W6: Six Things We’ve Learned

This week wrapped up week two of the divisional matchups with just one more rivalry game to go. It’s getting intense and seeding is very important at this time of year and we’re right in the eye of the storm. So let’s get to what we’ve actually learned so far through six weeks.

  1. Flagnado and the Scoregasms are both B bound officially
    Last season’s overall number one seed, Flagnado, is winless and on their way to the B bracket playoffs. The once all-mighty Scoregasms squad is also destined to join them there this session. Both teams have had long historic postseason playoff runs, heck the Scoregasms even have a ship to their name while Flagnado has a couple championship losses. Both teams have been decimated by injuries and attendance all session so it’s no wonder why they are where they are. What we do know, is that both teams have been getting healthier in the last couple weeks, so they are on track to work their way out of the B’s if all goes as planned for them. But what we don’t know is if Raw Talent and Tribe will let them get there.
  2. Rampage and Raw Talent are still undefeated
    Rampage faced their biggest test thus far this past weekend; taking down the league’s preseason favorite to win the ship. Raw Talent took down a short handed America’s Children, but even if full handed, they would’ve stomped on their faces with little resistance. What we’ve learned so far here, is that both of these teams are for real for real. When the offense is sputtering, the defense steps up with INT’s and sacks. If the defense is bleeding, then the offense unleashes it’s aerial or ground attack. Both squads are super balanced on both sides of the ball, so it might be a matchup nightmare for their opponents come playoff time.
  3. The Vikings are back
    – Much to the dismay of the rest of the league, the previously slowly declining into obscurity, Vikings are back in tip-top shape. Sure they look a little different and not all their jerseys match anymore, but it’s looking up for the Vikings in what some may say is their last genuine championship run. What we know is with Jake Forsaith back slinging the rock, and additions of Johnny’s dad (Johnny Sr.) and Adam Wentzel, they are prepared to go toe to toe with any defense in the league.
  4. Playoff eligibility is a real thing
    – Some teams have been struggling to field a squad all season. Prior commitments, work, injuries, tournaments etc… we get it, we’ve all been there. In order to prevent end of season roster loading, the league board of trustees have established a 4:3 games rule . This means that if you are a rookie or sophomore, you must play or be present for at least four games to be eligible for the playoffs. If you are a junior or older, then you must only be part of three of your teams games. What we know is that this will effect a bunch of teams in two weeks. If you want to get a head start to see who is nearing or who have already earned their playoff diploma’s, simply go to your team page and click on the games. Each game will have the box score and the roster for the day.
  5. The field is getting beat to death
    – For the first time in forever, we haven’t had a rainy Saturday morning (knock on wood). This is great for all of us on game days but the lack of hydration for the grass has caused us all to bring home the crispy yellow grass in our cleats and socks. What we know is that we usually don’t want any rain, but once in awhile it’s a nice thing so we can all play on grass again. Is that too much to ask Mother Nature? If you don’t enjoy it, don’t fret because come playoff time we will move the field over and make sure those dirt spots are just simply located elsewhere instead.
  6. The store is limited at the moment but it is open
    – A few guys have purchased a few things here and there but the store isn’t getting the love that everyone told us it would get when surveyed. What we know about the store is that it’s cheap but good quality gear. How do we know you ask? It’s because each piece of apparel is hand sewn by our very own children in the Blitz basement headquarters. It’s not illegal don’t worry, they’re allowed twenty minute lunchbreaks and a cigarette break for every three shirts that they stitch together. Totally legit and legal, I swear.

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