REBIRTH: After Regular SZN

Blitzen RankTeamMovementComments
1STThe official quest for 2022 overall champs has begun long as they’re all eligible to keep it rolling
3Raiders-1Could be a sneaky realistic threat to win this thing
4LOD+2Record shmecord. This squad is built for now
5Goya Beanz-2Now it gets real. Are they ready for the rookie playoff road?
6Shake n’ BakeDon’t let their season fool ya…they’ve been hustlin everyone
7Flagnado+2Number two seed, we’ve seen this story before
8Flaming Hot-1Put the pieces together, now show the world
9Most Wanted-1Got the B#1 by Strength of it’s prove it time
10Shotgunnaz+1Clicking once again, could this be the year they get over the hump?
11Nightmare-1This tourney is where they shine, B’s beware
12STick Talk+1QB2 at the helm, could surprise some people
13‘Murica+1On a winning streak, can they keep it up into the tourney?
14Scoregasms-2As long as everyone is there, they will make some noise

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