As I gaze into my Crystal Ball
I have a prediction for one and all
You win you lose and with games you choose
I’ll give you my guesses for the fall

For it all, I must proceed
My desire is only to succeed
I must get chesty, I predict that ST
Will in the end stay undefeated

If it’s B’s you’re wanting
A promotion to A’s is corresponding
Quit with the Chatter, cuz B lives matter
Most Wanted will be the ones Flaunting

The MVP is simple
But beware of the impulse
Lots of guys to choose but disregard the reviews
Cuz Duval will probably rekindle

QB is a race of the arms
So light up your cigars
For this QB who’s kind of a newbie
Jordan Perdomo will send his regards

Offensive player is loaded with freaks
From speed and flash to routes and techniques
Change of direction to earn a reception
I think it will be the one they call Cheeks

Defenses thrive off of a mistake
But when pulling flags is a piece of cake
It’s a tossup and everyone will gossip
For the winner is Forsaith by name of Jake

Don’t get confused
Because his skills are quite approved
He’s climbing towards a first time award
Iazu will be crown most improved

The best center is nothing but less
Step up and try to press
Get thrown out by him and thrown out the gym
Then Martel is who you would guess

Lastly is an appointed spartan
Playing on a contract of a bargain
He’s more and could be though he’s only a rookie
You guys call him Eric Martin

It’s easy to have made my decision
Though I’m not in any position
To force you all to listen

This is dumb for me to have written
In the style of Walt Whitman
I’m not commissioner or a physician
I’m just a retired ol reindeer…
Who’s name goes by BLITZEN.

Pee ESS:
The B awards will come next…

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