New(ish) Guidelines

It is with much displeasure that we are having to write this post but it is the current world that we are living in and it is unavoidable.

Starting on Friday, the state of New Hampshire is enacting a statewide mask mandate. This means that anyone in any kind of public gathering must wear a facemask or be subject to a fine.

This means for us, that players must wear masks at all times in close contact situations. We will not force anyone to keep them on at all times as we are outside, however, if on the field a face covering of some sort must be worn.

Also we need to go back to separation of sidelines and fans/girlfriends/wives. They must stay out of the rectangle at all costs. They are okay with standing/sitting on the hills if needed.

After the games are over, you can no longer hang around and watch as we need to limit the amount of people in our area.

It sucks. We hate it. You hate it. Everyone hates it. But these are the rules we must live by.

Only a couple more games. We can do this. Together.

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