“Build up your weaknesses, until they become your strong points” – Knute Rockne

Congratulations to the Golden Boys who balled out this weekend in Championship style.

They endured the gauntlet and survived the 93 degree temperature to enact revenge on their rivals and claim the Chain.

The Golden Boys finished the season 6-1, earned the #3 overall seed and proved all their doubters wrong. Riley Cote followed up his fall MVP award with this one. He earned himself tournament MVP, throwing, rushing, and catching TDs and picking balls off. Animal on both sides of the ball.

Congrats fellas, onto the A’s.

PS: Also thank you to all the Silver(B) teams who came out this weekend. It was the hottest May 14th since the 1800’s and we all survived it. 93 degrees, no shade and the sun beating down crisping up the grass and our skins. You all were true warriors for sticking around and watching the finality. Thank you #muchlove

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