Preason Tourney???

Everyone has been dying to know, “when does the Spring season start?”

Well, now we’ll tell ya:

April 11th is our tentative start date (pending field conditions) and our season will run until June 13th.

Registration will open March 9th at midnight and it will be a first come first serve situation; whoever sends their registration fee in first, gets a spot. There is a high demand for teams this season, so don’t sleep on sign ups, because you can lose your spot unfortunately.

Now the fun part…

This season we will be holding a Preseason Tournament!

A tournament before the season you say!? Wait, whaaat!?

Yes that’s true. Each team that signs up and fully registers for the Spring Session will be invited to a Preseason Poll Ranking/Tournament. The tournament will take place before the season starts and after all the spots have been filled. The tournament will be a two day, double elimination extravaganza and will only cost you a mere 150 dollars per team.

The winning squad will not only earn some cash for their victory, they will also earn some tournament swag and…aaaand the big one:

An opportunity to help themselves in the regular season. Sounds crazy right?

Well it is. And it’s just so crazy that’s it’s gonna work and it’s gonna be great.

Updates will begin shortly so keep an eye out and start assembling your squads as the Season and Tournament are right around the corner!

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