Amidst the chaos and unfamiliarity in our world right now, everyone has been asking (and with good reason) about the plan going forward.

As for the league start date, we we’re supposed to start up in just four weeks but because of our current state, we will be forced to push back opening day.

As for the preseason tournament; it will most likely get cancelled. There is a chance that everyone would vote on doing a tournament the week before our new opening day but that’s something we will address when the time comes.

Do not fret however; we will play our Spring season at some point of course. We are all just waiting patiently on clearance from the City and the School systems that it is okay to participate in activities of over 25 people on their property.

Ideally we are shooting for May 2nd or May 9th but if the schools are still closed, we will remain closed.

If you have any issues or concerns please feel free to voice them to any of us. You can contact any of your blitz team members at any time with questions. We will continue to provide information here and to captains periodically with updates.

Thank you Blitzers. We are a family now moreso than ever, please be safe and vigilant on protecting yourselves and your families in this trying time.


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