After what some may say is the best game in league history, the Nashua Vikings survived against a top-notch Blue Balls Dynasty squad to capture their first title in franchise history. A congratulations goes out to a hard fought and well deserved Vikings team that won as a team. Not one player stood out amongst the others, everyone contributed in their own way. The Spring season was theirs to capture from opening kickoff. After a bitter loss last year in the playoffs, they rallied together as men to overcome the odds and defeat all opponents that tried to stand in their way. The Blue Balls Dynasty was by far their toughest battle in their path to greatness. The Vikings average margin of victory during their undefeated run was 24 points; Blue Balls took them into OT and lost on what will forever be known as “The Conversion.” chas

What a great season for not only the Vikings and the Blue Balls, but the other 14 teams involved. The league continues to grow not only in numbers, but in brotherhood as well. We have all embarked on a expedition of sizable proportions to which greatness can be achieved through football and also on the journey of life and growing as men. Football isn’t about winning or losing, it’s about how you play the game, and how you treat others. This, and this only, is how we will be judged as men at the of the day. The memories of the games and the plays will forever be cemented in our minds. Thank you to everyone this season, who watched, followed and played this session. It was well worth the price of admission. ~Bruce


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