With registration looming, 20+ teams have reached out. This isn’t 2019 anymore so unfortunately we’re not able to accommodate those kind of numbers again.

BLITZ will be maxing out at 16 teams this session (hopefully for the last time), so that means a handful of teams will not make it in. We are going to choose strictly by who signs up FIRST. It isn’t a popularity contest and no one will be given any special favors, it will genuinely be first come first serve.

We apologize in advance to teams who may be left out. It is sad that we can’t do what we used to do, but it’s par for the course of this COVID time in history.

An idea we are flirting with is, if in the case that a handful of teams get left out, we will do a few specialized tournaments that will count towards their career numbers. In this scenario, there will be a regular season champ and a tournament champ. They will square off in a winner take all champions league premier showcase final. So do not fret if you don’t make it in time, there will be room for you along the line!

Godspeed gentlemen.

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