The football God’s were mad this week as the skies opened up and gave us all a shower in various forms of wetness throughout week two. 

The first game of the day was the the driest as the New England Knocks played their first road game against the Punishers. The Punishers so far this season have looked poised and determined to make a long and deep run into the playoffs with their full roster or players. The mustached one also known as JMac also known as QB2 also known as John; earned himself player of the week honors in this one. He caught a game high 6 receptions for 2 TD’s and 3 tackles to lead the his team over the Knocks. The Punishers win their second game in their second game 30-0.

The Scoregasms v Tigers game was a matchup for the nail biting variety. The Scoregasms took full advantage of the weather in this one with double moves and stop and goes to keep the Tigers sliding all over the field on D. The man they call Nano had himself a huge first half, hauling in a pair of TD’s to go up 13-0. The Tigers AJ Labrecque was able to grab a tip drill ball in the back of the endzone to pull within 7 at the break. The second half the Tigers came out swinging. Dave Brown caught a pair of TD’s sandwiched between a Joe Gennaro TD to pull ahead. Scott Danuliek of the Scoregasms caught a pretty highlight reel TD in the second half but it wasn’t enough as his team falls, 24-19.

At 9am was the BLITZ GAME OF THE WEEK. It was a possible finals preview perhaps as the Vikings went on the road to take on the Blue Balls of Doom. We should’ve known what was going to happen when the Vikings let the rain get the best of them on their first snap of the day. A fumbled snap that elevated all of 3 inches and plopped down right in the endzone for a safety. The Blue Balls then showed off their Doom with a Kiel Canada toe drag swag TD to go up by 8. The Vikings would then respond with a Tyson Forsaith dump off over the middle for 6 to pull within 2. The clock was not the Vikings friend though as Canada once again found the endzone in the closing minute of the half to go up 8 once again. The Vikings as they often do would respond right out of the locker room. Kevin Langevin ran deep up the sideline and with two arms extended only where he could get it, snagged the ball from the sky and flipped into the endzone for 6. The Blue Balls responded again. RJ Gagnon who earned player of the game honors, caught the first of his 2 TD’s on the day to go up 8 again. After a stop on D, Gagnon and his Blue Balls scored again for the clincher. Langevin caught a garbage time TD in the waning seconds, but the Blue Balls prevail in this one, 26-18.

On paper the Rage and 603 Mafia game was fantastic. The Rage are coming off their worst defeat in franchise history, they are down, they are beaten up, people are counting them out. 603 Mafia is coming off a game in which they took the preseason favorites to the wire and only lost by a point. They had their full squad and are ready to illicit fear on upcoming opponents. Unfortunately for the home team, those aforementioned notes, did not translate into a victory. Despite a Vinnie Frasco TD to open the game for 603, the Rage didn’t have any problems in this one. They welcomed back Anthony WIlliams and former MVP Rob Keddie to their lineup. They didn’t miss a beat as the pair combine for the TD’s on offense and defense. The Rage put up 41 more points this week than they did in opening day and win this one easily, 41-12.

The first B game of the day took place at 10:45 when Illmatic took on America’s Children. Illmatic got on the board first thanks to a hook and ladder TD by Cory White only to be followed by a Murica TD by rookie John Matthews. It wasn’t until the final minute of the first half that either team scored again. It was Matthews one more time as he stopped…and go-ed to take a 14-6 lead at the half. Illmatic got a bobbling TD by Jordan Martin to pull within 2 but it was too little too late. The Children’s Tom Scalley caught a game sealing TD in the corner with 85 seconds left to play. America’s Children win this one going away, 226-12.

In our next B matchup, the Goonies tangled horns with Insanity at 11. It was a tight one in the first half as the Goonies led by just 6 at the break. Sam Gilat was the bright spot for Insanity as the rusher pressured the D enough to get his hands on an errant throw and take it to the house for 6. The second half was dominated by both defenses. It was a lockdown half for the Insanity corners minus one big play. Goonies receiver, Craig Maynard caught his second TD of the day running deep down field. The Goonies put Insanity on ice, 18-6.

At noon, a pair of winless teams engaged in battle as Metrowest Boomin took on Beast Mode. The Rain was at it’s peak of wetness in this one as neither offense was able to function fluidly. Jay Davis of Metrowest got the scoring started and they never looked back. He snuck by all 5 Beast Mode defenders and sprinted into the endzone on back-to-back drives to go up 12 zip. Beast Mode answered back by way of a pair of Chazz Hirbour, body sacrificing TD snags. Loud Monte caught the game-winner between the numbers with 4 minutes left to Metrowest their first win of the season. Beast Mode battles but can’t conquer as they fall 19-12.

What was actually the most entertaining game on the schedule, was the days’ finale when Young Dynasty and the Battletoads met up. Both teams went into this one battling for B supremacy with the winner getting a temporary promotion to play with the big boys in the A’s. Young Dynasty struck first on their first possession with a quick strike to Tyler Baker from the 10. The Battletoads would then respond with a Ben Glasman hip gyro spinarama TD from the 5. That’s how it would stay until Young Dynasty’s first possession of the second half. A man named Bill caught an arching ball that spiraled through the rain drops and right into his hands as Young D went up 6 again. The Toads would answer again. Old Faithful, John Groff caught his 7th ball of the day over the middle for the equalizer. Young Dynasty and the Battletoads didn’t have much left in the tank as they slipped and slid all over the field until 2 minutes left in the game. QB Scott French rolled to his left and then threw all the way to his left to find Groff again for the lead. They would complete the extra point to go up 7. Young Dynasty then started their 2 minute offense. Gary Lunetta marched his team down the field until he connected with Nick Carozza over the top to pull within a point. Young Dynasty wasn’t able to convert the extra point and that’s how it would end. Battletoads refused to take a knee and gave Young Dynasty the ball back with 8 seconds but they weren’t able to convert the hail mary. The Battletoads survive a 36 minute thriller, 19-18.

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