after week SEVEN

1CarnageOnward and Upward with one more to go
2Vikings+2Three wins in a day is the perfect prep for a playoff run
3Tigers-1A tough loss but still doesn’t mean they can’t roll the A’s
4Battletoads+1First year in the A’s and a division title? Say whaaaat
5Rage-2Even though they finished below 500, they’re still the champs and are a tough out
6LOD+3One tough half and one great half, they’re getting ready for another crack at the ship
7Vinegar Strokes-1It’s hard to gauge how they will be in the A’s with no B preparation this season
8Scoregasms-1Always in it and never out of it, could sneaky upset in the A’s
9New Wave-1Last season’s magic is gone. Time to create new magic and make some noise in the A’s
10Flagnado+1Beat who they were supposed to, now to get out of the B’s to see who they really are
11Raiders+2A playoff promotion is in their future pending the outcome of the makeup week
12ReignWhen their whole team is there, they are a force to be reckoned with
13Tune Squad-3To forfeit a reschedule isn’t a good look. Hopefully they can rally the troops for the playoffs
14Shotgunnaz+2Losing all pro DB hurts but this team can make some noise in the B’s no doubt
15‘Murica-1These aren’t your old children, these ones can roll deep
16Devilz-1Don’t sleep on the Devilz, they have the talent if they can reel it in
17PrimetimeFinished the season early, now they wait and heal up for the run
18BanditsBig offseason additions could result in big playoff outcomes

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