As week seven falls upon us like the snow that is about to fall, we are faced with more than a few playoff implications. If this teams and that team loses, this team will go to the B’s and that team will go to the A’s. But if team X wins and team Y loses, then team Z can make it to the A’s by way of the team X beating Y. Funky stuff right? So let’s break it down Matt Damon Good Will Hunting style…

To set the record straight so you can understand the complexity of it all, tie breakers are divisional record, then conference record and lastly head-to-head record. If for some reason, that it’s still tied, then it’ll go by Strength of Schedule.

So now the fun part. If the Athletes win and the Rage lose they will both end with the same record. However, the Rage will have a divisional loss and the Athletes will not, so the Athletes will take the number one seed. If the Rage win and Athletes win or lose, the Rage will be the one and Athletes will be the two. Basically, the Rage control their own fate and the Rage and Athletes have the one and two seed locked up regardless of outcome.

The two through five seeding is where it gets complicated. The Toads will play America’s Children at 1:20. The winner of this is going to the A’s no matter what. The loser can also earn a spot in the A’s IF and only if, the Goonies lose AND the Tigers lose both games.

The Goonies can clinch a spot in the A’s with a win plain and simple. However, if they lose they still have a shot. They can lose and if the Tigers win one and lose one, the Goonies will earn a spot in the A’s due to their strength of schedule since neither the Tigers or Goonies played each other in the regular season. The Goonies opponents winning percentage is significantly higher than the Tigers opponents.

The Tigers can believe it or not make a bid for the A’s. How you ask? Ok let me tell you. If they win out, they will need the Rage to beat the Goonies. Thus putting the Tigers divisional record at 3-1 and the Goonies at 2-2. The Goonies would be bound for the B’s and the Tigers would go to the A’s.

So in the Mountain Conference, there are two seeds up for grabs. The winner of the Toads/Children game are also guaranteed a spot. The Goonies win and their in. The Tigers win out and Goonies lose, then the Tigers will be in. If America’s Children beats the Toads and the Tigers win one, then the Toads will get in and the Goonies will not. There are still ten other possibilities that can happen but that’s too many to list and we will all get lost plus they are making my head hurt. Basically, each team has a chance to get in the A’s still.

Now onto the Southern River Conference and what we do know. What we know is that the Scoregasms and Legion of Doom and Carnage have already punched their tickets to the A’s. The Knights, Coyotes, Dream Killers and Illmatic are already prepping for the B’s. That means there are two spots up for grabs in the A’s and one spot left in the B’s.

Let’s start with Carnage. They have a double header and essentially can lose both and still clinch the A’s strictly due to their divisional record. They can also win both and get the number one overall seed. If in the scenario that they lose both and the Vinegar Strokes beat the Scoregasms AND Flagnado beats the Vikings, they will still earn a spot in the A’s due to their head-to-head victory over the Vikings thus sending the Vikings to the B’s. If Carnage loses both and the Vikings beat Flagnado and the Strokes beat the Scoregasms then Flagnado would go to the B’s and Carnage would still go to the A’s.

The Scoregasms and Vinegar Strokes game and the Flagnado and Vikings game is where the money will be made. The Scoregasms can clinch the one overall seed with a win and one Carnage loss because of their undefeated conference record over LOD. If Scoregasms win and Carnage wins out, then they would share the same identical records and since they did not meet head-to-head, Carnage will earn the one seed due to their stronger strength of schedule. If the Vinegar Strokes win, it’ll open a whole can of worms for the rest of the division. If the Strokes win they will earn the two seed in their division thus clinching a spot in the A’s. If they lose, Carnage loses both and the Vikings lose, then Strokes can still make the playoffs. Now if the Strokes win, they are in plain and simple. If Strokes lose, then they need the Vikings to win in order to advance because they hold the tiebreaker against the Vikings as they lost to Flagnado and will have a lesser conference record. Strokes win = they are in. Strokes lose, they could still get in but unlikely unless Vikings win.

So for the Vikings, if they win; they’re in. Easy peasy. Now if the Vikings lose, Flagnado would clinch a spot regardless of the Vinegar Strokes Scoregasms outcome. That therefore puts Flagnado in the same situation. If they win; they are in. However, Flagnado could lose and still have a chance to make the playoffs. If they lose AND the Strokes lose, then Flagnado would get in. Get it? Got it, Gooooood.

Does your brain hurt yet? Good, cause mine does too. “Just tell me when my game is and I’ll show up.”

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