week seven : end of regular season rankings

1RageOverall #1; Undefeated; ‘nuf said
2TigersThey got a one seed of their own
3Carnage+1Even with four guys they only lost to #2 by a point
4Vikings-1A deep playoff run seems tough with a roster of 5
5New Wave+1First time in the A’s and everybody scrurred even tho they actin lke they aint
6Flagnado+1Teams of five have more chemistry believe it or not
7LOD-2Squeaked by to get in the A’s by their chinny chin chins
8America’s ChildrenSix Dubs is a big deal no matter your schedule
9Insanity+1They in the A’s ya’ll. Time to make some noise
10Coyotes+4Say what you say, that stingy D wins games and makes A brackets
11Scoregasms-2Tough way to make the B’s witha winning record
12Battletoads+1All roads will lead to Toads-ville
13Goonies-1A big W means a lot for momentum
14Tune Squad-2Confidence at an all time high. Ready to make some noise
15Vinegar StrokesCould jump a ton if their QB and ROY nom show up
16Shotgunnaz+1Dub #2 could be the start of a run in the B’s
17Devilz-1All their momentum is spiraling back to Tasmania
18Primetime+1Beat their foe and now ready to roll through the B’s like years past
19Dream Killers-1Always in the game just can’t win the game
20BanditsThey’re due that’s for sure

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