I walked down the locker room and it still smells the same.

It takes you back real quick.   One of the things that caught me is how fast 27 years goes by.   There are so many people that live vicariously through you!  I would give anything tonight to jump in one of these uniforms with you guys.

Coach on the field Shouting( Do Something my Father Never had the Opportunity to……My Father Never saw Me Play… you Play for your fathers tonight!)

That Feeling goes away, and it goes away and it doesn’t come every Friday Night.

It comes when  you get married.  It comes when your child is born.

So you get it…. you just don’t get it every Friday Night.

Your going to miss that more then anything in the world.

That’s what I miss.  And so you Seniors that are focused on college, your focused on your work after High School….what your gonna do next… your focused on tomorrow aren’t yah?

You got plenty of time for tomorrows.

But these tonights…. there going by fast.

You Focus on Tonight.

This is about you guys.

This is about the guys in this room that care about each other… that know that there are only so many of these nights left.

It’s about you.

Their a faceless opponent.  They just happened to draw the short straw tonight.

Now get your asses ready to play!

Win on three …. One … Two …. Three.


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