1st TEAM
SPRING’18 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
FALL’17 Dane Schindler John Colon Kiel Canada Jamaal Woods Dee Jennings
SPRING’17  Jimmy Sanford John Colon Jamaal Woods Dee Jennings Dave Martel
FALL’16 Jake Forsaith Glenn Ruggerio Dee Jennings Dan Walkley Jamal Woods
SPRING’16 Jake Forsaith John Colon Jamaal Woods Nate Forsaith AJ Labrecque
FALL ’15 Jake Forsaith John Colon Luis Andino Dan Walkley Tim Doss
SPRING’15 Jimmy Sanford Erik Johnson Jay Vance Brian Bebyn Nate Forsaith
FALL ’14 Derek Riley John Colon Dan Walkley Bill Savary Jerry Brown
SPRING’14 Dave Martel Erik Johnson Bill Savary Jerry Brown Dylan Humphrey
FALL ’13 Dave Martel Erik Johnson Ivan Valcarel Dan Walkley Jerry Brown
SPRING’13 Derek Riley Erik Johnson Kevin Langevin Jerry Brown Adam Gill
FALL ’12 Brendon Bernazzani Jamal Simmons Justin Gagne Tai Ahmad Kevin Langevin
SPRING’12 Brendon Bernazzani Jordan Scott Tai Ahmad Justin Gagne Chuck Ford
FALL ’11 Mario Pena Saul Bisson Chuck Ford Jay Sylvestre Kevin Pelletier

2nd TEAM
SPRING’18 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
FALL’17(B) Scott French Glenn Ruggerio Will Washington Tyler Baker Dylan Humphrey
SPRING’17(B) Scott French Justin Martin Bill Savary David Zocco Tyler Baker
FALL’16 AJ Rotella John Colon Nate Forsaith Kevin Langevin David Zocco
SPRING’16 Dave Martel Jake Tinirella Kevin Langevin John McCarthy Vinnie Frasco
FALL ’15 Derek Riley Adam Hirbour Vinnie Frasco Rob Keddie Billy Dubois
SPRING’15 Dave Martel Eric Sullivan Rob Keddie Billy Dubois Dan Walkley
FALL ’14 Dave Martel Ben Young Nate Forsaith Kevin Langevin Rey Voisine
SPRING’14 Jake Forsaith Timmy Perry Kiel Canada Nate Forsaith Kevin Langevin
FALL ’13 Codey Dalton Timmy Perry Leon Lackiram Billy Dubois Leslie Traeger
SPRING’13 Dave Martel Timmy Perry Tai Ahmad Jake Tinirella Dan Walkley
FALL ’12 Ramon Pena Timmy Perry Dom Puleo Mike Dion W. Morriset
SPRING’12 Jamie Sylvestre Jamal Simmons Zach Lockwood Leon Lackiram Kevin Langevin
FALL ’11 Jamie Sylvestre Nick Allar Tai Ahmad Zach Lockwood Ramon Pena

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