2020: Lightning R.O.D.

When this season started, we we’re told by the state that we had to cut down the number of teams we had due to superspreading concerns. We went from 22 teams registered in the Spring to 14 for the Fall.

We didn’t wanna lose our traditional teams and veterans so we asked a bunch of teams to combine. Some were successful, some… not so much. In this case, a combo of Rage and Legion of Doom worked out swimmingly for the eventual champs.

It was a tough season attendance wise but they somehow managed to make it work. They defied the odds and overcame everyone that was gunning for them.

Since there wasn’t a Spring or Summer season, this victory officially makes 2020 the year of ROD (Rage of Doom). Congratulations gentlemen; in a tough year, you earned your toughest title yet.

Onto 2021…

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