The fall season is here and it hit like a cup-check without a cup. There was a playoff type atmosphere in the air as the new teams came in discombobulated and the returning teams came in with a bit of rust and some with bit of vinegar. Regardless of the situation, it was a great start to the biggest season yet.

The opening game featured a trio of teams who all made it to the quarterfinals last year. Yes a trio of teams in the opening game. In all cases of super team building, there are some growing pains. The Blue Balls of Doom came out a bit flat as they trailed at the half 12-6 thanks to a huge first half for Vinnie Frasco of 603 Mafia. He took the first offensive play of the season, up the sideline all the way to the house for six to start the game. Garret Nelson then pitched in with a TD over the middle for 603 to lengthen their lead. The Reigning MVP, Jamaal Woods then threw a hard stiff arm to a defender before the half for the Blue Balls of Doom for their first score as a squad. The second half was when the sun came up and the defense stepped up. The Blue Balls of Doom shut down the potent 603 offense and didn’t allow another point. The only score of the half and the game-winner went hand in hand. Co-Captain Eugene Sartin, snapped the ball and ran a quick out from the 3 yard line for the go-ahead TD. Blue Balls of Doom survive a tough game and win their inaugural game at home 13-12.

The BLITZ GAME OF THE WEEK didn’t live up to the hype as the defending champion Rage, took on the Vikings at home. The Vikings are out for blood this season after getting bounced in the first round as a number one overall seed just a season ago. The blood they craved and the blood they smelled was in the form of the Rage. In 12 seasons of existence, the Rage have never been shut out..today was that day. Yes they were down, their all-pro receiver. Yes they had guys playing out of place. And yes, they’re all Tom Brady old. But excuses aside, bookies didn’t see this one coming. This game opened as the Rage being 4.5 point favorites and it ended with them being 27 point dogs. Vegas lost the most opening day coin they’ve lost since the Vikings v. Flagnado game in last years playoffs. Vegas is really starting to dislike gambling with the Vikings. The Rage’s former MVP, Dee Jennings had a great day on the field but couldn’t convert any of his 6 catches into touchdowns. While on the other side of the ball, the Vikings spread the ball all around. 3 different receivers led the team with 5 receptions and 3 different players caught TD’s. The Vikings roll in what won’t be the only matchup of these powerhouse squads this season, 27-0.

In a 9am shootout, the Battletoads and Goonies duked it out in a matchup of former B Division Champions. This one went back and forth as QB’s Scott French, and Steve Tambouris slung the rock all over the field. Despite the Battletoads winning by 13 points, it was a lot closer than it appeared on the scoreboard. The Goonies, Will Washington could not be stopped all day. He led the team with 7 receptions and over 100 yards to go with a pair of TD’s. The Battletoads offense was led by Josh Briand and Nicholas Kepka Calvetti. The combo combined for 15 receptions, 160 yards and 3 TD’s. The Toads led by 5 at the half, 7 with 5 minutes to play and 13 to close the game out. The Toads leaped over the Goonies in their first game back from the A’s, 40-27.

After taking a season off, Blitz welcomed back Metrowest Boomin with the only team ever to lose TWO championships in one season, Flagnado. The new look ‘Nado squad picked up right where they left off. Their defense confused the Boomin offense as they sacked, pressured and pick 6’ed their way to the victory. Their offense wasn’t half bad either led by Jeff Genet. In his first game back from a hiatus, he racked up 5 receptions to go along with 2 carries and 100 yards total. Metrowest Boomin has better days ahead but in this one they fall, 26-love.

At 10 the TMoney Tigers went on the road to take on the New England Knocks in their spanking new jerseys and stadium in their first franchise game. This game was ugly from the start. In the first 13 minutes of game time, the two teams combined for 2 points and 3 completions. It wasn’t until the 5 minute marker when Joe Gennaro broke the endzone for the first TD of the game for the Tigers. From there on out, the Tigers didn’t look back. Gennaro added another TD followed by a Klink and an AJ Labrecque TD to seal the deal. The Knocks seemed far away from their home in this one as there is a big learning curve coming into a completely different league with completely different rules. They showed some fight and some courage but the Tigers are a former champion and it was no easy task for an opening game. As long as the Knocks keep fighting, wins will come. The Tigers win this tune up game, 30-0.

Though on paper it didn’t look like the Game of the Week, it turned out to be one heck of a bout. The Punishers jumped out to a big lead early while the Scoregasms spelled that with a temporary comeback at the end of the first half to go into the lockerroom down 19-6. The Punishers came out in the second half just as hot. On their first possession, Jovi Santos caught a 12 yard fade in the endzone to go up by 19 points. That’s when the Scoregasms woke up and decided to be the Scoregasms of old. QB Derek Riley connected with Dan Walkley for his 101st career TD on a 60 yard streak up the sideline to pull within two scores. On the Punishers next drive, Walkley picked off a McCarthy pass and set the Scoregasms up in scoring position. Center Zack Carter, who led the game in receiving caught a delayed quick out inside the 5 and scampered into the endzone to bring them within 7 points. The Punishers were not able to convert on their next drive despite a highlight reel catch by Austin Williams Fast forward to 30 seconds left; Scoregasms have the ball on the Punishers 10 yard line. Riley threw 2 incompletions before he finally threw his final incompletion of the day that sailed over everyone’s heads in the back of the endzone. The Punishers survive a tough one with their back up QB, 25-18.

Illmatic and Beast Mode took the field at 11am for the B division. Beast Mode had real nice jerseys but they came out flat against Nas’ debut album. Illmatic was led by Justin Vasquez who was all over the place. He led the offense with a team high 5 catches and 2 TD’s, while he also commanded the defense not allowing a single completion on his side of the field. Vin Hoang was the bright spot for Beast Mode as his smooth shifty moves earned him a TD and a few broken ankles on the Illmatic side for Beast Mode’s lone score. Illmatic wins their first game of the season, 27-6.

The first overtime game of the season almost ended in a tie as America’s Children faced off against the Ultimate Warriors. Freddie Rodriguez and Patrick O’Donnell both found the endzone for their squads in the first half to lead to a first half tie. In the second half, Tom Scal and Alex Golden scored TD’s for their respective teams in the second half as well. This led to a yawn inducing yet nail biting overtime coinflip. The Ultimate Warriors won the toss and then took 4 minutes of the 5 minute sudden death clock to finally settle things. QB Bill Savary saw a crack in America’s Children’s D and sent his big bulldozing center to clog the seam. Savary threw a high lofting ball to Larry D’errico who caught the ball in stride off his shoulder to drag his toes in the back of the endzone for the victory. The Ultimate Warriors down America’s Children, 19-13 in OT.

In the day’s finale, a new and improved Young Dynasty team was at home to take on the rookie Insanity team. It wasn’t too long ago that Young Dynasty came into this league and had no idea what they were doing. They were lost in all aspects of their game. They couldn’t score, they couldn’t get stops, they were a mess. Their next season, they challenged everyone they played and won a couple more games. The season after that, they were above 500 and fought deep into the playoffs. Now they have become a well-oiled machine that can play with anyone in the league. Sure they won this game 26-7 but if they looked on the other sideline, they saw themselves. If I were a gambling man (and I am), I would bank on Insanity getting things together and making a run once they figure out the rules and the flow more. Insanity didn’t do all that much in their first game but they showed they have a big mess of talent that could be dangerous in the near future. Young Dynasty impresses their fans at home, 26-7.

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