It has been a long spring and long summer without football and now that we are all getting the itch back, it’s time to relay the information that has been given to us.

After sifting through 5 pages of information, we are highlighting the major ones that we must adhere to this session.

As per the State of New Hampshire:

  • No outdoor sporting event shall consist of more than 25 people in each permitted space.
  • If more members are required they are encouraged to stay in a designated area or parking lot until they are needed to participate.
  • Fields and Athletic facilities should not be occupied for more than 6 hours on any given day.
  • Back-to-back competitive sporting events, training sessions, or practices must be avoided. Sequential competitive sporting events should be scheduled to allow adequate time for cleaning of facilities and to allow for spectators, staff, volunteers and athletes to exit the area and avoid interaction with other incoming or exiting groups.
  • Centralized areas for congregating, such as benches and dugouts, should be avoided unless there is enough room to allow for at least 6 feet of space between staff, volunteers and athletes.
  • Athletes shall bring their own equipment, including, but not limited to, gloves, helmets, bats, (belts) and not share their personal equipment with other athletes.

We are a business and we must comply with these practices or else we will be heavily fined and or shut down. Unfortunately due to these guidelines, we will no be able to accommodate our normal field size or team amount.

Since we cannot support 20+ teams this session, we will be reaching out to teams individually that have had a good track record of paying their dues on time and avoiding conflict with other players.

Six hours of field time will give us approximately 10-12 teams which means we will unfortunately have to be cutting over 10 teams and sending refunds immediately.

We are sincerely sorry and apologize in advance for what will transpire due to this. We want everyone to know that we tried our best to make this work for everyone. That’s 2020 for ya. Godspeed. More updates to come shortly.

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