The final week of the season has come and gone and some are wondering what the heck happened while some are wondering what their next move is. As this is the final recap of the season, let’s see if we can get everyone involved in this one to finish it out.

The first game of the day kicked off at 8am between Young Dynasty and the Goonies. Both of these teams at times can be A contenders and at times be B bracket bouncers. Today they each played to their competition and played one heck of a game. After a sloppy (literally) first half of the first half, Bill Condurelli of Young Dynasty got in the endzone first. He scored by way of deep bomb as per usual to put his team up 6 points with 6 minutes to play in the first. The Goonies then turned it on. After a Richie Ellis pick, Steve Tambouris marched his way down the field finding Craig Maynard over the middle to take a slim lead. One would think Young Dynasty learned their lesson as they threw to Ellis one more time who picked off yet another pass. Just like the time before, Tambouris connected with Maynard again to close the half out. Condurelli came out of the break right where he left off, hauling in another 60 yard over the shoulder TD for the lead. The Goonies came right back by way of Derek Chouinard who caught his first career TD to put the Goonies back in front. Will Washington added another Goonies TD to increase the lead in the final minutes. Tyler Baker kept his TD streak alive as he snagged in another for the losers. Young Dynasty falls in their finale to the Goonies, 25-20.

What was touted as a possible championship preview, turned into a yuckfest of one team doing another team “unnecessarily dirty.” The Rage’s former MVP, Dee Jennings got his name on the MVP ballot a tad bit higher on the list with his first half performance. He caught the game’s first TD with a little catch and run after some missed tackles. On the next drive, Jennings Blitzed the Blue Balls QB, swatted the pass and tackled the receiver for a safety. Rage up 9 points in just one possession. On their ensuing drive, Jennings shook 3 Blue Ball defenders to find his way into the endzone once again. Before the half, the Rage got one more score on the board thanks to a skinny post to Rob Keddie for 55 yards. The second half was a bit more tame for the Blue Balls of Doom as they finally were able to punch in a TD thanks to Kiel Canada. Anthony Williams caught one more TD for the Rage to put it out of reach.  The Blue Balls just didn’t have it on this day, while the new look Rage did. And here’s a fun factoid of the day: The Rage were 4-0 this season with former MVP, Rob Keddie in their lineup. 0-3 without him. Hmm..difference maker or coincidence? The Rage down the Blue Balls with Doom, 28-6.

Next on the docket was Metrowest Boomin and the Battletoads. The Toads have been flying high as of late since competing against two top A teams despite two losses. The Boomin on the other hand lost big last week but refuse to go down without a fight in any battle. Ben Phelps picked a good day to come out of his shell as he led the charge from the leap..jump (Toads Leap get it? Okay nevermind moving on). Phelps snagged 3 receptions on the day all of which went for TD’s. 3 TD’s that would in fact have totaled the output for the Boomin’ score for the day. Jay Davis ran for his fifth rushing TD of the season to end the year one short of tying a single season record. Zach Cordelli finished off a strong rookie campaign for Boomin with a pair of TD grabs. And for the Toads, Josh Briand and Nick Kepa added TD’s for the winners. Ben Glassman recorded another game with 10 receptions and in the process breaks the all-time single season receptions record with a total of 60. Glassman and his Toadssecure the top spot in their division, 32-18.

In a winner take all battle, Flagnado squared off against America’s Children. Both teams have the top Defenses in the B bracket and if you’re a fan of defense, this was the game for you. Both teams could move the ball down the field in the first half but just couldn’t get it into the endzone. Dropped balls and on point flag pulling led to a nil nil score at the zeros in the first half. Flagnado’s Dylan Humphrey broke the tie with a leaping back endzone grab to put his team up 7. On the next play, Flagnado’s D pressured a back of the endzone heel sack to go up 9 zip. After the turnover, Jeff Genet caught a 50 yard bomb down the middle of the field for a 15 point lead. America’s Children finally got the ball moving late in the second half when QB Neil O’Donnell found Buddy Bajerski for the score. They attempted the moneyball to pull within 3 points but in a land of trees, the hail mary pass fell short. Flagnado survives a late charge by the Children for the top spot in their division, 15-6.

What was supposed to the BLITZ GAME OF THE WEEK, turned into the second let down of the week. The defending Fall Champion Tigers, took on the Punishers for the number one overall seed in the league. The Punishers jumped out to a huge first half lead thanks to recently certified fireman, John McCarthy. He caught 4 balls in the first half for 75 yards and 2 TD’s sandwiched between a Chris Rocker TD. The Tigers leading receiver Joe Gennaro pitched in with a TD in the first half to keep it close. The second half was a reversal of the first for the Punishers but not by way of the scoreboard, it was by way of those who scored TD’s. Rocker and JMac flip flopped their TD duties as Rocker sandwiched JMac’s TD. The Tigers emerging star, Tyler Russell caught a nice TD to keep it respectful at the finish. The Tigers fall and claim the three seed while the Punishers take the top. Punishers tame the Tigers, 37-12.

