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Week three was by far the best week of Blitz yet this Fall. Of the seven games played, 5 of them were decided by one score or less. Making the biggest season, the most exciting thus far.

At 8:20, the winless Battletoads were at home to take on a fellow winless squad, Disruptive Coverage. The battletoads welcomed back their Quarterback Scott French, putting his backup, Ben Glassman back to his natural position of center. Glassman at center was bad news for Disruptive Coverage. Glassman scored 3 first halves TD’s to give the Toads an exhilarating 26-19 lead at the break. The second half is when things got nutty. Glassman picked off the a Disruptive pass in their first drive and wrestled it away from the receiver while taking it down field for the pick six screaming in the endzone, “do you even lift bruh?” This sparked Disruptive coverage and they refused to go down without a fight. Wideout Jordan Martin snatched a beautiful one handed TD pass from the sky to pull them within 6. Disruptive wideout, Gevin Lankevin, on the next drive slashed his way into the endzone for his third TD of the day to tie this game back up. It wasn’t until one minute left in the game when Glassman struck again. He caught a little shovel pass in the endzone to put the Toads up 6. They converted the extra point and now Disruptive Coverage had the ball with two timeouts and 58 seconds to go downfield. QB Jeff McMahon had been dreaming of this moment his whole life. Down 7, under a minute and his back against the wall. McMahon found Martin. Then Wideout Cory White. Then Martin again. Then Lankevin. And finally with 8 seconds left, he found White one last time in the endzone to pull them within one. Teams don’t fight and scrum all day so they can go into overtime, Disruptive decided to go for it all. The 2 point conversion to win or to lose. McMahon dropped back, the clock expired and there it was…the 2 point conversion. Disruptive Coverage wins in spectacular fashion. Toads battled again but just fall a bit too short in this one as they fall 40-39.

The 9:20 game saw America’s Children on the road against the Legion of Doom. This was a close game as well but more of a defensive battle. America’s offense struggled early and often as their only scores of the first half came via Cory Allen to Joe Daly making his season debut for a pair of TD’s. The Legion of Doom’s offense was equally as stagnant in the first half. Their lone score came on a Dustin Bealby QB option for 60 yards down the sideline. Despite a QBR of just 19.4, Cory Allen was able to keep his team up in the second half thanks to Devin Conley. Conley snagged 8 of his single game record 13 receptions in the second half. He tip toed his way into the endzone with 5 minutes left to play to put America’s children up by 12 once again. The Legion’s offense remained inefficient until the 2 minute warning. Drew Cusato caught a garbage time TD versus the soft America’s prevent defense. Legion of Doom fails to ride on their momentum from last week as they lose a frustrating one, 18-12.

Next on the docket is becoming a rivalry for the ages as the Sons of Flagarchy went into the circus tent to face off against the Tigers. The sons came out slinging early and often. On their first play from scrimmage, Ivan Valcarel caught a bomb down the field to put his team up 6. After a Tigers turnover, the Sons scored again this time via Billy Dubois. Up 12 points in the first 2 minutes, this one looked all but over very early. The Tigers turned the ball over on downs yet again but then Danny Lebrecque made his presense felt. He picked off a Sons pass and took it all the way into the endzone with blockers around him to cut the lead in half. The pick six ignited the Tigers offense as AJ Lebrecque became a reception machine leading Keith Johansen TD to close the half out in convincing fashion. The Tigers had the momentum coming out of the lockerrooom and they capitalized on it. Both Danny and AJ Lebrecque were catching passes all over the field which eventually led to a Dave Brown TD to give the Tigers their first lead. Don’t misunderstand though, the Sons had plenty of fight left in them. On fourth and long with 6 minutes left, Rey Voisine caught a comeback route and blasted his way to the endzone to give the Sons the lead right back. A lead that once again wouldn’t last long. Danny Lebrecque caught his second TD of the day to put the Tigers up by 4 with under two minutes to play. With just 50 seconds left to play, the Sons began their march towards victory. They converted on a big fourth down to get them over the 30. After a short completion and two incompletions, they faced yet another big fourth down with 13 seconds left to play. As heroes are born and stories are written, the hero of the day struck again. Danny Lebrecque went one on one with Dubois and won the battle picking off his second pass of the day to seal the W. Tigers win a wild one 30-26.

