Instant replay is an massive advantage of living in the year 2022, so we figured we should adapt to these changing times.

We do not have the man power or advanced technology needed for every single play of every single game, so this season we are introducing a goal line playoffRED FLAG.”

In the past, some plays have been overturned thanks to replays when available, but this season, during the playoffs, there will be a cameraman on the goal line ready for action.

We will institute the “ONE RED FLAG” per game replay review.

If successful, the play will be overturned and you will retain your timeout. If the call stands, you will be charged one Timeout and will be out of RED FLAGS for the game.

We’ve been doing it for years now, so let’s make it official. Starting on May 14th, Goal line reviews will be a thing.

Thank you to all who reached out and helped make this happen.

ps- If the call is very clearly wrong and the game is close under 2 minutes, the cameraman has the right to bring the replay to the officials attention

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