The Fall Season is just a few short days away can you believe it!?

Anyways, here are some things you need to know before you show this weekend:

  1. The Rage and Legion of Doom both start their season at 9am. This is the championship game rematch from the Spring so be there for the joyous revelries that will ensue.
  2. The games will be held at Atherton Park in Nashua, NH. If you are not familiar with Atherton, parking is on the street. As there are a million parking spaces, you may have to walk some to get from car to field.
  3. If you want and or need a schedule change, contact league officials and we will try our best to expedite the process IF and only if it is not the week of the game.
  4. The regular season will consist of SEVEN games as per usual and will run from September 14th-November 2nd.
  5. The B playoffs will take place November 9th. They will be a one day tournament as usual. The top two teams will be awarded a spot into the A playoffs the following weekend. This season however there is a new B playoff twist. Stay tuned because we are not in the business of spoiling surprises.
  6. The A playoffs are also going to be a one day playoff and they are going to be held on November 16th.
  7. Dues (100%) are due by week FIVE; no exceptions. If not paid in full by week five (75% by week four); no stats and you start in 21 point hole to start the game. Gulp.
  8. Game times are start times, not show up times. If you have four people and it your start time, then it is time to start. If you have three, then you have an eight minute grace period. After the eighth minute has passed and you do not have four eligible players, then you will forfeit 28-0.
  9. All that offseason chatter about fighting, let’s put it to rest please. If you weren’t allowed to play this session it’s because captains from 20 teams thought it would be too much of a headache to deal with. We are genuinely sorry and will readdress the situation again in the offseason.
  10. And lastly, let’s have fun. Nobody is getting paid to be out there and we have some of the lowest costs in the region to make people happy so they can pound beers on the sideline and talk harmless trash to each other. Everyone is out to chill and play a game they love, so let’s all get along. Peace and love man, peace and love.

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