It’s that time of year again…almost the midway point so it’s time to talk about stuff.

First off, so far everyone has been fantastic personally and we couldn’t have asked for a better overall group of guys…minus Pat Morris; that guy’s a bum.

Secondly, week four is upon us and week four is the official cut off date for league fees. If all fees aren’t paid prior to game time week five, the penalties will begin (down 7 points, no stats recorded).

Phew, now that we got that awkwardness outta the way, now let’s talk football stuff.

We eradicated the fumble “rip” a few years ago but it has been slowly working it’s way back in. We are on alert now, and will be ready to throw the big bad yellow flag if the fumble ripping continues. Forced fumbles will of course still be allowed, however, you will get one punch, one shot, one opportunity to knock the ball loose. You know the drill.

The playoffs aren’t far away believe it or not, so people have a lot of questions. Due to the parity of both divisions, we will conduct the playoffs as usual but with one caveat. Very similar to Champions league in European soccer, the worst two teams in the A’s will get relegated to the B playoffs.

The B’s will be a ten team tournament that will be held on June 19th. The two A teams will get a bye in the first round and the top B teams will only have one game to win to get into the semi finals. We did this in 2017 and it was fantastic. Click here to get an idea of what it’ll look like. The two finalists in the B’s will advance to play the following weekend. Winner of tournament chooses which side of the bracket they would like to be put on.

The A playoffs will be the following Saturday (26th), and it will be the top eight teams remaining. In order to compete in the playoffs, everyone must be eligible by reaching the qualifying games amount. Each player must have played or been present at at least 3 games if you have 2 seasons of experience, or 4 games if you are a rookie or junior.

Got it? Good. Easy Peasy.

A few weeks left, so let’s make it count fellas.

ps- we have been informed that if you park on the grass or the hill, you will be towed

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