 Flexed muscles against top squad
2 Vikings -1 A win is a win is a win is a win
3  Rage +1 Champs back on track?
4  Reapers -1 Seemed totally over matched and overwhelmed
5  Punishers Hey all their shirts match for the 1st time…ever
6  Goonies +1 Lost a close one whilst shorthanded
7  BBOD -1 One bad mistake cost them the game
8  Tune Squad +3 On pace for record number of points
9  Battletoads +1 More beers = More wins…yea sure
10 Flagnado -1 Gutty comeback win; but let them comeback first
11  Scoregasms +1 They just gasmed all over the scoreboard
12  Tigers -4 Loss of MVP caliber QB could hurt big time
13 Instinct +3 Playbook and discipline could go a long way
14 Murica -1 Fought harder than they should have for that W
15  Strokes -1 Battled back but set record for penalties in the process
16  Illmatic +2 Getting back on track is first key to success
17  YoungDynsty -1 Seem outta wack of sorts early
18 NewWave -1 Young bloods v Vets was a bad mix this past weekend
19  Dream Killers Where’d  all the players go?
20  Beast Mode Gaining steam but ran into a powerhouse

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