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Memorial Day weekend was a weekend of half rosters, injuries and wind; all three of which kept the scores funky and standings jumbled.

At 8:30 if you liked defense, this was the game for you as the division leading Xtreme took on the shorthanded Tigers. This game was a coming out game for Xtreme’s Dave Caponigro. He made catch after catch with defenders on top, behind and running through him. Caponigro is well on his way to the sportscenter top 10 plays of the week with his 6 catches on the day. His first 3 catches set up the first and only score of the first half by Jarrick Wallace. Xtreme go into the lockerroom with a 7-0 shutout on the Potent Tigers offense. Out of the gate, the Tigers finally got it going as Big Cat Joe Sheehan found Charlie Emerson in his first game of the season to bring them within one. The game had it’s fair share of turnovers as both teams battled back and forth, not being able to capitalize off of them. With the game winding down, and the Tigers with 2 timeouts in their pocket, Xtreme’s Josh Lavoie punched in the dagger that eventually led to the win. Xtreme win, 13-6.

The next game pitted a pair of bitter rivals who met last year in the B division conference finals. The winless Sons of Flagarchy went into the swamplands to take on the Battletoads. The Sons came out hot in this one. They marched right down the field without hesitation on their first two drives by way of TD’s from Rodrigo Piriz and Kyle Yatabe. From that moment out, the Sons lost their mojo. The Battletoads scored on their next two possessions to close out the half 14-13. Injuries struck both teams hard as the Sons lost their two outside receivers and QB late and the Battletoads left their top wideout in the lockerroom. The second half was more like the first game, riddled with interceptions and poor decisions. With just under 30 seconds to play, the Toads Donnie Bowers caught a quick slant and scampered his way into the endzone to put this one out of reach. The shorthanded Battletoads win a big one and get in the win column, 25-13.

The 10:30 game, featured a winless Flaggravated Assault traveling to the hostile environment of the Nashua Vikings. If you blinked to start the game, you may have missed it, the first half just powered through in impressive time as the Vikings jumped out to a 20 to nil lead at break. The second half moved just as fast, and without many moments for the highlight reel. Last year’s playoff MVP was the man of the hour, hauling in 3 catches and 2 INT’s to go along with 2 tackles. The Vikings steamroll onto an impressive 32-0 victory.

The game of the day was a possible championship game preview as the Rage took on the Blue Balls Dynasty. The wind was fierce from the get go, hampering deep balls and all throws over 15 yards to go off target. The game stayed locked at zeroes until an arid Jimmy Sanford pass went off the fingertips of his receiver right into the arms of Joey Parzych who fluttered his way into the endzone for a 6-0 lead. It stayed that way until half was winding down and the Blue Balls had the final possession. With the clock hitting zeroes, QB Dave Martel dropped back and launched one to Kiel Canada in the endzone for the TD. Blue Balls led it 12-0 at the half. The Rage out of the break came out with some…well Rage. They got their act together and adjusted to the elements. Brian Bebyn and James Huard paired for 6 catches on the first drive to get the Rage on the board. The Rage blitz of Showtime Andrew Howard was able to shut down the Blue Balls offense for the rest of the half. Unfortunately for the Rage, a key injury to Bebyn caused them to play shorthanded. In desperation mode, Blue Balls Jay Vance, picked off a pass and took it to the house to close it out. Blue Balls stay undefeated and win a huge game, 19-12.

At 12:30, the a pair of teams with backup QB’s matched up as the Scoregasms took on Bangarang. The first three scores of the game were all results of safety sacks; two by Bangarang and one by the Scoregasms. With 8 minutes left in the first, Eric Sullivan caught his first TD of the season to give Bangarang an odd 11-2 lead. The Scoregasms Nico Couture on the next drive punched in a TD to pull them within 3 to close the first half. In the first play of the half, the Scoregasms ran a trick play out of the endzone leaving, Travis Nano wiiiide open downfield to give them the lead…a lead they would not look back from. Nano went on to catch three more TD’s that half to bring his season total, to a new career high of 7. Scoregasms with a huge second half, win 35-17.

The days’ finale saw the Looney Goons take on the Livin Legends. This was an intense and adrenaline fueled first half as both teams couldn’t find their rhythm to start. The Looney Goons’ Billy Dubois, kept his defensive player of the year nomination active as he tallied 3 total INT’s on the day, to go along with 3 pick 6’s. The first of which was the first score of the game. The Legends responded with a Mo Kargbo, Mike Langley and Ramon Pena TD to close the half with the lead 18-16. The game kept the fans in the seats until..Billy Dubois struck again. He caught a 60 yard TD to kick off the half and then followed with yet another pick 6. Jeff Denver, Bryant Bettez and Tyler Dubois got in on the scoring in the second half as the Goons, shut out the Legends in the second half. Looney Goons route the Legends to end the Memorial Day mishaps at Atherton Ave, 48-18.



