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Like the team that they were able to defeat, the Manchester Rage have won the calendar year of championships. They were the preseason number one favorites to go back to back. They started off 5-0 but slipped up a bit at the end of the season which people thought was the end of the Rage. This however only seemed to only inspire them more. They were able to get back to their winning ways, defeating both of the teams that they lost to in the regular season. Getting to a championship is hard enough and these guys have now won two in a row. Congratulations to the Rage and their entire fan base! Enjoy the ship gentlemen…

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In a format similar to last years NFL Pro-Bowl, we have chosen two captains and selected All-Star teams from there. This gives everyone a chance to play with new people and new competition.

This season’s All-Star game will be held in between the conference finals and the championship game. If you were selected as a starter or reserve, show up to receive your accolades!



Onto the A’s

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Congratulations to the Outlaws who took home the B Division championship this season. They made it there last season and lost..this time around. They. Are. Champions. Onto next week…



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Week eight. The final week of the regular season. Where playoff seeding is determined and supremacy is established. Unlike most of the seasons before, this final week had several spots to be determined. A few fumbles or sacks here and there, and it can determine where a team, who a team and when a team will be playing.

The day started off with an intense matchup for the number one spot in the division as the Manchester Rage went on the road to take on the Scoregasms. The defending champs came out a bit flat in this one as the Scoregasms jumped out to an early 13-0 lead. It wasn’t until the Rage’s third drive that QB Jimmy Sanford found Jamal Woods on a short hitch which he then turned on the jetpack to go 60 yards down the sideline. The Scoregasms would refuse to let the Rage back into this one. Dan Walkley caught his 2nd of the half to put the Scoregasms up 20-6. It seemed as though all hope was lost for the Rage in this first half until Andy Howard SHOWed up. With 30 seconds left, he caught a TD to pull the Rage within 7 at the break. After a brief halftime performance by the Blitzen Boys off Broadway show, the Scoregasms came out..scoring once again. Walkley caught his third TD of the day on their first drive and that ultimately sealed the deal in this one. Both teams threw in a few garbage time TD’s with time expiring, but the Rage had no answer for the Scoregasm’s potent offense. The Scoregasms win the division and a chance at the number one overall seed in their conference 38-21.

Next on the docket was an angry Blue Balls squad going on the road to take on a depleted Legion of Doom. The Blue Balls welcomed back their all-pro jukemaster Tyler Shattuck and they utilized him early and often. He caught just three balls on the day, but he caught all three on the first drive. The final one going for a spinnastymctwistyfacewhirlypants TD to put the Blue Balls on the board first. In the blink of an eye and twist of the flags the Blue Balls were suddenly 25-6 at halftime. Karl Alexbergermasterbater kept his hot streak alive for LOD. He hauled in 7 balls (1 TD) and stopped 5 Blue Balls receivers on the day. Last season’s MVP, Jay Vance flashed his defensive prowess in this one nabbing 3 picks and one of which went for 6. Blue Balls clinch the division with victory 50-12.

The next game was hyped all week long as the Vikings and Sons of Flagarchy played for the number one overall seed in their conference. A Vikings win would keep them undefeated and prove that they were the true class of the North whilst a Sons victory would prove that they weren’t just an aberration of years past performances. Well..the Vikings sixth man got what they came for as the Sons couldn’t handle the bright lights of the primetime schedule. Jake Forsaith and John Colon were all the Vikings needed in this one as both disrupted a usually potent Samthro offense all day long. Colon, although he didn’t record a sack, pressured the QB continually causing arid passes all day long. Arid passes that Forsaith was able to pick off and run to the house, not once but twice. Vikings win this one easily and destroy the livelihood of the Sons of Flagarchy 50-0. Yes..fiddy to nada. Ouch.

At 11:20 the winless Metrowest Boomin looked to get on the board against the new look Battletoads. It must be the jerseys but ever since the battletoads switched to their alternate jerseys, they have been the highest scoring team in the league, averaging a league high 32.3 points per game. For Metro, this didn’t bode well as over their last three, they are averaging just 4.5 points per game. It seemed as though this once like the two games before was over before it started. The Toads scored on all their drives in the first half led by a pair of Ben Phelps touchdowns. Metro was able to punch in a TD via Jay Davis in the waning minutes of the first half to close the half 26-8. The Boom was a bit more productive in the second half as they held the Toads offense to just 2 scores and three turnovers. Davis was able to get another score along with Rookie of the year candidate, Anthony Palermo to make it respectable at the end. Battletoads win 39-21. They don’t make it to the A’s, but they do clinch the 5 seed and will face the Metro again next week.

