As all of you know, tomorrow kicks off our 15th season! Yes…15. In that 15 years we have had a gaggle of players and progemy of rules. As always we thrive to make each season better than the last, so this season we assembled the “Blitz Board.”

The “Board” is a panel of players and coaches with several years of Blitz experience. They contribute their ideas and approach to one another and then we all vote on them. Much like congress..minus the constant firing of staff members.

So with much adieu we present to you a few new rules to think about going into the 2018 season.

  1. Carry in Carry out policy: If you bring bottles or cans, or pizza or powerbars. Please bring the vessels and wrappers back out with you.
  2. Minimum games number: The minimum number of gamesplayed in the regular season must now be at least 4 games to be eligible for playoffs. Other exceptions will be made for cases of 2 and 3 but 99% of players, require a 4 game minimum.
  3. Suspension bylaw: If in the case that a player has exceeded his warnings and been given an early trip to the showers, his suspension begins immediately. The suspension will last until the player has been reformed through a vigorous Blitz calibration method. The player can end his suspension simply by refereeing a game. The suspension will be immediately lifted and the player can play in his teams next game. If the player refuses to referee a game, the suspension will be at least one game.


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