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BLITZ XTREME..2/28 edition…

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Despite our best efforts. Searching all of the fields in Nashua and it’s surrounding towns, looking for indoor facilities, and even trying to move some of the snow like men…we have failed once again. The slight melt that we had this week didn’t help the massive amount of accumulation we have endured this winter. Currently the best field has snow that is slightly under the knee and once you break the top layer, it creates a massive chunk that is solid ice. As much as we all wanna play…it is not in the best interest of our players to go out there and risk serious injury. 


FEBRUARY games…again…

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Yep…we just can’t win anymore. Fields are still a mess and this weekend has another storm brewing. The votes pretty much summed it all up. No one really WANTS to play in this. Yea it’s fun and all, but most would rather not play if in it if they don’t NEED to.

Hopefully next week we can get a warm up and melt just some of this snow down so we can finish this Xtreme thing up. 



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Poll closes at midnight on Thursday..get your vote in now!
In a week that we should be finishing up our season, the snow and ice has struck again. Last week having 10 people out there shoveling, helped greatly, however we can’t do that again. With another storm coming, one that will cover our previously shoveled field…we are going to have to postpone the games…again. The fields are just no longer covered in snow, they are covered in a nice thick crust of ice. So not only will the snow be knee high again, it was be like running through a crusty cold apple pie. Sorry blitzers, mother nature is being an absolute jerk (amongst other names).

What a week to play some football eh? When we said this was going to be an “Xtreme” season, we weren’t kidding. 36 inches of snow accumulated on the home fields and 50 inches accumulated on our away fields. We had to make a decision on one of them, so we chose the lesser of the evils. 

After a 35 minute weather delay to start the day, the Red Rockets went into the doghouse to face off against Pug Life. These two teams drew the short straw, as they had zero footprints and zero grooves to find their way through the snow since they were scheduled the dreaded first game of the day. An incomplete pass or a pulled flag, needed to be dug out of its landing place. This game was quite comical for the crowd to watch at first. A completed pass would result in a measly 5-10 yard pickup as no one would be able to generate yards after the catch or have the stamina in their legs to cut through knee high snow. It wasn’t until Matt Arpin of the Rockets, caught a TD with just under 3 minutes to play in the first half to send them into the lockerroom with a 7 point lead. A lead they would extend on their first drive of the second half. They channeled the Pats with a wide receiver option as Mike Lamonday found Arpin for his second TD of the day. Pug Life found some rhythm, after a Tim Caputo interception got them moving. Nick Sapienza scored his second TD of the season to pull them within 6. After another Caputo interception, the Pugs were just not able convert in the red zone once again to close it out. Red Rockets hang on 13-7.

The next game saw a battle of undefeateds, as the Purple Parrots welcomed the Black Panthers to their Hidden Temple. The Parrots might have noticed exactly what the first two teams did wrong as they were able to sneak their way up the sideline trenches to matriculate the ball down the field. After a long 8 minute drive by the Panthers that led to a Kyle Gagnon TD, the Parrots Dave Martel took over. He started with an overthrow and then never looked back. Martel was surgical working the sidelines left and right in this one. Both Johnny Nadeau and Joe Medeiros were able to catch a pair of TD’s against an unsuspecting Panthers D. The Panthers tried to work their way back into this game but a Mark Boulanger pick deflated the hopes of remaining undefeated for the Panthers. The Parrots put up the high score of the day, as they win 33-20.

At noon, the sun was out and shining but….it did nothing to snow of course. The third game of the day pitted the Toon Squad against the All City Crew. This was by far the most exciting game of the day as it came down to the final seconds to determine the winner. The first half was what some might call a defensive battle as both teams went scoreless and only three first downs were managed between the two of them. After the break the All City Crew decided they wanted to score. Matt Thomas who was the stud of the day sacrificing his body all over the field was able to run up the sideline and make a leaping catch in the back of the endzone. The extra point was converted to give them a comfortable 7-0 lead. Toon Squad QB Scott French fought hard to get his team back in the game. After a well crafted drive, John Groff found the endzone to pull the Toon Squad within a point. Jovi Santos proved his worth on the next All City drive, as he picked off a Crew pass to set up the Toon Squad in the Red Zone. French found Santos up the sideline and the Toons took their first lead of the day. A lead that would not be held long, when Matt Thomas decided to show up again. He caught yet another leaping TD in the back of the endzone as time expired to give the All City Crew their first win of the season, 13-12.

