With opening day right around the corner, there are a lot of questions (as per usual) so let’s tackle them here so everyone can avoid fake news and misinformation.

Q1: Are there any rule changes this season?
A1: No. Despite what your brother’s friend who knows someone in the league says, there have not been any rule changes.

Q2: Where will the games be played?
A2: All games this session will be at the Pennichuck upper fields. Yes…bring your walking boots.

Q3: I always forget, if we swat down a lateral, is it a forced fumble?
A3: Yes! If a player on offense tries to lateral it back to their teammate, the defender can in fact intercept and bat the ball down. If in that case, it is considered a forced fumble.

Q4: What happens if the receiver drops the lateral?
A4: The ball is dead where it hits the ground. Offense will remain in possession.

Q5: Will you have flags for those of us that may not have or have forgetten ours?
A5: Yes. We will have standby communal flags for everyone if they do not have their own.

Q6: How do we pay?
A6: Cash is king this season.

Q7: When are fees in full due?
A7: Week Four. If not paid in full by the end of Week Four, your team will start down 7 points and stats will not be recorded. The following week is 14 points and so on.

Q8: How will playoffs work this year?
A8: Good question. 22 teams, 10 in the Gold Division and 12 in the Silver. This season, the two Gold teams with the worst records will be relegated to the Silver Playoffs on May 14th. From there, the final two teams in the bracket will advance to the Gold Playoffs the following weekend.

Q9: What is the max roster limit?
A9: 12. You can have subs for weeks when injuries or work schedules come into play but 12 max at the field suited up.

Q10: How many games does one need to be at to be eligible for playoffs again? I always forget.
A10: Four games for rookies and sophomores, three for everyone else. This means that you have to be seen at least 3-4 games to be eligible for the playoffs. This prevents super teams from bringing in studs for a playoff push with a bunch of people that no one has seen all session.

Q11: Explain to me the fumble rules again.
A11: Well that’s not really a question but I get what you’re getting at. Fumbles can be forced but not dropped. If the defensive player punches or strips the ball away from the offensive player, the defense will get possession upon the ball’s fall to the ground; despite where it lands. Yes, even if you punch the ball loose and it lands five feet out of bounds, it still belongs to the defense. The danger in trying to force a fumble is, if you hold the ball and try to rip the it loose, it is a holding penalty. The defender can punch and try to jar the ball loose, but cannot try to grab the ball and rip it from the hands of the offense. One swipe, one punch is all you get….two is a penalty. It will be called a hold 99% of the time.

Q12: What is the exact definition of a flag guard?
A12: A flag guard is when the offense tries to prevent the defense from pulling their flags. This can be done in a variety of ways when the offense’s arm goes BELOW the waist line. If their arm is straight forward and up, they can move away the defenders appendage in any manner they would like.

Q13: Will there be a Podcast again?
A13: Yes of course. Every Wednesday afternoon we post it on Spotify for your listening pleasure.

Q14: Do we play in the rain?
A14: Yes. Yes we do.

Q15: Can I bring beer and booze to the field?
A15: We can’t technically tell you that you can, but we won’t tell you that you can’t either.

Q16: Can I wear metal cleats?
A16: Nooo. Those hurt.

Q17: Jumping, can we jump?
A17: This was the only rule that was seriously voted on and had a lot of pros and cons. Overall the board decided to keep jumping in, however, if the offensive player lands on a defender, the play will result in a 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty.

Q18: Is the spot of the ball, the ball or the flags?
A18: Flags. If you extend the ball over the goal line and a guy standing at the one yard line pulls your flag, it’s down where he pulled it.

Q19: Why are these questions so out of order?
A19: We’re answering them in the order they were received, get off my back.

Q20: What if we need to move a game?
A20: If you need to move and can’t find subs, we recommend you reach out to the commissioner and the captain of the team who you are going to be playing. They will help to the best of their ability to move it to a time that works for both teams. Game change requests will not be accepted after Wednesday of the week of the game.

Q21: Can I play for two teams?
A21: Unfortunately no. You can only be rostered by one team for the duration of the season.

That’ll do it for now, I’m sure other questions will arise. If they do, shoot the Blitz Brass a message and we’ll gladly answer it for you.

Til opening day, G’luck and Godspeed everyone.

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