1.      TEAM RULES

  •   It is the captains responsibility to preach the Zero Tolerance Policy to his/her team.
  • The Zero Tolerance Policy: No player on or off the field shall engage in fist fights or punching other players or officials. If they do they are automatically banned from the league.
  •  One person from each team will at least once, help with the clock and scoreboard throughout the course of the season.
  •          It is FLAG FOOTBALL not tackle football, so keep in mind that all it is for fun, exercise, and bragging rights; not to hurt anyone.
  •          Team Captain’s will be the contact person due to inclement weather. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will be providing updates as well.
  •          Each team must have at least 4 players to start the game unless otherwise allowed by the opposing team. (ex- if team has 3 players and is waiting for more to show up, the opposing team can allow the game to be official or forfeited).
  •          Games cannot start later than 8 minutes past their start times. If you do not have at least 4 players, it results in a forfeit.
  •        If by the case a team forfeits three times in a season, they will be blacklisted and no longer able to participate.
  •          In the event of a forfeit, for stat keeping purposes, the losing team will lose 28-0. The players on the winning team (who show up), will receive the stats that they average to that point. For example: If you have 4 tds and 2 INTs through 2 games, you will receive 2 tds and 1 INT for the game.
  •        At least 75% of all league dues must be paid by week THREE of the regular season. No pay = No play.
  •          If you haven’t paid in full, starting week FOUR you will begin the game 7 points down and player stats will not be recorded. Next week will be 14 and so on until your dues have been paid in full.
  •       Trash that is brought in, must be brought back out. Be respectful of the field and the community please.
  •        If your team would like to reschedule a game, it will cost a referee fee of $40 and an agreement by the opposing team/s to move the game.
  •        A forfeit on the day of the game, will cost an additional $40 towards the referees who lost their hourly wage.


  •          All players must have a jersey number to keep for the season. All captains must report their roster with the number of the player at the beginning of the season.
  •          Each team will submit an opening day roster with room for subs due to injuries etc.
  •          All players must play in at least 4 regular season games and have paid their entire entry fee to compete in playoffs. (3 games for veterans : minimum 2 seasons played).
  •          There is no DOUBLE ROSTERING. Meaning a player cannot play for two teams during the same session.
  •          There is also no Team Hopping. One cannot play for one team prior to the season starting, and then jump to another team unless approved by the league board of trustees. This will result in an automatic expulsion from the league.
  •          All players must have good sportsmanship at all times.
  •          If a player is ejected from a game, he will be subject to a one game suspension.
  •         The only way to lift the suspension is to referee a game with the ref crew. Once Reffing duties are completed, the player will forfeit their expulsion.
  •          Flags belts must worn around the waist. One flag at each hip and cannot be wrapped in any manner.
  •         Turf and Field cleats are allowed. No METAL cleats.
  •         Flag color cannot match shorts color.
  •         Flags cannot be inverted. The pegs must face outwards.
  •         Display good sportsmanship at all times. Trash talking is acceptable, but do not let it get out of hand.
  •         Respect the game, the referees and the opponents.