The days’ finale matched up the two most powerful offenses in the league when the Ninja Turtles took on the Blue Barracudas. This game was much like the previous as the only score came on a Tyson Forsaith TD over the middle to give the Barracudas an 8-0 lead at the half. The Barracudas defense was unrelenting, thwarting every Ninja Turtle drive with a batted ball or diving tackle short of the sticks. This game was destined to end 8 to nil until the Barracudas decided to get a little 2 minute drill practice in versus a prevent Turtles D. Tyson Forsaith found the endzone for a second time as the clock expired. Barracudas shell shock the Turtles 14-0.



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What a week for an opener huh? Aside from the shortened field due to ice, the terrible commute for most, the slippery and practically uncatchable and throwable balls, and the rain and snow mix that was coming down, it was just your average opening day. With all new rosters and all new chemistry being established, we learned…

Nothing. We learned literally nothing about anybody because the snow and ice effected every single play of every single game (perhaps). Despite all the things that happened, it sure was a blast right?

The season kicked off with a pair of teams that swapped picks at the draft. Pug Life went on the road to take on the Black Panthers who swapped the number one overall pick for the eighth in the war room. Secret strategy perhaps? We will see when the playoffs unfold. This game started off with the worst conditions of the day as the field was fresh and had no play on it prior to game time. Pug Life was able to cash in the first TD of the season with old faithful Nick Sapienza adding to his career total to give the Pugs a 6 nil lead. A lead that wouldn’t last long as the Black Panthers got things together and capitalized off of Pug Life’s nonchalance style of play. QB Jerry Brown thrived in a west coast offense spreading the ball to his plethora of weapons. Nico Couture and Kyle Gagnon led the way with three TD’s a piece. Black Panthers never looked back and sent Pug Life home with their tails’ between their legs, 43-6.

The next game was more of the same as one team was able to blossom in the snow while the other was late to the party. At 11, the Ninja Turtles left their confines of the sewer to take on the high powered hybrid corn-fed Red Rockets. The Ninja Turtles, led by reigning Fall MVP Dan Walkley, jumped out to a 32-9 lead at the half and seemed unstoppable. After the break, the Red Rockets decided to fire off the boosters and finally score some points. Thanks to a pair of overly ridiculous Odell Beckham like catches by Mike Lamonday, the Rockets gained great field position that led to an Anthony Williams TD in the corner followed by a Nate Forsaith score to make it a ball game. Unfortunately the ooze of the Turtles was just too much to overcome as the Rockets fall 56-31.

At noon we saw the Fan Fav..I mean, All City Crew take on the preseason Vegas Favorite, Blue Barracudas. It didn’t take long for the Blue Barracudas to live up to their hype, as early MVP candidate Alex Kahl caught the first of three TDs on the day to get the Barracudas an 8 point lead. A lead that was already, insurmountable. A Barracuda is a ferocious, opportunistic predator that relies on its element of surprise and short bursts of speed; just like their All-Pro center Tyson Forsaith. Before the game, one reporter wrote, “Tyson without a stiff arm is like a burrito without a tortilla.” Tyson’s short burst of speed led him to score two open field opportunistic TD’s and disrupt a usually stout City Crew defense. The Blue Barracudas win easily 46-6.

The days’ finale pitted a matchup of early 90’s pop culture as the Toon Squad stayed at home in Tune land to take on the Purple Parrots. After a few stagnant drives from each side, the Parrots Johnny Nadeau flew into the endzone to start the scoring. The Toon Squad didn’t wait long as they scored immediately after via John Groff endzone reception. The Parrots responded shortly after with a Joe Medeiros TD followed by a Joe Grazewski pick 6. It was then that the Toon Squad’s John Colon decided to take matters into his own hands. In the second half he disrupted the Parrots offense with a JJ Watt-like 8 QB pressures. The Toon Squad got a TD from big Steve Riley to make it a ballgame. It’s hard to catch up when the conditions don’t cooperate. The Toon Squad had receivers slipping and sliding left and right. It wasn’t until another Medeiros TD on the backline in the final minutes, clinched it for the Purple Parrots. Toon Squad goes down, 25-12.




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…or will you draw the short straw?  (It’s still fall right???)