Well where can I start? It was a week of close games and blowouts. Winners and Losers. Fists and Fury. Touchdowns and Interceptions. But mostly, it was a week of..warm weather!

The first nice week of the season gave us temperatures that matched the temperaments on the field..well at least early on in the day. There’s always one idiot that has to go out there and mess it up for everyone. Now the rest of the people have to suffer because of his stupid ass. Damn humans. I’ll never understand them. But anyways here are my horns…

  • The 8am game set the precedent with a first half skirmish that didn’t end until the second half skirmish ended. What a game it was. If the Goonies didn’t literally throw punches they might have packed more of a punch in their figurative game and had a chance. Awfully coincidental but as soon as the troublemaker finally left the field, the Goonies defense held the Vikings to zero points. Weird how that works.
  • America’s Children and Battletoads is always an instant classic with the Toads getting the best of the Children over the last couple seasons. This season wasn’t any different either; until it was the Jesse Fortier scored another TD and XPT to take the lead and win with 40 seconds left. If only this Fortier guy played like this in the past, they might’ve actually won a few B ships or even an A playoff game for that matter.
  • The Strokes took on the Rage at 9 and I’m not sure this Strokes team could beat last year’s strokes team right now. Where’s the beef bruh!? All that LOD hype and now they piddled out. What the heck Strokes! Vegas had you number one at one point, don’t let Vegas down.
  • Speaking of LOD, don’t get me started on them. All the hype from the Strokes game and now they piddled out. What the heck LOD! Vegas had you number one at one point; now you can’t score any points!? Against the Tigers of all teams. Yuck.
  • Flagnado’s squad of five got together again to beat another self-proclaimed B team. If this were college football, they wouldn’t have even cracked the top 25 with that RPI.
  • I dunno if the 1040 game was a testament to how good the Devilz are getting or how bad the Walkley’s…I mean Scoregasms are getting. Devilz hung in there for most of the game. If they didn’t roll 14 guys deep, they might’ve been able to establish some chemistry together as a team, or maybe even two teams they roll so deep.
  • If it weren’t for Insanity’s little hiccup last week, they would be undefeated. Wouldn’t that be Insanity!?
  • I go and make one little joke about Carnage being in the B’s and then they go out and blow out a good (Tune) Squad. Jeesh JMac take it easy on them. I think I liked it better when your voice got high and squeaky as opposed to now; just torching safeties and DB’s deep all game.
  • New Wave is quietly making their case to be an A team this session. But then again not quietly at all. They score a meaningless garbage time TD and they tackle each other in joyous revelry. Act like you been there bruh. I joke, it’s amazing to watch every time and it genuinely makes us smile.
  • The Coyotes won again! That’s nice I guess cuz a rookie of the year nom is holding down their sneaky stout D. Hmm..I don’t actually have anything bad or snarky to say at the moment aside from the fact that they have guy named Casper on their team. Dunno if that’s his real name or not. Who knows? But then again, no one knows my real name either.

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