(league’s best center)

'23 SpringJason MicheliniLuis Ruiz
'22 FallConnor McLaughlinSteve Riley
'22 SpringJoe SmallWalter Nash
'21 FallDave MartelJason Michelini
'21 SpringBritton DoyleJesse Fortier
'20 FallBritton DoyleJason Michelini
'19 FallTyson ForsaithTom Desilets
'19 SpringLarry DiroccoJoe Guiod
'18 FallEugene SartinBen Glassman
'18 SpringSam GilotLarry Dirocco
'17 FallTyson ForsaithBen Glassman
'17 SpringEugene SartinNick Sapienza
'16 FallTyson ForsaithMike Dion
'16 SpringAJ LabrecqueNick Sapienza
'15 FallAlex KahlRey Voisine
'15 SpringNick KepkaEric Sullivan
'14 FallJames GauvainJosh Stratton
'14 SpringDylan BerryJoey Parzych
'13 FallMike AdamsJake Tinirella
'13 SpringJoey ParzychDylan Berry
'12 FallDylan BerryJamal Simmons
'12 SpringKevin WilliamsDylan Berry

*from ’12 Spring to ’15 Fall, the award was given to the player who devoted the most time and commitment to the league and it’s activities

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