Q: When are the Playoffs exactly?

A: B Playoffs are on November 13th. The A playoffs are the following weekend on the 20th.

Q: Who makes the B playoffs?

A: All the B teams! Literally every one of them. There will not be any A teams joining the B bracket this session. So 8 is enough.

Q: So what happens after the B playoffs?

A: The winner and ONLY the winner advance/survive to play in the A’s.

Q: Why not the runner-up like in years past?

A: Because of the odd number of teams this year. The math sadly just doesn’t work out. This makes the B championship actually mean something.

Q: So it didn’t before?

A: Of course it did, but now only one team plays on so it’s balls to wall for the one spot.

Q: Ok. What about eligibility issues?

A: What about em?

Q: Are you being Socratic?

A: Are you threatening me?

Q: Ok fine I digres. How many games do my guys need in order to be allowed to play?

A: 3 for vets and 4 for youngins’

Q: What’s considered a vet?

A: Anyone who has logged at least 2 sessions in the Blitz.

Q: And a “youngin”?

A: A freshmen or a sophomore

Q: Let’s say one of my sophomores only has 3 games played/attended. Is there any way he can play?

A: If the said player is in the A’s, then yes actually. All he needs to do is come to the B tournament and watch a game. Say ‘sup.

Q: How do I know who is or isn’t eligible?

A: If you click on your team page, your roster will only show eligible players.

Q: Interesting. I don’t have anymore questions for you. Do you have any questions for me?

A: No. I do not.

Q: Well I guess that’s it.

A: That’s it then.

Q: Oh I do have another question actually.

A: Sorry I’m not prepared to answer any more questions.

Q: One more?

A: That was one more.

Q: I guess it’s not important. No one is still reading this anyways.

A: But if they are, they’re probably getting annoyed that we’re just blabbering on about nothing.

Q: Well, I mean it’s not anything different than your weekly podcast.

A: Ok ok. Let’s just end it by saying, good luck to everyone and bring your A game.

Q: Or B game.

A: Or A game for the B’s.

Q: That concludes our annual sit down with the commissioner with burning playoff questions. See you all on the field for the B playffs!

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