3.      GAME RULES

  •          Games will be played in the rain or snow, but in the event of a Hurricane or Terrible Blizzard, the commissioner will contact the team captains and post the PPD via Facebook, website and Twitter.
  •          Games will most likely be made up on Sunday Mornings or a future Saturday.
  •          Each game will consist of two continuously running 16 minute halves with one two minute warning per half.
  •          At the 2 minute warning the clock will stop on incompletions and out of bounds.
  •          Each team will be given two 30 second timeouts per half.
  •          Halftime will be 5 minutes.
  •          In the event of a tie at the end of regulation, each team will get one possession from the 30 yard line to score. At the end of the each possession and there is still no winner, it will be a tie (unless it’s playoffs). Each team will get one timeout.
  •          Touchdowns will be worth 6 points.
  •          The mercy rule is applied if any lead is greater than 56 points with under 10 minutes to play.
  •          If a team has a lead greater than 28 points in the second half, the clock only stops at the 2 minute warning but will continuously run til it hits zeroes.
  •          After a touchdown, a team can choose to go for 1 extra point from the 5 yd line, or a 2 point conversion from the 10 yd line. These XPT’s are timed and will run on the gameclock.
  •          Extra points CAN be returned by the defense. All returns will be worth 2 points.
  •          Each team will be given ONE singular money ball attempt per season (1 regular season – no postseason play).
  •          A money ball conversion is a 30 yard after TD attempt that will, if completed, result in 6 points.
  •          Interceptions can be returned, however fumbles cannot.
  •          No running on 4th down or in the HotZone (inside or at the10 yd line)
  •          If the defense knocks the ball loose, they take the ball where it hits the ground, unless if it goes out of bounds. In that case, the defense WILL take the ball where the offensive player lost possession.   *Defense cannot grab the ball from the arms of offensive player. They must make a ONE quick swipe at the ball to force the fumble. No fighting or ripping for possession.
  •          If an offensive player fumbles without contact, offense will keep the ball where it hit the ground.
  •          If the defender forces a fumble and the ball lands out of bounds, it is still in fact a forced fumble and defense gains possession.
  •          A fumble MUST hit the ground for it to be considered a forced fumble (even if possession is retained out of bounds).
  •          If a defender slaps away or makes contact with an offensive player lateral, it is a dead offensive ball.
  •          A player cannot reach over the goal line or first down markers for extra yardage because it’s where the flag is pulled, not the location of the ball. Unless no one pulls their flag, then it’s wherever the first part the body/ball hits the ground.
  •          Winner of the coin toss will choose to “kick”, receive or choose which endzone to defend. Loser will choose the remainder. It will switch after the half.
  •          There will be no kickoffs, each team will start from their own 1 yard line.
  •          Each team has 4 downs to get a first down. First down is the midfield marker.
  •          If the offense doesn’t convert on 4 downs the defense will then take over at their own 1 one yard line.
  •          Each team will have 5 players on the field (unless approved otherwise).
  •          Each team has a 25 second playclock. However, when the offense takes possession of the ball after a touchdown, 1st down will have a 35 second playclock.
  •          The ball is dead on Touchdowns and fumbles.
  •          A knee, an elbow or body on the ground is the equivalent of a flag down.
  •          The team that possesses that ball, cannot take a Knee inside of their own 5 yard line.
  •          Flag Guarding is not allowed. Any hand below your waist, on or around your flag while in possession of the ball will result in an automatic loss of down from the occurrence.
  •          Stiff arms are allowed however there will be ZERO leniency to their impact. Meaning, if there is a 50/50 call for a stiffarm vs a flag guard or illegal stiffarm; the stiffarm will almost always lose.
  •          The offensive player cannot initiate contact with the defender (no lowering of shoulders).
  •          The “wrap-up” rule is no longer allowed. All defenders must reach for flags or ball, no bodies, otherwise it will be defensive holding.
  •          No defender is allowed to go over someone’s head or around the neck to try to strip the ball (fumbilivity).
  •          If a defender misses a flag and their hand ends up in the offensive players pocket, it will not be a hold. A holding penalty constitutes, impeding the offenses progression down the field in an intentional manner.
  •          The quarterback is not allowed to run after the snap. *Unless there is a handoff after the snap behind the line of scrimmage.
  •          Pitches and laterals ARE allowed.
  •          Only one player can be in motion at a time on the offense before the snap.
  •          Arena style motion is allowed. One player can be moving in a forward motion prior to the snap.
  •          Receivers must have two feet in bounds on all receptions.
  •          Blocking is allowed, but only shadow blocking (no hands, no extended elbows).
  •          Downfield blockers cannot in anyway remove the defender from the field of play. No lowering shoulders. 
  •          Under two minutes, all offensive penalties result in a 10 second clock runoff.
  •          The Quarterback has 7 seconds to get rid of the ball unless there was a handoff behind the line of scrimmage.
  •          There is NO intentional grounding (unless the QB throws the ball under duress and the ball does not pass the line of scrimmage).
  •          Cornerbacks and Wide Receivers are allowed a bump off the line of scrimmage up to 7 yards; any contact after that will result in a penalty.
  •          Blitzing is allowed from 7 yards behind the line of scrimmage. If a player lines up before 7 yards, they will not be allowed to Blitz. If they do, it is a penalty.
  •          The offense is allowed to have a blocker for the quarterback to impede a rusher. However, the blocking rules still apply.
  •          Any amount of players can blitz. (0-5).
  •          A pass rusher cannot bullrush the blocker, knocking him off his feet. They must make an effort to avoid or go around the blocker.
  •          If a handoff occurs in the backfield, then any player is allowed to blitz and cross the line of scrimmage.
  •          Running the ball is not allowed within the HotZone (10yd line) or on fourth down.
  •          Substitutions can only come from the table designated side of the field.
  •          If the offense commits a penalty from their own goalline, it results in an automatic safety.
  •          If a referee throws a flag, the team has the choice to accept the penalty or decline it.



  •          Holding (pulling of shirt/shorts/body) – 10 yards from occurrence
  •          Illegal forward pass – 10 yards + loss of down
  •          Illegal QB ground (ball must pass line of scrimmage) – 10 yards + loss of down
  •          Flag Guarding – 10 yards from occurrence + loss of down
  •          Delay of Game – 5 yards
  •          QB delay (7 seconds) – 10 yards + loss of down
  •          Illegal Blocking – 10 yards from end of the play
  •          Offensive Pass Interference – 10 yards + Loss of down
  •          Illegal QB run – 10 yards
  •          Illegal Run (inside 10) – 10 yards + Loss of Down
  •          Offside/False Start – 5 yards
  •          Illegal Stiffarm – 10 yards from occurrence
  •          Illegal contact – 10 yards
  •          Fumbled Snap – Loss of down + ball from where it hits the ground
  •          Unnecessary Roughness – 20 yards + loss of down
  •          Unsportsmanlike Conduct – 25 yards + loss of down + 2 series ejection


  •          Pass Interference – Spot of Foul + Automatic First
  •          Holding (impede progress/pulling of shirt/shorts/body)- 10 yds
  •          Roughing QB – 10 yards + Auto First
  •          Illegal Blitz (inside of 7 yds)- Automatic first
  •          Unnecessary Roughness – 20 yards + Auto First
  •          Offsides– 5 yards
  •          Tackle– 10 yards (whether it intentional or accidental) + Auto First
  •          Bullrush Blitz– 10 yards + Auto First
  •          Illegal Block– 10 yards
  •          Illegal hands (contact downfield impeding progress) – 10 yards from spot of foul
  •          Pass Interference– Auto First + Spot foul
  •          Fumblivity (act of over aggression to cause fumble) – 10 yards + auto first
  •          Unsportsmanlike Conduct – 25 yards + auto first + 2 series ejection
  •          Mimicking the cadence – 15 yards


  •         Unsportsmanlike – If any player earns an unsportsmanlike conduct two times; in a single game or consecutive games, it will result in an automatic suspension for the remainder of the game.
  •         Referee Quibble – Continual complaining to referee will have a three step consequence. It is accepted to complain, as it is human nature; however continual squawking and bickering, will result in a three strike warning or auto ejection at referees discretion.
  1. Warning
  2. Sit out a series (offense & defense)
  3. Ejection (which results in a one game suspension)

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