With much pain and sorrow it has been informed to us by the glorious state of New Hampshire that we are not considered an “essential business” quite yet. We do not officially fall under any of the States plans for the Reopening Phases and will be fined if caught on the field illegally.

This saddens us deeply as we had our entire Spring Schedule ready to go whenever we got the okay from the city. However…

We do have a few events up our sleeves when we get cleared.

  1. We will be holding an Xtreme-summer-winner-take-all Tournament.
  2. A virtual online Blitz Tournament with stats and live video.
  3. And lastly, a double elimination Straight Cash Homie Tournament.

As far as your Spring Registration fees go, we will either refund your money or we can hold onto your entry fee and have it go towards the FALL session. This way you will not have to re-register thus locking in your spot for the Fall. If you would like a refund please send us an email or a message and we will process your request immediately.

Continue to check back frequently as we will be posting updates accordingly.

Stay Safe; Stay Healthy; Stay Smart.

Godspeed Blitzers. We will all prevail once again.

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