5 on 5 Flag Football league in Nashua, NH.

For ages 18 and up Blitz games are held Saturday mornings. Start times range from 8:15am-3:30pm. If interested in joining the league as a team or a Free Agent player, email: BlitzFF@gmail.com or you can register at “Registration” under the “Forms” tab.

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On a cold dark night after suffering through yet another bleak and uneventful flag football game in an indoor facility, a frustrated man had an idea. The idea was simple: create a league better than all the rest. Think of the things that everyone wants and all the things that no one else has, and put them all together. So he went to work.

In the beginning he created the rules. The rules of other leagues were formless and void with boring games over the surface. Then he said, “let there be contact,” and there was contact. He saw the contact and contact was good so he separated contact from tackling. He called the Contact “semi” and the tackling a “penalty.”

Then he said, “Let there be a website in the midst of the game and let it separate the good from the bad.” So he made the website and separated the stats from the standings from the power rankings from the box scores. He saw this was good, and it was so. And then there was a rule and a website.

Then he said, “Let the people who wish to partake all be gathered in one place and let the facebook appear.” and it was so. He created a facebook page thus gathering people of all shapes and sizes. He saw that it was good. Then he said, “Let them spout their views on a platform wielding opinions and ideas,” and it was so. The facebook page brought forth a wall yielding those opinions and ideas, and he saw that it was good. There was a rule and a website and a facebook page.

Then he said, “Let there be a field to separate the website and the facebook page, and let them institute the rules and ideas set forth,” and it was so. He went to a great field to govern the rules and ideas and let the people experiment on the field. He made their jerseys also. He saw that it was good and it was so. There was a rule and a website and facebook page and a field.

Then he said, “Let the people team up into herds of each other and let the footballs fly above the field in the open expanse.” He created teams and the standings built themselves through competition, and he saw that it was good. He reffed them saying, “Be safe and kind and fill the stat sheet on the clipboard and pull the flags with beauty.” There was a rule and a webstie and a facebook page and a field and teams.

The he said, “Let the interwebs bring forth athletes after their kind and fans of the game after their kind,” and it was so. He made the athletes of the interwebs after their kind and the fans after their kind, and he saw it was good. Then he said, “Let us make a league in this image, according to these stages and let them rule over the fields of snow and grass and sand.” He created the league in his own image. He reffed them and gave them his morals and values and standards of play. He said, “Behold, I have given you every rule and every outlet building amusement of a youthful time. It shall be good for you and to every athlete to stand inside the lines.” He saw all that he had made, and behold, it was very good. And there was a rule and a website and a facebook page and a field and teams and a rulebook.

Then finally on the seventh day, he said “let there be BLITZ.” And it was so.

Established in 2011, BlitzFlag football is the Premier Flag Football league in all of New England. Where we have been voted best Flag football league in New Hampshire for the last 6 years. We have one mission statement and one mission statement only…to have fun playing football. So thus this is Blitz and welcome to the Blitz experience.


Commissioner: Bruce Wallace
League President: Kevin Langevin
Assistant of League Operations: Joseph Parzych
Head of Player Safety, Rules and Development: Dave Martel
Officiating Liaison: Dylan Berry
Chief Implementation Consultant/Drone Photog: Nick Sapienza

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