New Conduct Policy



As most of you may have heard, we had to implement a new Conduct Policy with just two weeks before opening day. Unfortunately, some of the past transgressions have worked their way back to the forefront and they were not treated admirably.

In a world where football is family and in a league that has been growing non-stop since 2011, we have lost our “family” feel. We consider everyone that steps foot on our field to be members of our family. Then if by the chance a day comes that they asperse our officiating crew or denigrate the integrity of our game, then those people are asked to leave; either kindly at first or abruptly if it continues.

In no way should a player put their hands on another player or an official. This is a conduct that will be treated with a zero tolerance going forward. We do not play for money and we do not play for fame, we play for fun and comradery. We do not believe in or are in the business of besmirching others or their reputations.

This is a league decision, not one person or two people. We do not try to run the law of the land by way of Dictatorship but by way of Democracy. These rules were built by the players who play with them. No one player is bigger than the greater good of all. Not all votes in the boardroom are unanimous but they are the majority. If it is something that the captains and long standing members believe we should readdress, we will as all things will be brought back to the table once again in the next offseason.

So as for now; for the singular season of Blitz Fall 2019 the New Fighting Conduct states:

  1. If a player throws a punch in the form of a closed hand or even open hand, they will be suspended indefinitely.
  2. If a player constantly berates an official, he will be removed at the digression of the official and face a one game suspension.
  3. Here’s the big one that elicited all the feels in and outside of the boardroom: All previously suspended players will remain suspended until further notice.

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