The way too early to rank ’em Vegas Standings are officially up.

Where do you matchup?


1Legion of DoomHalf of the defending champs deserve the way too early top spot.
2Shake n’ BakeBack to back losses in the big game could mean a revenge season or a fatigue season.
3RaidersOne play away from the championship game last year. Getting closer each session.
4VikingsReloaded like the Bucs did, will it translate like it did for the Bucs though?
4RampageBest offense we’ve ever seen, but that hasn’t translated to a playoff win yet.
4FlagnadoLast year’s overall one seed is returning the same exact roster.
7ScoregasmsAlways be weary cuz they’re always in the mix for an upset or breakout session.
8BattletoadsToads are everyone’s favorite team, of course, but they’re on the cusp of greatness this year.
9Raw TalentIf they are what their name says they are, watch out.
10PhantomsGot the ball rolling the right way at the end of last season, let’s see if it keeps on keeping on.
11ShotgunnazIf they can stay healthy, they are the ultimate AB squad.
12NightmareTough rookie season, but now know what it takes to compete.
13‘MuricaThe same ol’ guys every season, you don’t take them seriously and they sneak up and beat ya.
14TakeOverNew team with a few vets, interesting to see how this will translate.
14SpartansNew squad; who dis?
14TribeAnother new team with an uber athletic roster, let’s roll the dice

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