W5: Five things we’ve learned so far

Five weeks into the season; only two more to go before the playoffs commence.

The season has had it’s ups: intense overtime games between bitter rivals, money balls that could eventually lead to relegation, and good all around sportsmanship to boot to name a few. And like all good things, there are some downs: intentional tackles, overzealous fumble activity, aggressive berating of the officials, and of course; an absurd noise disturbance from the neighbors and a parking ban on the hill.

So now let’s get into a new segment, “What We’ve Learned.”

  1. The A’s are wide open:
    – Rampage, Shake n’ Bake, Legion of Doom, and the Raiders have spent the whole season thus far beating up on the once mighty squads (Toads, Vikings, Scoregasms, and Flagnado). Against one another, they have all been nail biters and if one play went differently, it could’ve changed the outcome of any of them. The playoffs will be a roll of the dice, especially when we throw two stud B teams into the mix (Tribe, Raw Talent etc).

2. Duval and the Rampage are on an unprecedented tear:
– If ever there was ever such a thing as a one-man squad, this is it. Ok, technically it’s not really the case but this guy is carrying this team to the likes of Keddie and Deuce for what they did for the great Rage teams of ages ago. From Duval to Cormier to Junior to Keko, this team is a built like a brick house in a land of Big Bad Wolves. If you try to take one away, the other weapons will huff and puff and blow your house down.

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3. Shake n’ Bake hasn’t reached it’s full potential yet:
– They lost in the championship game last year and have been sluggish at times this year but, they have been playing to their competition, not to their potential. When playing powerhouses, they play like one. When playing cusp A squads, they play like them. They may have yet another Rookie of the Year, (Yogi) to showcase their front office prowess and they have award winners and studs at every position on the field. Don’t sleep on their four game winning streak cuz it might be five or six by season end.

4. Legion of Doom and the Raiders very very underrated:
– How can the partial defending champs, LOD; be underrated you ask? Because they’re just quietly putting together a winning record with a different group of guys each week. If they all get their games in and they are eligible for playoffs, don’t be surprised if this team is hoisting the banner come June 26th.
– The Raiders lost in the final four last year so they are still on everyone’s radar, this is a fact; but what we have learned THIS season… is they are as deep as the Grand Canyon from A-Z. Everyone on their roster can ball out and you have to respect every single guy as much as the next guy. Don’t let the L’s fool ya; they’re just as powerhouse-y as the others.

5. Not everyone reads/listens or even knows these extras exist:
– Some dudes last week at the field go, “Wait there’s standings? And stats? Where?” Obviously, we’re paraphrasing here but it’s crazy to think that guys just show up every week and there isn’t a system in place. What are we all doing this for? The love of the game? Of course not. Seriously dude, it’s about stats, ostentation, pictures and one up-manship duh. Tell your teams to check out the website and see what they’ve been missing out on.

Bonus bullet…

5A. The Refs Stink:
– We know it. You know it. Your mama know it. No matter what league you play in or where you play, the Refs are always gonna stink, let’s be honest. However, they’re doing their best and as much as you don’t believe them; they are not trying to ruin your game or root against you. Don’t let them ruin your day because at the end of the day, it’s not worth the energy. It doesn’t really matter ’til playoffs anyways.

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