Attention to all of our Varsity 2021 Blitzers.

All games will be played this session at Atherton Park. The address you can punch into your Waze or GPS is 19 Atherton Ave. Parking there is only on one side of the road, so get there earlier to get a closer spot.

The Schedule is officially up and running to view. You can see it on the Schedule page or you can simply click on your team’s page and scroll down the games from there.

As a reminder, no matter how much we would like it to be set in stone, there will be a few changes here and there to accommodate some teams and prevent forfeits and things of the sort. Of course, everyone will be notified if a change is made.

Memorial Day weekend (5/29) will be a league bye week (or makeup week if all parties can agree). So enjoy the off day.

The first month of the season will be conference games and conference games only. This is where you play all the teams from the other division before you start your own divisional gauntlet. As usual, there are no point tiebreakers.

The tiebreakers are your Win Loss record, followed by your divisional record, then conference record and lastly if all remains even, it’ll be the head to head matchup that decides your fate.

Please remember, we are a nontolerance organization and still have to comply with the state mandated laws. A few rules have been updated and added to the rulebook so if you’re bored, take a gander and refresh yourself a bit.

Til next update, g’luck and godspeed…

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