Mid Season Awards

author: Tunior Jeixeira

Celebrity Author of the week, Tunior Jeixeira has compiled his own version of Mid-Season Awards. Don’t @ me bruh..but he kinda has a point. Prove him wrong. Here are the candidates (in no particular order):


  • George Notini – Raiders: 4 touchdowns and 2 interceptions in three games. Lockdown corner and his catch to TD ratio is off the charts
  • Nick Kepka – Battletoads: 21 receptions, 9 tackles and 2 picks. Only one touchdown but he gets his team down the field and shuts down opposing wideouts.
  • Andrew Duval – Rampage: 36 receptions, 7 touchdowns, 1 rushing TD, 7 tackles and a defensive touchdown. Dude is in another world right now. Highlight reel grab after highlight reel grab putting the league on notice.
  • Dan Walkley – Scoregasms: 19 receptions, 5 touchdowns, 1 interception. I mean, we’re as tired of putting him on this list as you are seeing him, but he just keeps deserving it.
  • Junior Teixeira: 15 passing TD’s, 1 rushing touchdown, 5 tackles at safety. He gets it done on both sides of the ball not just well, but exceptionally.


  • David Baldwin – Raiders: 5 receptions, 3 touchdowns. Numbers aren’t spectacular but he is. When his team needs a touchdown, they throw to him. He converts. Plain and simple.
  • Michael Vinagro – Rage of Doom: 24 receptions, 5 total touchdowns (4 in the air, 1 on the ground). He’s more than just a personal blocker now. Watch out cause the stiff arm is coming to find you and the endzone.
  • Riley Cote – Rampage: 23 receptions, 5 receiving td’s and 1 rushing touchdown. Riley made the switch from QB to WR this offseason and it’s paid huge dividends. Master of YAC and highlights, Riley deserves double coverage anywhere on the field.
  • Ben Phelps – Battletoads: 13 receptions, 6 touchdowns. He has become the master of just getting open and sacrificing his body for the good of the conversion. More than a swag guy now, Phelps will drop those toes anywhere on the field with the best of em.


  • Nick Santana – Nightmare: 12 tackles, 2 interceptions, 1 pick six, 1 fumble forced. Nick in his rookie season is setting marks at the safety spot. He’s shutting down the deep ball and snagging flags from every defender in his area.
  • Tyler Tripodi – Scoregasms: 19 tackles, 2 INTs and a forced fumble to boot. Tripod island is real and should be on a t-shirt at a local retailer near you.
  • Sam Gilot – Rampage: 19 tackles, 1 pick six, 1 forced fumble, 1 safety forced. He’s rushing the quarterback and taking down the center with ease. If JJ Watt existed in Blitz, this would be as close to a comparison as possible.
  • Eric Williams – Shake n’Bake: 3 interceptions, 1 defensive touchdown. Eric is the epitome of a ball hawk. If a ball is in the air for more than 2 seconds, he’s gonna get to it and catch it or bat it down. He should have more pick sixes but he keeps flipping them away to his teammates.


  • Junior Teixeira – Rampage: 15 passing TD’s, 1 rushing. Junior spreads the wealth to his plethora of receivers, making laser throws and getting out of pressure to buy his offense oodles of extra time.
  • Derek Riley – Scoregasms: 16 passing touchdowns. Riley has always been one of the league’s best but this year is tossing it up at an alarming rate for defenders. 3.7 seconds from snap to release is Tom Brady type numbers right there.
  • Sam Bonney-Liles – Raiders: 15 passing touchdowns and 1 rushing. We don’t know where this offense would be without him. The 6’6″ Bonney-Liles fires dimes across the field to his receivers at ease, punishing sleeping defenders.
  • Jimmy Sanford – Rage of Doom: 16 passing touchdowns. Mr. Championship isn’t letting one little pandemic stop him from slinging missiles through the hands of opposing defenses. Sanford has only three interceptions to show for his 16 scores.
  • Scott French – Battletoads: 17 touchdown passes. He leads the league in td passes and also victories. French is doing Rage/Vikings kind of things this year, and let’s be honest…you kinda love it.
  • Dane Schindler – Shake n’Bake: 11 passing touchdowns, 3 receptions, 3 touchdowns. Dane’s been here before but this time it’s different. He’s loaded up his receiving core and it shows. Schindler has put Shake n’Bake into the nightmares of the rest of the league.

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