week four

1Tigers+1Based off of last week, they just goose egged the #1 team
2Rage+2They’re just like Dori. Just keep winning, just keep winning
3LOD-2Half the team gone and the D was still stout so that’s a positive
4Scoregasms+1When their full squad is there, they have a shot at that 2nd ship
5Vikings-2The league has had three fights in it’s history. Vikings have been in all of them..hmm…
6CarnageStatement win but lost to # five last week so can’t leapfrog them
7FlagnadoUndefeated but who have they beat really?
8Goonies+1Remove the cancer and the team can thrive
9New Wave+1They are the best of the B’s but they want more more MORE
10Tune Squad+1Sure they lost but they challenged a top squad
11Insanity+1If they keep winning like this, they might find themselves in the A’s
12Vinegar Strokes-4When their best receiver is playing QB, they have issues to work out
13America’s Children+1Working their way up, slow but steady
14Coyotes+1The two rookies are leading the way to dubs
15Battletoads-2Go a season without a B ship, so now it’s time to take back what’s theirs
16Devilz+1Almost had it. Just needed one more half to get it done
17Shotgunnaz-1Attendance is a new problem they need to address
18PrimetimeProbably could’ve won had QB1 made an appearance
19Bandits+1It takes some time to adjust; just a little more than they want
20Dream Killers-1Are they killing Dreams or are Dreams killing them?

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