After three exciting games to watch, the 11:20 game failed to continue to the trend. The short handed Living Legends went into the Gate City to face a strong and well-rested Goats team. There wasn’t too much excitement in this game as the Goats did what they do to young teams…they eat everything like Goats do. The Legends would give them an inch, and they would take a foot. Luis Andino and Adam Lafrance combined for 3 TD’s and 3 INT’s when this one was all said in done. The Legends bright spot was rookie Craig Maynard. He compiled a highlight reel of catches in just his first game. He ended the day with 7 receptions and the lone Legends TD. The Legends put up a good fight and refused to quit, but the Goats experience proved to be too much. Goats are kings of the mountaintop in this one, 34-6.

At High noon a pair of Vegas favorites for the championship engaged in battle as the Scoregasms hosted the Blue Balls Dynasty. Annually these two teams are the highest scoring teams in the league, but when good defenses matchup against each other; defense almost always prevails victorious. We didn’t see our first score in the game until 7 minutes left in the first half when Scott Danuliuk caught a leaping touchdown for 6 to break the tie. One the next Scoregasms possession Danuliuk struck again this time snagging a one handed grab in stride with defenders all over him to go up by two scores. The Blue Balls would then respond with a Jay Vance TD before the half to quell the shut out. Getting the ball after a turnover on downs the Blue Balls would finally bring themselves within a point. Kiel Canada caught a drag over the middle and took it to the house, 12-13. The entire second half was predicated on the defense. Each time a team would start a drive, the opposing defense would shut them down. Danuliuk of the Scoregasms would cap off the game with his third and final TD of the day putting this one out of reach. Scoregasms win in what some would call the upset of the year, 19-12.

Just as earlier, the game succeeding a great game lacked the flare for the dramatics as the white hot Outlaws took on the ice cold Metrowest Boomin. The Tim Doss for MVP campaign continued in this one. Doss added 4 TD’s to season total to go along with 5 more receptions and 140 total yards. This one got a bit chippy towards the end when Metro started to mount a subtle yet trivial comeback. Jay Davis, who has been the team’s go to guy caught a pair of second half TD’s to make it somewhat a ballgame. After a few run ins, skirmishes and quibbles on the field, Doss intercepted a pass and then caught the last of his four touchdowns the clinch it. Outlaws survive a late second half Metro charge and win 38-19.
The finale of the day saw another championship preview as Catalina Wine Mixer took on the Vikings. This was a battle of the physical giants from the get go. Both teams are known for sacrificing their bodies and laying it all on the line for the good of their team. They are not afraid to jump into a pit and get a little dirty or throw a stiff arm to the face and accept the penalty graciously. These men of the flag gridiron are what scare away the casual flag football guests, the timid weekend warriors, the feeble dilettante competitors, the bashful and tenderfoot amateurs. So anyways, where were we…oh yea..the Vikings Joe Lorento scored the game’s first TD followed on the next drive by former playoff MVP Greg Matthews to give the Vikings a 12-0 lead. Catalina’s Alex Kahl sprung loose on a 60 yard go route down the right sideline for their first score of the game. On the ensuing Vikings possession, the vertical wonder known as Chris Connolly took at the Vikings 14 and scampered easily into the endzone to pull within a point. It was with just a minute left on the gameclock that Kyle Twiss caught his first TD of the season to give the Vikings at 7 point lead at the break. After the brief intermission, the Vikings got their offense rolling again. Nate Forsaith went right up the gut on a quick slant to give the Vikings a 13 point advantage. The hobbled Ryan Rule of Catalina decided to do his best Willis Reed impression by getting his one leg TD swerve on. Catalina is mounting itself a comeback. The Vikings Twiss was able to deposit a late TD to put this one officially out of reach. Despite having the ball at the 3 yard line on 4th down, Catalina could not convert and the Vikings kneeled out the final seconds ending an epic event of emotions. Vikings hang on to remain undefeated, 32-24.


