Week five started off with fireworks and that’s what this Christmas time Rangifer tarandus likes to see. LOD and the Toads battled and the Toads got the dub on a last second hail mary kinda thingy to self-appointed Forum King, Ben Phelps. He not only captured the victory for his squad, but he also captured the hearts of all the forums around the interwebs.

The Raiders took on Primetime across from that good ol fashion action bright and early in the am. Downside of this game is that the Raiders left their hands at home dropping three potential touchdowns…and yet they we’re still good enough to beat Primetime. Eeek.

Flagnado beat up on the Bandits at 9. The Bandits who were coming off of their first franchise victory actually had a shot at two in a row but alas they are the Bandits afterall so that was right out of the window after rock paper scissors.

To sum up the Carnage and Tune Squad game, I believe Shakespeare said it best when he said, “Thou competitors challenge thee beasts until thy beasts realizith that thy suck on thou’ist day and cannot hang with the Carnage.” A man ahead of his time he was I’ll tell you wwwhat.

Devilz man I’ll tell ya. They get close every week, only to lose on something silly. This week they fought all the way back just to lose on a safety at the end of the game. They have more heartbreaking loses than those fantasy teams that started Jared Goff this past weekend.

The Vikings and Scoregasms squared off at 11. The Vikings didn’t have their QB and the Scoregasms didn’t have..well anyone…who could get open.

Across the beat up and battered down grass, the Strokes took a 19 point lead into the lockeroom only to end the game with 19 points and still win. New Wave is right on the cusp but if I say that every week, does that mean they actually are? Or is that who they really are? Are they who we think they are Dennis Green?

The Shotgunnaz got their first real taste of a good team and they morphed back into the Shotgunnaz of old. Beers , Vapes and Nips for everyone! Horray team; we still had fun even though we got beat down and scored just one measly touchdown. Man, I love those guys. Reminds me a lot of my grandmother at Thanksgiving…she was sure was a hoot of a stag.

Battletoads v. ‘Murica 12:30. The Toads became the only team ever to win two games this week. ‘Murica also set a fun little record in this one. They became the only team who’s quarterback led the team in receiving.


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