And here we are! We have finally made it to the year 2023. In what seems like the longest wait ever, Blitz is back in the business for our 25th season. Thanks to everyone who has participated and will soon be participating, cuz this season is about to lit!

This is our annual “Opening Day Q&A post” so read below to help clear up any questions or concerns you may have going into a new season.

Before you ask, the only things you need for opening day is: Yourself, your team, possibly flags, possibly a ball, and make sure the liability form is filled out before you play. Okay…question time…

Q1: Any rule changes?
A1: Nope. Everything is staying the same, once again. Our rules have been refined and refined over and over again, and it seems like the consensus of people have come to agree with them so, don’t mess with a good(ish) thing.

Q2: Can you explain blocking to me?
A2: Everyone can block on any play, however the only caveat is that you can not extend your arms to create separation. Basketball picks are fine (but someone ineffective), but ideally you wanna block like your doing pushups, just don’t lock your elbows.

Q3: What about bumping off the line on defense. What’s the deal with that?
A3: The defender is allowed to jam the receiver off of the line. You have 5 yards to make LEGAL contact with the offensive player.

Q4: Where are the games?
A4: The games will be held at 180 Lakeview Ave in Tyngsboro, MA.

Q5: What are the league fees? And when are they due by?
A5: The team fee is $750. In order to play, you already sent your entry fee to secure your spot. However, the final payment must be received by week THREE. All payments after week three will result in a 7 point penalty, then 7 more points in each successive week.

Q6: What is the roster size? Limitations and all that?
A6: Usually 10-12 guys can dress each week. Most rosters consist of anywhere from 10-14 guys. Throw names on there in case some will miss games, and your team will have backups ready to go. No more than 12 per game can enter.

Q7: How many games do we need to be playoff eligible?
A7: This is an interesting question and comes up every single session. Some guys have work, some guys get injured, some have other leagues and tournaments that are move important than Blitz; all of which are fine. However, it isn’t fair to the guys that show up each and every week to be outdone by a guy who shows up once in awhile. The minimum for a rookie/sophomore to play in the playoffs is 4 games. The minimum for a veteran (2 seasons played), is 3 games. This rule is essentially to alleviate building a superteam of new faces when it comes time for playoffs.

Q8: How do you know who’s at each game?
A8: This year, we will have attendance. Before each game, if you’re not playing, check in with your commissioner or league officer. They will mark you down on the scoring sheet. If you’re injured and can’t play all season, but you came to cheer on your mates, then we got you. If you havta work and miss your team’s game but wanna watch other games, we got you there too. You’ve shown that you care so that counts as a game “played.”

Q9: When should I expect updates from all the action?
Q9: We try to update the scores after the games are finished at the end of the day. If we don’t get to them, the latest they’ll be updated is Sunday. Box Scores, stats, power rankings and Vegas Rankings will all be done by Monday.

Q10: Is there a rulebook so I can read through everything to re-familiarize myself with everything?
A10: Yep. It’s on the homepage under “the league” tab. Or you can just click HERE.

Q11: What kind of ball has feet but cannot walk?
A11: I dunno what?
A11(B): A Football.

Q12: Do I need my own flags?
A12: No but it is recommended. Most people have their own custom flags and belts of their own designs blah blah blah. Be like the cool kids, order some and call them your own. We will have a some Blitz Flags for purchase and we will have some regular communal flags to loan out at the field again this season.

Q13: Can I add guys to my roster throughout the season?
Q13. Yes. Some guys get injured and won’t play again. Feel free to replace them.

Q14. What are the rules on fumbles?
A14: Fumbles can be forced but if the ball carrier drops the ball without contact, then it is just down where it hits the ground. If the ball carrier is in traffic and fumbles the ball, it is still a turnover. If the ball carrier is running alone and drops the ball, it’s just dead right there, no turnover.

Q15: How can the defense cause a fumble?
A15: The defense is allowed ONE swat per play. If a receiver catches the ball, you have one shot to knock it loose. If you miss, you can’t keep going for it or it will result in a penalty. A swat is acceptable, a punch is discouraged and a yank is not allowed.

Q16: What’s this Degenatron thing I’m seeing on the site?
A16: The Degenatron is a weekly fantasy game that is based on players stats in a game. You can play weekly for a prize of smaller magnitude. But if you play every week, you will accumulate points to climb the season long leaderboard for the grand prize.

Q17: Can I drink at the field?
A17: No you cannot. We won’t check what’s in your water bottles or Thermoses buuuut we are situated in a quiet neighborhood. We are also sharing a large parking lot with a girls softball league. The field is next to our field so we need to respect them as well as the rules.

Q18: What’s the rule on music?
A18: You can play music, just don’t get a noise complaint like last year. The neighbors like to sleep so don’t show up at 745 blasting the bass in your car. That’s not cool bruh. But yea; play music to what you think you would be cool with if you were sleeping in your house across the street.

Q19: How’s the parking sitch?
A19: Dope. Plenty of it.

Q20: I guess this is my last question; are there A’s and B’s anymore?
A20: Yes there are. Buuuut, they will be decided based on their records at the end of the season. Matchups are primarily based off of known rosters. Aside from divisional matchups, each opponent was handpicked for each other.

Q21: Oh I thought of another question…what’s playoffs like?
A21: The B playoffs will be the week after the regular season (6/1). The A playoffs, will be the following Saturday (6/17). The 4 division winners will automatically earn a bid into the A playoffs. The other teams with the 6 best records will be safe and will stay in the A’s. The teams with the 8 worst records (aside from division leaders) will be competing in the B tournament.

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