Talent in the Raw

Critics said, “nah, they’re just New Wave with new jerseys on.”
Critics said, “same sub 500 squad as before.”
Then we heard, “we don’t belong in the B’s.”
Then they told everyone, “we about this life now, the rest of the league better be scared.”

And just like that… they lived up to the Hype. A huge congratulations goes out to a stud squad for putting up an undefeated run through their conference.

They beat everyone in their division. Then they beat everyone in their conference. Then they did it again this past weekend in the playoffs. The B bracket ended exactly how it started in week one at 8am. Nightmare v Raw Talent ended in a one possession game then and in the championship game. Both ended identically. Wow.

Congrats fellas, you earned the respect of everyone out there and officially put the league on notice that RAW TALENT is here to stay.

Welcome to the A’s.

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