vegas trending


1 Vikings Still undefeated in 2018
2 Bralwers Bye week behavior
3 Carnage +1 Excelled in the rain
4 Athletes +16 They’re baaacckkk
5 Rage -2 Missed me missed me now you gotta…
6 LOD -1 Convincing win but we want more
7 ‘Murica +2 Just keep scoring in mysterious ways
8 Goonies +4 Getting back on track
9 Scoregasms -1 Took the champs to the edge of defeat
10 B’Toads -4 Time for a new song…
11 V.Strokes -4 Everything is there just gotta put it together
12 Flagnado +1 Good thing for their offense they have a D
13 Illmatic -1 Beat who they’re supposed to beat
14 Coyotes -3 Even James Van Der Beek couldn’t help them score
15 New Wave People forget about ya when you’re on bye. Sorryyyy
16 Insanity +1 Putting more points each week is a positive
17 Boomin -1 Tough conditions but still battled to the finish
18 DreamKillers QB2 faired well but Mother Nature rained on his debut
19 Knights Competitive nature gave them the week off..hmmmm
20 Tigers -6 Just need some guys to show up and they’ll be good again


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