Blitzen’s Horns: W7: Finale

Ah finale week. We are finally here. It went by quick all and all despite the last two weeks of scares from the Vid, we made it (insert flexing muscle emoji).

America’s Children started the day off against the Nashua Vikings excuse me..the Nashua Skeletons. The Children slung the ball all over the skeleton crew formerly known as the Vikings. 28 points to zero points isn’t a good showing for a team that has four championship belts in their trophy room. Hey, the plus side of only having one win this entire season.. maybe you can win the B’s and complete the set.

The Vidgasms Scoregasms took on Flagnado at 8:30. Much like the game before it, Flagnado had a big open field to throw the ball around. It was almost like practice in a way. We talking about practice, not a game, but practice. Ok, well in this situation it was a game and Flagnado clinched the overall number one seed with this dubby dub dub.

The Tigers took on ROD in the day’s next matchup. In a world where we’re supposed to be socially distancing from each other, the first two games did such an exemplary job of it, that ROD decided to do the same. But instead of losing by the mandated forfeiture score of 28-0, they decided they only wanted to lose six to zero. Cause you know… points against matters when you double book yourselves and don’t show up. Tigers win this matchup, one million and six to absolute zero (I hope the points don’t come back and haunt ROD).

Shake n’ Bake somehow mustered up enough bodies to field a team despite the lack of their original roster not being available. They put up a good fight against the division leading Raiders. And even though they were outscored a lot to a little, they battled hard. Miraculously, they ended up earning themselves the five seed thanks to losses by the Scoregasms and Vinegar Strokes (foreshadowing).

So about that Vinegar Strokes game. They went up by twelve without their QB (scandalous) and then they ended up losing by a point. Rampage doesn’t like when people yell in their faces, so they decided to just win. Duval keeps his MVP hopes alive, scoring two more touchdowns and bringing his receptions total to fiddy for the season. Strokes now wait on their makeup game for their playoff hopes to be revealed.

The Battletoads who are another team effected by several factors, got some randos together and took the field. And sure as reindeer poo, can you believe it? They actually won. The Battletoads needed a big win this week and they got. They finish the season with four wins and now they await the results of the makeup games next week to determine their playoff fate.

The BGOW was a matchup of two B squads who went blow for blow at 1 o’clock in week seven. The Phantoms we’re at home looking for their second win of the season against a Shotgunnaz squad looking for the same. The Shotgunnaz got on the board first with a Jordan Martin screen pass from their own five yard that he took 55 yards to the endzone for the score. Kevin Langevin then got his defenders shook when he stopped on a dime and found paydirt to put the Shotgunnaz up sixteen points on two possessions. John Freese corralled his group together which would eventually lead to back to back leaping highlight endzone grabs by Jay Davis, thanks to a Dean Muzzy interception in between. With a two point lead coming out of the break, the Shotgunnaz defense forced a safety to go up by four in the Phantoms first possession. After yet another Dean Muzzy interception (third of the day), Freese connected with the 6’5″ receiver deep to take a two point lead. Langevin would not let the lead stay long though, he rocketed his way down the sideline to take a commanding four point lead with five minutes to go. Sean McGrath caught the two point conversion to go up by a nice even touchdown. On the Phantoms ensuing possession, Lou Monty bulldozed his way into the front of the endzone for the equalizer with 90 seconds to go. Then finally on fourth and long, the Shotgunnaz dropped back and there was Dean Muzzy again to haul in his fourth interception of the day. This INT set up Jay Davis’s nail in the coffin third leaping TD of the day as the clock expired. Phantoms win their season finale, 32-26.

Week seven is over and we are almost at the finish line. We didn’t think we were gonna make it through this entire season, but we somehow did it. This is a testament to you guys for staying safe and working hard to keep us all on the field.

A week of makeup games to go, before we start seeding for the B playoffs on December 5th. Five teams have clinched their birth into the A bracket, so til next week when the final team punches it’s ticket; rest up out deer and stay safe. G’luck and Godspeed to all and to all a week seven.

Dumb reindeer. Using a sharpie on a chalkboard

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