Tired of floppy flags and weak pulls? Think you’re losing valuable YAC after receptions and INT’s?

We teamed up with the Shruumz company on a dope design to satisfy all of your flag needs.

Available in Ironman red or Mr. Freeze blue, you can get your very own set for just $20. This includes a pair of flags, a set of mushroomz poppers and an adjustable belt. Get it and get out there and play!

If you reserve today, your flags will be delivered to you on the field on Saturday.

Don’t have Venmo? Cash is king at the field. Get a set on game day via cash or Venmo and be the coolest self-promoter in the locker room.

Pay here or click the image below to begin the registration process.

Payment Method #1
Payment Method #1

Don’t have the Venmo app? Click your device link below to download or sign up. It’s FREE and only takes 10 minutes!

Apple iOS / iTunes
Android / Google Play Store

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