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To kick the day off, the Catalina Wine Mixer flew into the deadly home territory of Flaggravated Assault. Catalina was coming off of a huge win last week and looked to gain momentum in their stacked up division while Assault was healthy and had their full roster at their disposal looking for the upset. Catalina slept on the gametime of the Assault because they took it to the Wine Mixers in the first half. David Zocco broke the 0’s with a 15 yard leaping TD to Dylan Humphrey on 4th down to take a 6 nil lead. Catalina quickly responded with an Alex Kahl TD up the sideline followed by an early season MVP candidate Ryan Rule TD to give Catalina their first lead. Assault’s James Harvey then caught a nice TD in the stomach to notch it back up at 12. Flaggravated Assault finally found a way to neutralize the potent Catalina offense in the first half allowing just 12 points. David Zocco struck again this time catching a TD with just under a minute left to give Assault an 18-12 lead. A lead that wouldn’t last long as Ryan Rule struck again on the first play of the half scoring a 60 yard TD to tie it up again. This game would stay tied at 18’s until 4 minutes left, when guess who, Rule caught a 4th down streak up the sideline and put it out of reach for Flaggravated Assault. Catalina squeaked in another garbage TD to close the game and hang on in a tough one 30-18.

The 9:30 game packed the stands and the memories of the fans with a games for the ages. The new look Force went into the not so friendly confines of the Sons of Flagarchy. Both teams came into this game severely short handed as two jam packed rosters, saw themselves limited in substitutions. The Force came out using the “force” as their pass rush of a JJ Watt-ish Jeff Ogiba was downright uncanny disrupting the Sons of Flagarchy’s potent offense and causing them to fail to score on their first 3 drives. On offense they were led by Brad Kamal who had his Blitz coming out party. Kamal torched the Sons D with catch after catch in the slot and scored the first TD of the game. Jeff Ogiba could not be stopped as he scored a TD and then turned it around and recorded a safety sack to give the Force a big 16 point lead. It wasn’t until a Nick Emmons TD on blown coverage that the Sons showed life by scoring 13 unanswered to close the half. The Sons as they always do came out of the lockerroom with great second half adjustments. Prospect, Rodrigo Piriz caught fire on their first drive of the half and got a TD to pull them within 3 points. Then Shawn Morin picked off a pass and caught a TD to give the Sons their first lead of the day. A lead that would be squandered over and over again all thanks to Austin Ogiba. He shadowed his inner Randy Moss of 07 catching bomb after bomb. Each time the Sons would get in the endzone to take a 3 point lead, Ogiba would catch a 50 yard pass to give them a 3 point lead. Austin Ogiba scored 4 second half TD’s to lead the Force to their first win of the season 41-38.

Whilst reveling in their victory, the Force got to stick around and see a game equally as good as theirs..just this game featured more Defense than Offense unlike their game. At 10:30, the defending champion Vikings went into Gate City to take on the Goats. This was a battle of the league’s top two premier rushers. The reigning Defensive player of the year, John Colon, squaring off against the previous 3 time Defensive player of the year, Erik Johnson. The two rushers lived up to the hype shutting down both offenses, leading to only 19 total points in the first half with the Vikings holding onto a 7 point lead. The Goats QB Eric Rosario, got it going out of the break finding Luis Andino to pull them within just a point. After a 4 and out by both sides, a Jerry Brown TD and several momentary laps in strategy by both squads, the Vikings Nate Forsaith called game with a TD in the back of the endzone to put them up 19-18 and send the Goats back to the lockerroom winless.

At 11:30 if your fingernails weren’t nibbled down enough, an America’s Children and Scoregasms matchup finished them off. This one started out sloppy as neither team could move the ball or produce first downs. With 6 minutes left in the half, both teams decided to start scoring and actually play some real football. Travis Tripodi also known as Nano, muscled his way into the endzone by way of throwing down two defenders to give the Scoregams their first lead. After an American Children turnover, Leon Lackiram provided some more points with his third TD of the season to increase their lead. With the two minute warning looming, Murica’s new QB Matt Auger stepped back and found a streaking Joe Daly to pull them within a score at the break. The second half was all about Rookie wideout, Dan Auger. On the fourth play of the second half, Auger juked his way through the defenses for 60 yards to pull them within one. After the Scoregasms failed to score, Auger took control of the next drive, hauling in three catches which led to a leaping endzone grab over some spectacular defensive coverage to give them the lead. A lead they would not look back from. The Auger brothers overload the statsheet as America’s Children remains undefeated, 27-22.

