Now that that Alex guy is finally gone, we can have a nice talk about what’s going on. Week five was drama free for a change, I wonder why doe. No Rage, no Strokes, no LOD? Nah that wasn’t it. It was the beginning of playoff seeding!

Some teams have already clinched the A’s and some have already clinched the B’s but Week Five started the week of positioning, and that’s where it starts to get fun.

  • The Goonies said goodbye to Alex in the first game of the day against the Toads, but at the same time, they might’ve said goodbye to their shot at the A’s. Ehhhh.
  • The Tigers came outta the bye week and hit on all cylinders; partly because Primetime is trying to start a new trend that might not catch on…four guys at all times.
  • Here’s an idea for the defending half champs…stop kicking guys off the team and maybe you will have more than five on the field at once.
  • Flagnado took on Carnage at 930; welp, four guys wearing Carnage shirts including Karl Alexmcchickenbugerstien for a play or two. Four turnovers in five games is pretty dang good for Flagnado…too bad all four of them were in the same game.
  • Murica and Shotgunnaz squared off in a good ol’ country style namesake matchup. This game was actually quite riveting. Scal Dez’ed a TD then Malcolm Butler’ed it two plays later to win. ‘Murica in the A’s? A is for America..or is it for Aberration? Hmm.
  • New Wave took on Tune Squad in what was actually the best game of the week. Two teams who are good enough to dominate the B playoffs and could be good enough to beat an A team but at the end of the day won’t. Great stuff guys, we’re accepting your Fall registration now.
  • Bandits Devilz at noon. Yellow vs. Blue. Mustard vs. Slushy. Banana vs. Blueberry. The jersey matchups are way cuter and more compelling than the actual matchup on the field.
  • The final game of the day was Insanity and Primetime again. This time Primetime tried five guys and still had the same result. Is Insanity fo real or are they actually just this good? The Forum King has some thoughts…

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