Vegas RankTeamBlitzen’s Proj. FinishBlitzen’s Comments
1Rampage#4The last couple have been too close. They get bounced early, I feel it in my hooves
2LOD#3Eligibility hurt this playoff run. It was fun while it lasted though
3Shake n’ Bake#1They finally get over the hump. Dane and JMac cry
4Raiders#2Get one step further again. This time lose in the Ship instead of before it
5Raw Talent#9They could win by a million but sneaky lose too. Remember the ’07 Pats? I doooo
6Vikings#7Will do just as good as the real Vikings do with Kirk Cousins
7Battletoads#6Valant effort as always, see ya next year as the tadpoles
8Tribe#8Heart attack sandwich every game but will make the A’s. Yep
9Take Over#7Spicy hot team is gonna make it to the A’s. Mark my horns
10Scoregasms#10Wipe this session under the rug and forget about it
11Nightmare#15The rust will be kicked off by their ghostly opponents
12Flagnado#12Franchise and naming rights is for sale after this weekend
13Shotgunnaz#13This bipolar team might upset some but won’t
14America’s Children#14Wave goodbye Children, this might be it
15Phantoms#11They got moxie, I think they beat Nightmare
16Spartans#16Haven’t won yet, so why start now

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