The midday game didn’t count for as much drama as the Tigers went on the road to take on the new look Rage in their season opener. The shorthanded Tigers looked completely overmatched against a veteran savvy Rage squad. Brian Bebyn was the start of the game, picking off a pass in the Tigers first drive that led to the first of his 3 TDs on the day. QB Jimmy Sanford was no slouch either completing 7 TD passes to 3 different receivers. The Tigers bright spot was Anthony Williams who continued his hot start. He caught just two passes but one went the length of the field for a TD when the game was still in hand. He demanded double coverage downfield the entire game but the Tigers just couldn’t find a way to keep up against the veteran Rage squad. The shorthanded Tigers fight, but they end up dropping their first game of the season, 44-12.

The next game was more of the same, as the Looney Goons opened their season on the road against conference rival, Bangarang. This game didn’t start out well for Bangarang as their top pass rusher went down early with an injury. From there on out, the Looney Goons capitalized. Former league MVP Codey Dalton did what Codey Dalton do. He spread the ball to his plethora of receivers completing 21 of 25 passes on the day. Bangarang’s Tim Doss did his best to keep this one close. He sacrificed his body on the field play after play which resulted in a 5 catch, 5 tackle day. Unfortunately for him and his teammates, the Looney Goon’s were just too much. The Dubois brothers both added pick 6’s to their resumes as they win with ease, 42-16.

The day’s finale ended with more of the same lackluster competition. The Blue Balls played their first home game of the season against the Xtreme. The Jay Vance show continued his reign of early season dominance catching two of his three TD’s in the first half. Xtreme was shut out due to a blown call with much controversy as QB Bill Savary rushed up the sideline on a fourth down for a score. The play was called back as it is illegal to run on fourth down. After the refs converged in midfield, they decided to go to the replay booth. Unfortunately for Xtreme, the replay proved to be inconclusive and there was no evidence to overturn the play. From that point out, the Blue Balls grabbed Xtreme by the horns and would not let go. Jeff Ford who is making his name known in the pass rusher department added pressure up the wazoo to go along with three sacks on the day. The Blue Balls win big in this one, 31-0.



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Due to the snow pushing our season back 2 extra weeks, we are kind of forced to play the week of July 4th. In an effort to avoid that, we are going to try to cut those games off the schedule and play them at an earlier date. Are you willing to play a Sunday afternoon or Tuesday night game to make up for that week? 

All team captains will be contacted individually. Expect a text or call from them!


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The Spring 2015 is officially in full force! The Xtreme season was a bit of a disappointment but now we’re back..back in full effect.

The opening game on the docket matched up a pair of unproven’s as America’s Children went on the road to take on the newly formed Force. After a bit of delay to start the game, the Force got on the board first when Jeff Ogiba snuck through the Children’s O-Line for a safety sack. Unfortunately for the Force, all that did was fire up the Children. From that point on, Jesse Fortier, the sneaky good backup QB, rallied his troops to score 28 unanswered points. Led by Devin Conley’s 5 catch and 2 TD performance, America’s Children spoils opening day for the expansion Force squad, 30-8.

At 9:30 a pair of Vegas favorites matched up to see who’s undefeated season would end early. The Sons of Flagarchy went into the circus to take on the T-Money Tigers. Both teams had key pieces missing due to early season contract holdouts, but they made the most of it and gave us all our moneys worth in this one. The Tigers came out roaring early and often. Big Cat, Joe Sheehan tossed three first half TD’s while the Sons of Flagarchy were only able to find the endzone one time as the Tigers went into the lockerroom with an 18-7 lead. The halftime speech by the Sons coach ignited some fight as they came out of the lockerroom scoring on three straight possessions, capped off by a 60 yard bomb to Rey Voisine for his 2nd TD of the day to give them their first lead at 19-18. The Tigers were reeling but Keith Lebrecque got them back into the game with his 2nd TD of the game to give the Tigers back the lead by 5. But once again…the Sons struck for another TD this time by way of Shawn Morin to give them a one point lead once again. A lead that wouldn’t last long when Sheehan found Keith Johansan in the back of the endzone to give the Tigers the lead for good. A back and forth seesaw game led to the Tigers taming the Sons 38-25.

