Playoffs: Q & A with the Commish

Q: First off, when are the Playoffs?

A: The B’s will start on June 22nd and the A’s will start the following weekend, June 29th.

Q: How many teams make the B’s?

A: The 10 teams with the worst records will make the B’s. Five from the Aldrin Conference and Five from the Armstrong Conference.

Q: Wait; so if a team has a worse record than my team but they’re in a different conference they can theoretically make the A’s?

A: Yep. Sorry just gotta be better sometimes.

Q: Do all the teams make the playoffs?

A: Yes. Even teams that go 0-7 will make the B playoffs. Every team is guaranteed at least one post season game.

Q: Who gets to take a picture with Blitzen?

A: The B champions. And they have to or they forfeit their promotion to the A’s.’s true.

Q: Will there actually be a championship game this season?

A: Hey now! Next question…we’re still a bit sensitive about that one.

Q: What exactly happened last year?

A: There was a fight that we couldn’t stop. So we stopped the game instead. Next question…

Q: So if my team misses the A playoffs, is there a chance that we can win the championship belt still?

A: Yes of course. The two teams that make the B Championship will both get promoted to the A bracket playoffs the week after. So if you had injuries or a bad schedule then you have a chance at making a run TWO weekends in a row and essentially winning TWO championships. It almost happened once before so why not you now?

Q: I ask the questions here, bub.

A: Sorry. Please continue, the viewers are anxiously waiting with bated breathe for these answers…

Q: How many games do players have to play to be qualified for playoffs?

A: Rookies and guys who have been in the league for just one previous season have to have played in four games to qualify. Veterans (spring ’18 and prior) have to have played in at least 3 games.

Q: What if I had an injury and can’t play in my teams’ games?

A: Then you had to have SHOWN up at least THREE times to show that you cared enough to play in the post season. Several players have gotten injured in the past or have had work or others things but at least shown up to say hi so they don’t become a fake roster add prior to the postseason…again; this is a regular occurrence and happens every season.

Q: How will I know how many games I have played in to qualify?

A: Because you know duuuh. And for those of you who will try to lie, starting next week there will be a new GP (games played) column on your team roster at the top of the website.

Q: What if I played three games and wasn’t able to make the fourth because of work or hospital emergency etc? I can’t play? That’s not fair.

A: As long as you get league approval for extenuating circumstances then yes..exceptions can be made. We all know life gets in the way. We just wanna make it fair for the guys that do show up. That way a team can’t add a stud at the end of the year and then change the playoff structure just like that.

Q: Who gets the bye in the A’s if there is gonna be 12 teams?

A: The winners of the B’s will square off against the Three seeds from each side. The One’s and Two’s will each receive a bye and then play the remaining squads. The One’s will play the lowest seed remaining.

Q: And lastly, who do you want to win?

A: We just want good officiating and no fighting. Peace and Love man. Peace and Love.

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