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xtreME POSTER2Instead of the the winter tournament, the minds at the Blitz Flag offices have jammed together a radical new experimental idea. For the first time ever, we will hold a wintertime Mini-Season. Not the season you fellas are used to either. We are going gymclass style to form teams via fantasy draft! 

That’s right folks; 8 teams, 9 players per team. 8 solidified Blitz Veteran QB’s will draft their teams on a selected date. The entry fee is $20 per person. Winning team triples their money while the runner-up gets their money back. Who’s in????



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For the second straight session, the Nashua Vikings have carved their names in history. They overcame the odds all season long. From losing their franchise QB for three weeks, to battling their way from the lowest seed in the playoffs up to the top. The Vikings once again proved that winning isn’t about one player or one play or one game, it’s about winning as a TEAM. Every player on the team is just as important as everyone else. Congratulations Vikings, 2014 was the year of you.




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In our First totally exclusive online vote for an award, the results are as followed:

Be sure to show up Saturday to the All-Star festivities claim your prize


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This weekend will not only end the season as the league will have a new champion, but it’s also the 4th Annual All-Star game and award ceremonies. Click the link below to see if the league elders have given you the honor of competing.


The All-Star game will be held at 10:30 this Saturday followed by the end of the season award ceremony. Shortly after that..a champion will be crowned! Come one come all, all family and friends are welcome. Hope to see everyone there!


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The Blitz store is active. Visit now as prices are at an all time low for the holidays! More items will be added weekly.




Cinderella Saturday…

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They beat the Freeze, they upset Flagnado and then they upset the Dream Team. Congratulations to the Battletoads for winning the first ever B division championship…onto the A’s next weekend…Cinderella perhaps??? Tune in next week for the exciting first round of the A division playoffs

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Week eight; the final week of the regular season. There were a lot of playoff implications as only 3 of 16 teams were nestled nicely into a playoff spot heading into this weekend of games.


To kick the day off, America’s Children went on the road to take on the ever improving Nocturnal Pirates. The Children had to step up and play, cuz they were in control of their own destiny…win and they’re in. America came out old west style, guns a blazin’ as QB Andrew Roach was slinging the ball around. Devin Conley continued his assault on the PPR fantasy board with four catches in the first drive that led to his team leading seventh TD of the season. The Pirates wouldn’t let America take control though as Bill Hebert connected with Eric Despres on the very next play to pull within a point. After that it became the Mr. Swag finalist, Joe Daly show. Daly caught 3 TD’s to close out the half for America’s Children 27-6. On their first play, on their first possession of the second half Daly caught a 60 yard touchdown with some weaving and bobbing in between to immediately summon the oxygen machine. With Daly on the sideline, the Pirates began to strike back. Despres found the endzone one more time followed by a Joe Grazewski TD and Grazewski pick 6 to make this a ball game. Unfortunately for the Pirates, it was too little too late as they just could not get a much needed stop on defense. America’s Children send themselves to the A bracket playoffs 48-25.


Now that America’s Children won, Flagnado needed to step up and beat the Storm for the first time in their franchise’s long storied rivalry to reach the A playoffs. Unfortunately at QB for the Flagnado, a combo of Jay Cutler and Andy Dalton showed up. The first two Flagnado drives resulted in a pair of pick sixes by Bill Savary and Johnny Nadeau. That was the story of the game. The Storm proved why they are the top ranked defense in the league. Jovanny Santos locked down Flagnado’s top weapon leaving their offense in disarray. Storm QB Jimmy Sanford spread the ball around evenly on the day hitting 4 different receivers for endzone scores. The Varsity Storm, embarrass the JV Flagnado 46-14 knocking them to the B bracket.


The 10:30 game was what one expert said to be a preseason conference championship matchup as the Gate City Goats took on Catalina Wine Mixer. If you’re a Goats fan, you liked what you saw as Catalina had no answer for their stout defense. Four time reigning defensive player of the year, Erik Johnson, disrupted the Catalina line. He snuck in over and over shaking lineman like maracas. Johnson’s continual pressure led to the highlight of the day early in the first half. Goats LB, Jay Darwell made his first appearance on the stat sheet this season with an INT and then rumbled and bumbled his way for 38 yards for a touchdown. This game was surprisingly over before the cheerleaders could come out for their halftime performance. Johnson ended the day with 15 QB hurries, 3 tackles for loss and 1 sack that led to safety to finish off the scoring on the day. Goats win their way into the A bracket, 28-0.


The Vikings stayed at home at 11:30 to faceoff against the Fan Faves. The Vikings needed to win to get in as the Goats and Dream Team were right on their heels. The short handed Fan Faves met a steamrolling ship of Norsemen as the Vikings, since their signal caller, Jake Forsaith made his triumphant return. The QB on his first drive shredded the Fan Faves D to hit Matt Arpin up high in the back of the endzone for the first of his two TD’s on the day. Greg Matthews who was involved in a near fatal collision early in the first half returned to catch his first TD of the season to give the Vikings a commanding 28-6 lead at the half. Jake Forsaith was able to pick off a pair of Fan Faves passes in the second half to seal the deal as the Vikings sail to the A bracket playoffs 48-12.


In a game that meant nothing aside from statistical velveting, the Battletoads went on the road to face off against the Scoregasms. In yet another game that lacked drama and was in danger of being blacked out due to fan interest, the Scoregasms jacked out to an early lead. Led by the iPod Nano’s 3 TD catches (yes they still make those), the Scoregasms scored 38 points in the first half while only giving up 6. With the starters resting up in the second half, the Scoregasms managed only two more scores and they rolled to the number three seed in the South, 50-12.


Dave Martel threw for 5 TD’s. Ryan Hamelin caught a pick six. Jeff Ford tallied 3 sacks. Nathan Higgins caught a pair of TD’s and a pair of pick 6’s. Blue Balls roll 62-6.


The days’ finale saw the best action of the day as the Money Team went on the road to face off against the Dream Team. This game was a playoff atmosphere from the get go with both teams suiting up their backup QB’s. The Money Team’s Kruz Komaridis did his best Matt Flynn impression stepping in and leading his team flawlessly without turning the ball over. Komaridis connected with Chad Lemon to start the scoring off. The Dream Team’s backup QB and best playmaker, Dylan Humphrey answered right back finding David Zocco with a one handed circus catch to start the trend of the tie ball game. Money’s Matt Soucy, who led all receivers in all purpose yards, was next to answer the bell. Followed by David Zocco finding Dylan Humphrey in the back of the endzone to tie it up once again. It wasn’t until under the two minute warning when Komaridis hit Lemon again in the corner of the endzone to go into the lockerroom with a 19-12 lead. After Floyd Mayweather’s “Field Goal for Fifty’s” halftime giveaway, the Dream Team found their stride. Rookie of the year nominee, Pat Gabriel caught the game tying TD followed by a Dilson Ramirez TD to give the Dream Team their first lead of the day. It wasn’t long until Soucy emerged again with another TD to tie it up for the 4th and final time. With time waning down, Komaridis dropped back and launched an endzone rocket to the sky for Josh Rice to give them the lead and the victory 31-25. Dream Team can’t shake the injury bug as they drop to the B bracket and will rematch the Money Team in the first round.