The matinee pitted a pair of explosive when on offenses as the Livin Legends took on the Outlaws. The Legends have been to flag football what the Miami Dolphins was to the NFL in 2008 when they unleashed the Wildcat; they have been a mystery to solve. The Legends got on the board early and often with their version of the wildcat in this one. QB Nate Cathroat ran for a TD and tossed a pair in the first half routing to go up 20-7 at the half. The second half was all about the lack of defense for both teams. The Outlaws Tim Doss caught his second of three TDs on the day to start the half off. Cathroat rushed for another 60 yarder up the sideline. Then Mike Powell of the Outlaws caught a pair of TD’s on the consecutive drives to pull them within eight points. Every time the  Outlaws foiled and stopped the rush, the Legends would answer through the air. Rookie Craig Maynard streaked down the field to go up by two once again. Doss struck for the outlaws and then Cathroat rushed for yet another one thanks to the circle button on his playstation controller. Powell caught his third TD of the day to pull within one again and then guess what happened…Cathroat rushed 60 more yards up the sideline to seal the victory for the Legends. Cathroat racked up a total on 360 yards on the ground to go along with a single game Blitz record FOUR rushing TD’s. The four TD’s also gave him a total of 6 on the season which set a new single season rushing record dating back to 2012. Legends stay hot and knock the Outlaws out of the A playoffs, 45-38.

The 1:20 game was the game where the money was made in Vegas. The Goats needed a victory to clinch the number one seed, while Catalina was looking to survive to play in the A’s. Catalina came out swinging and wanted to prove to the world that they were not to be taken lightly. QB Danny Connolly and WR Ryan Rule were besties in the first half as they combined for 5 catches and 9 feet of vertical air via highlight reel catches to go up 21-6 at the break. The Goats were the third ranked D and fourth ranked Offense coming into this game and they had yet to prove either of them. Out of the lockerroom, Catalina’s Vinnie Frasco caught a screen and blasted his way 60 yards up the sideline for what seemed like an insurmountable 27-6 lead. This was just enough to finally anger the Goats. They decided to put on their big boy pants and start playing like men. Jerry Brown rushed the ball up the gut and then three plays later caught a TD to begin the comeback. On the next Catalina drive, the Goats ripped away a controversial fumble that set them up at the Catalina five. Brown punched in another TD and they were miraculously down by just 5. Just then, the Goats activated Justin Gagne. Gagne played the Rule role of earlier in the game. Gagne stole the powers of the Rule to make leaping grab after leaping grab. He caught the eventual gamewinner right before the two minute warning to seal the victory and clinch the number one overall seed in their conference. Goats somehow find a way to win a tough one on the road 28-27.

Next up was the hungry T-Money Tigers and the resilient and bloody America’s Children. The tigers went up 18 points before America’s Ross Pepin caught a little dump pass that he was able to scamper up the sideline with for 6. That’s about the only blip the Tigers had on the day. They were a well oiled machine going forward. AJ and Danny Labrecque combined for 9 catches and 4 touchdowns on the day as they Tigers win convincingly and punch their ticket to the A playoffs, 42-13.

The final game of the day matched up the new look Flaggravated Assault and the Disruptive Coverage. Cory White let his swag shine in this one. He snagged the first TD of the day and then went onto pick off a pass on the next drive. He left the door open for Frank Woodward who seemed to be finally healthy for the first time this season. Woodward caught his first TD of the season in impressive fashion and then snagged a pick six on the very next drive. He was finally the player that signed that big offseason contract. Despite Disruptive’s unstoppable offense and timely D, the Assault had answers themselves. An answer in a man known simply as..LaFond. The Assault’s captain and Blitz veteran snatched 7 passes and a pair of TD’s to keep his team in the game. Martin Becerril and Mike McClain added spark to the offense each pitching in with receiving TD’s to boot. The Assault were down by just 6 with 4 minutes to play but the second half belonged to Disruptive’s Jordan Martin. He caught two second half TD’s to keep extending the lead, including the dagger that broke the back of the Assault’s comeback. Disruptive wins and takes home pride and brownie points 42-28.


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Tomorrow kicks off the final week of the regular season so here are a couple things to keep in mind:

1- If you guys aren’t paid up in full by tomorrow, you will in fact start with a 14 pt deficit. This goes for everyone, no exceptions. You know who you are..we know who you are.

2- If you take the 14 points and haven’t paid, then there aren’t going to be any playoffs for you or your team.

3- Pretty much make sure you pay is what we’re getting at here.

4- This is also T-shirt week! Everyone will receive their officially licensed Blitz Tee.

5- Try to make sure you have your full squad because we are also going to be voting for the regular season awards.

6- There will be a lot of juicy matchups (just like we expected). A few for first place, a few for a chance to play in the A vs. B playoffs and a few fun “stat” games.

7- Please be nice to your league employees and referees. Remember that they are just like you..they’re doing their best to be good.

8- And lastly and most cheesily: Smile. Because even though times were tough and sometimes anger got the best of you, you still carved out memories that you will have for the rest of your life.