With two weeks in the books, things are a lot like we expected them to be and what some guys on some teams didn’t expect at all. Also, who’da thunk that me without my skin would look like that picture? Spooky am I right?

Carnage beat up on the Rage even though they only won by 2 points. Someone has to tell the Rage that you can’t win the belt by playing with the B’s.

A tale as old as time, a matchup as old as rhyme, Beauty and the Beasts…played across the way. The Vikings and the Tigers (you figure out who’s the Beauty and who’s the Beast), renewed their 2013 rivalry. However the Tigers lacked their roar and the Vikings lacked their pizzazz. What a let down for onlookers as the studs didn’t stud aka show-up and the stars didn’t shine. Yuck.

Reign took on Flagnado and Reign was thinking they were gonna go undefeated and sweep the B’s; then they realized that they were who we thought they were and we almost crowned their asses for nothing.

The Devilz Primetime game was a matchup of epic proportions! I can’t believe what happened! Well actually I can; you’ve seen it before. It was eh for a bit. Then whoa for a bit. Then meh for a bit and then it was over. Devilz out here like the girl in the clothing store and the old man with the fishing pole meme.

New Wave took on LOD at 10. I’m just wondering when New Wave is gonna be considered “Old Wave” cuz this bipolar team is getting Old. They ball out one week and then the next week they don’t. LOD shoved them around literally and they held their weight however, LOD was just better today.

The Raiders got their first real taste of competition as they took on the sneaky good Tune Squad squad. Corey Boulay hung 7 TD passes on them and I swear I saw the ghost of Al Davis out there cursing out the defense.

Since the Strokes said that the game of the week was their game, I shall anoint it upon them, they took on the Scoregasms. The subject of a lot of trash talk in the forum this week, Marrero actually lived up to his own hype for once.

If I told you the finale of the week was a good game, I would be lying. In a game perfectly suited for a showdown at OK Corral, the Shotgunnaz out-dueled the Bandits. I haven’t seen as many missed flags by two teams in the second half since…well..the first half of this game. Awful flag pulling led to long TD’s. Bang Bang Bandits Shotgunnaz got ya. But more like with those little toy guns with the flag that comes out that says “Bang.”


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