The 930 game must have sucked the energy out of the building because the new look Flaggravated Assault and XTreme game lacked the opening day drama. This one was all Xtreme from the coin toss. QB Bill Savary didn’t have to do much as his defense led the way scoring the first 13 points on a pair of pick 6’s. It wasn’t until 20 seconds left when Savary was able to find Flash in the endzone to put it all but out of reach before the halftime whistle blew. Flaggravated Assault’s short-handedness really showed as the Xtreme’s depth just took it to them each and every drive. Assault’s Neil Tansey rumbled his way to paydirt in the final minutes to prevent a shutout. Xtreme win a big division game early, 32-6.

A pair of league behemoth’s were pitted against each other at 11:30 as Catalina Wine Mixer took on the Gate City Goats. Catalina though with new faces and new unis, kept their momentum from the winter tournament alive. Catalina’s Chris Underwood got the scoring started with a pick, followed directly by a Jake Tinirella pick 6 to put them up 18 to nil in the first 6 minutes of the game. After an Adam Lafrance TD by the Goats, Tinirella blasted his way through the O-Line for a safety sack to put Catalina up 20-6 at the break. The second half the Goats showed a tad bit more resilience and fight. For the first time since the Goats were known as 5deep, wideout Marcos Ramos made his presence known. He hauled in a team high 6 receptions, 3 of which resulted in first downs. The Goats got in going a bit but just too little too late as they fall in their season opener 32-20.

The Matinee of the day was a playoff atmosphere and what the four letter network would write 30 for 30 films about. In a heated rivalry that dates back 3 years, the defending champion Vikings took on the Scoregasms. The Vikings were a tad bit sluggish in the opening minutes as they were unable to convert a first down in their first two drives. The Scoregasms Dan Walkley started the scoring off with a TD that he smoothly settled under for 60 yards and a quick 6 lead. They followed it right up on their next possession with a deep bomb to Nano for 6 more. The Vikings then finally responded with a pair of TD’s by Matt Arpin and Kyle Gagnon to give them a slim 2 point lead at the half. The momentum was in their favor as the second play of the half went for a 60 yard TD to Gagnon again. The Scoregasms responded as well with a Leon Lackiram sighting and TD. The two squads ping ponged back and forth until the final Vikings drive where they had the ball with a chance to win and the clock on their side. The Scoregasms dug their heels in the dirt and made three great defensive stops to seal their victory. Scoregasms reclaim supremacy in this rivalry, 31-28.

With only two games left to play, the Blue Balls Dynasty and expansion Bangarang were finally able to take their swings at each other at 1:30. Bangarang wasn’t sure what to expect as it was not the best matchup for them on opening day. The Blue Balls do not show mercy for their opponents on normal weeks, let alone a new expansion team game. Former All-Star game MVP Jay Vance picked off a pass and took it into the endzone for the first score of the game. He then caught two receiving TD’s as he closed the first half 21-0; Vance. The second half was more of the same but Bangarang fought a little more to make it competitive. Jovi Santos, who led his team in receptions in tackles, finally broke the plain of the endzone to end the shutout. Aneuri Luciano was able to sneak up the sidelines in the final minute to make this game look a tad bit more respectable. Bangarang hangs around but loses a tough one to a tough veteran squad, 41-14.

In the days’ finale, the Livin Legends stayed at home to take on the Battletoads. With the Legends, Mario Pena slinging the ball left and right the whole first half and jumping out to a 20-7 lead at the break, it looked all but over for the Toads in this one. But the second half is always a different ballgame and the Toads came to play in this half. QB Scott French found Nick Kepka Calvetti, then Ben Phelps for his 2nd TD of the day to pull the Toads within a touchdown. A Tai Ahmad TD for the Legends put them up by two scores again, until a Don Bowers TD pulled the Toads within a score once again. At the end of the day, the MVP of the game was just too much. The Legends’ Anwar Clark who scored two first half TD’s, added another pair in the second half to close it out. Both teams look impressive on opening day, but the Legends prevail, 34-27.

Welp..despite the smaller field and the ample parking, opening day was a smashing success. We all hope this is a sign of things to come. Great competition and great attitudes. Keep up the good work fellas…more to come later this weekend



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Due to the terrible winter that we all endured, the usual fields that we play on are not yet prepared for the spring time activities. We will be moving to a cute little field known as ATHERTON athletic field.
The grass is nice, and the field is nice, the only thing out of the ordinary is the parking situation. There is no lot for us all to park at, so we are forced to park on the street. There is plenty of parking for everyone, however, please adhere to the rules of the road as the field is in a residential neighborhood. Do not blast your music or throw trash on the street. Click the link above or the picture below for directions. See you all Saturday!




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..the opening day matchups and divisions have been posted
We will have a full schedule release this weekend. Mark your calendars!

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