The first crossover game of the week took place at 11 when the bloodied and bruised Scoregasms took on Illmatic. The Scoregasms have been playing as a shell of themselves as they could not get into rhythm at all. Jordan Martin of Illmatic kicked the game off with a one handed sideline grab to go up 6 early. The Scoregasms were able to answer with a misdirection dump off pass to Zack Carter who scampered 60 yards up the sideline for the equalizer. The game stayed tied at 6’s until the final 6 seconds of the first when Tyler Hartt caught a slant from the 4 yard line and scored to put Illmatic in front. Illmatic’s Justin Vasquez, though he didn’t score in this one ate up the Scoregasms offense and defense in the second. He contributed with 7 catches, 3 of which went for first downs, and on D picked off a pair of errant Scoregasm passes to lead the way. Illmatic’s D stands firm and shuts out the Scoregasms in the second half. Jordan Martin added his second TD for insurance while Illmatic rolls, 19-6.

At 11:25, 603 Mafia looked to stay in the A’s in a competitive battle against the Vikings. 603 put a scare into the Vikings usually stingy defense going up 12-0 thanks to Garrett Nelson deep down the sideline, followed up by a Ryan Post TD snag. The Vikings got on the board with a Tyson Forsaith quick out from the 3 yard line due in part to a controversial PI call for Dez Manning to set them up. After 603 stalled out on their next drive, the Vikings struck again. This time by way of Matt Arpin who hauled in a ball surrounded by 603 Mafia defenders before the half. Garrett Nelson would strike again on the Vikings extra point with an interception return for 60 yards to put 603 Mafia up by a point going into the lockerrooms. As good as the Vikings are, they have a flare for the dramatics; allowing these teams week after week to play with them. Kevin Langevin scored a TD for the Vikings followed by two Manning TD’s and Nelson TD for the Mafia to finish the box score for the day. Despite 603’s sudden surge of offense, the Vikings hold on for their 4th win of the season, 31-22.

In a battle for the #12 seed in the B’s the Ultimate Warriors took on Beast Mode. This was a barn burner in the first half as both teams matched each other’s scoring output back and forth. Alex Golden caught a little dig route and took it to the house for 6 for the early lead. Beast Mode’s Chazz Hirbour would answer with a highlight reel, Larry Fitzgerald like catch. In between two would be interceptors, Hirbour latched onto the ball with one hand while fighting off defenders with the other. Hirbour’s right hand never made contact with the ball as he waltzed 40 yards into the endzone. On the Ultimate Warriors next possession, Dave Camponigro sprawled out front of the back pylon to catch a TD on fourth down for the lead once again. Just as before, Beast Mode answered right back. On third and long, QB Andrew Lam connected with a wiiiiide open Vin Hoang who ate lunch, took a nap and waited in the middle of the field for the ball to come his way before hauling it in and walking into the endzone. The first half would end just as it started, all tied up. On the Warriors first possession however, they put the game out of reach. Camponigro ran a corner route from the 20 to catch a TD all alone. After a Beast Mode turnover on downs, Rookie of the Year candidate, Larry Dirocco went to work. He led the team in receiving for the 7th straight game and finished off his Rookie season, with his 8th TD grab. Bill Savary would add a TD to his career receiving total to close it out. The Ultimate Warriors send Beast Mode home as the bottom seed, 33-12.

At 12:30, a pair of teams in their inaugural season matched up for the finale. The New England Knocks were at home in their final game to take on Insanity. Don’t look now but Insanity who looked completely lost at the beginning of the season, has seemed to figure it out. Insanity led by QB Joe Page, took his team out of the gutter to become an upset special in the B bracket. NKongolo Harmel kept his fire streak going, hauling in 2 passes for 2 TD’s in successive drives. The Knocks were able to stay afloat in the first half led by Taylor McCarthy. He led his team in receiving and caught an answering TD to pull his team a bit closer. Dave Salvie, playing in just his second game has the savvy to keep his team in it. He caught his 2nd TD of the season right before the half to give the Knocks their final points of the season. After halftime, it was all Insanity as Page stepped on the gas pedal and wouldn’t let up. Martin Beccerill caught back to back TDs, followed by a JJ Lopez pick 6 and Devon Collier pick 6. Insanity finished their season with 3 straight wins, 37-13.

The final game of the Blitz regular season was between 603 Mafia and Scoregasms in a battle for A survival. Both teams playing in their second game of the day and both teams lost their first. It was a perfect playoff set-up storyline. The Scoregasms who came out completely flat in their first game, came out hot in this one. They jumped out to a 19 point lead in the first half thanks to a pair of Scott Danuliek TD’s succeeded by a Nano Tripodi TD. 603 Mafia lulled the Scoregasms to sleep in the first to awaken the animal inside in the second half. Garrett Nelson saved it all for the final 18 minutes of the season as he went off finally. He used his massive size to outleap, out body and out muscle the Scoregasms defenders. QB Alex Kahl just kept tossing up jump balls to Nelson who kept coming down with them. He not only scored 2 TD’s himself, he caught 3 balls on one drive to set up a Vinnie Frasco rushing TD. 603 Mafia came back a little bit in the second half, but Danuliek and Walkley were just too much. The Scoregasms hang on and survive the A bracket while 603 Mafia has a date with the B’s.

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