The Horns of Week Six

Week six was the week of the Rage. Not because they unveiled their new jerseys that weren’t really their’s but things they bought last weekend when whilst away for another league’s tournament, but it was for them agreeing to play a triple header. Let the playoff preparations begin!

  • The Rage Tigers were the first to square off in week six. A rematch of a game that was already technically won by the Tigers but in the goodness of the league’s hearts, they decided to play it again. Well for the first time. The Tigers lost but they proved they will win next time.
  • The Toads beat Insanity. The Toads are on a three game win streak but still can’t jump the team they beat in the rankings. Hmmm…
  • At 9, the Bandits continued their assault of goose eggs on the league. Let’s see what they do in rivalry week against their rivals.
  • The Forsaith’s plus two played the Strokes minus Durand. Everyone thinks the Strokes suck but for me when I watch them, I just don’t think they’re very good.
  • At 10 the Rage and Goonies played. One qb threw the ball a lot to a guy who’s 6’5″ while being covered by a guy who’s 5’5″. That’s not good for the Goonies.
  • LOD finally had their whole roster at a game for a change. They scored a lot of points. Let’s see if they can keep this up. I doubt it doe.
  • Rage again at 11!? One can only make fun of a team so much at once. Three games, three different rosters, same result every time. Spooky.
  • The Scoregasms played the first of their doubleheader while LOD played the second of theirs. LOD had way less points than their first but more than the Scoregasms, so my previous prediction rings true already.
  • Coyotes took on the Shotgunnaz in a battle of mediocrity. Twas a good game the for most part, then the Coyotes realized they were playing the Shotgunnaz and decided to win.
  • America’s Children really has five wins? It’s crazy cuz they barely beat two winless teams these past two weeks. Welcome to the A’s.
  • New Wave and Scoregasms finished the day up. The Scoreagasms may have the MVP but they what they don’t have are wins. Fun Fact: New Wave is the Scoregasms circa 2013.

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