Step right up and take your chance at Blitz Fantasy Football🏈

For just one dollar per entry, build your perfect fantasy lineup and compete for weekly and season long prizes.

Each entry has $20 to build your perfect Blitz lineup. Choose from the $5, $4, $3, $2 and lastly $1 categories. These tiers are strictly stats driven at this juncture of the season and are no way indicative of the players skill or talent level.

Points are accumulated through Touchdown passes, receptions, tackles, interceptions, sacks, forced fumbles and of course Touchdowns scored (rushing, receiving, defensive).

TD Pass= 4 pts
Touchdown = 6 pts
Forced Fumble = 4 pts
Sacks = 3 pts
Interceptions = 2 pts
Receptions/Tackles = 1 pt

You can choose to play just once, or you can play weekly at the chance for the ultimate prize at the end of the season. Submit your form, then submit you venmo/cashapp dollar and you’re on your way (submissions will not be accepted until the entry fee is sent).

Play against your friends, pick your friends or even pick yourself in what will be a chance at box score glory.

The Season long standings will be available here. Venmo link below (email for cashapp or paypal).


Selected Value: 0
What will be the total points scored for the FTB v Most Wanted game?

Team registration link will be sent to your email upon payment
Pay here or click the image below to begin the registration process.

Payment Method #1
Payment Method #1

Don’t have the Venmo app? Click your device link below to download or sign up. It’s FREE and only takes 10 minutes!

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Android / Google Play Store

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