Usually here at the Blitz HQ, we try to shy away from social commentary as it doesn’t really effect our product, but what is going on in this world is agonizing. We as humans need to realize that this isn’t right and the world needs change. Quickly. Enough is Enough.

It’s a maddening world when bigotry and bruiting injustices are dividing the country we live in. The senseless pain and suffering our communities are experiencing is beyond heartbreaking.

We need justice. We need change. We need progress.

To all members of the Blitz community, especially those of color; we hear you. We are committed to you. We intend to and always have mead and effort to make our environment free, safe and supportive of one another. We affirm our humanity. United we stand, divided we fall.

photo credit: https://blacklivesmatter.com/social-media-graphics/

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