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Week two was official start up of the season as every team finally got to get their season openers in.

The first game featured a pair of hated rivals matching up as the Nashua Vikings went into the circus tent to take on the T-Money Tigers. This matchup has been heated for 3 seasons now as the Tigers matchup better than most teams in the league against the former champions Vikings. It started off sloppy as usual for the Vikings as they weren’t able to put together any momentum on offense until their 3 possession, when receiver Matt Thomas leaped in the air to catch the first of his three TD’s on the day to give them a 6 nil lead. After a turnover on downs and then an interception, the Vikings set themself up in the RedZone ready to score again. On fourth down and inches to go, QB Jake Forsaith rolled out and found Thomas in the back of the Endzone once again to take what seemed like a 12 to zero advantage. But suddenly, the Tigers awoke and started hunting their prey. Just as the 2 minute warning went off, AJ Labrecque caught a shovel pass and took it to the 10 yard line. On the next play he punched it in to get the Tigers on the board right before the half. If you left your seat for refreshments or the state of the art bathroom facility and didn’t make it back before kickoff, you might have missed all the second half action. On the Tigers first possession, the Vikings picked off another pass and once again set up Thomas for another touchdown putting them up by 11. Tigers QB AJ Rottella wouldn’t quit. He sliced and diced his offense down the field til he eventually found Keith Johansen in the endzone to bring them back within 5 points. The rest of the half became a defensive battle..a battle against the sun. The sun was vicious in the second half, burning the rods and the cones of all the eyeballs of the receivers and defensive backs. Despite a lackluster second half of offense, Vikings were able to  tame the Tigers 18-13.

At 9:20 the Sons of Flagarchy was looking for revenge against America’s Children, who just one year ago knocked them out of the playoffs. However, as much the journalists would’ve liked another great game, this was not the same Sons of Flagarchy team nor was it the same American Children. On the second play of the game, the Sons Rey Voisine caught a pass over the middle and shook defenders all the way to the endzone. After a turnover on downs, the Sons struck again. Ivan Valcarel caught a streak up the sideline to put his team up by two scores. Before we knew it, the sun was boiling and the halftime score was 32-0. The second half, America’s Children put together a few good offensive drives as Cory Allen connected with his go to guy Devin Conley and Eric Skogsholm for TDs. The Children win the second half, but it wasn’t enough to make it a game. Sons of Flagarchy roll in this one, 40-14.

The next game was a lot like the the previous as the Battletoads left their QB at home to face off against the defending champion, Manchester Rage. On the first play of the game, Rage’s Brian Bebyn grabbed a little slant over the middle and took up the sideline for the score. Fastforward 4 toads downs and the same exact thing happened, Bebyn TD, number two. The Rage decided to let off the throttle a bit and the Battletoads were able to muster up a Nick Kepka Calvetti TD to close the half, 25-7. Coming out after the halftime show, the Toads kept the momentum rolling with a Donnie Bowers TD to pull them within 12 points. A twelve point lead that didn’t last too long as the Rage decided to tighten their grip on the proverbial throats of the Battletoads. Rob Keddie capped off the longest drive of the day for the Rage scoring in the back of the endzone to put this out of reach. Then the legend of Pick Six City was born. Keddie pick six. Jose Rivera, pick six. Bebyn pick six. Keddie pick six again. Rivera pick six again. Overall the Rage intercepted 8 passes and took 6 of them into the endzone. The Battletoads fought the best they could in a game without their captain and QB. Rage win 65-13.

Next on the docket was a pair of expansion teams, one with slightly more experience than the other. The Legion of Doom went on the road to face off against Disruptive Coverage. Karlton Alexbergensonman got the scoring started in this one for LOD, catching a deep 55 yard bomb on the first possession. LOD’s Drew Cusato on the next drive took advantage of missed flags and bumbled his way to the endzone for a commanding 13-0 lead. Disruptive Coverage’s offense was sluggish and had no answer for the rush of the Legion of Doom. It wasn’t until a Jordan Martin pick six that Disruptive put themselves back in the game. Though momentum was slightly in the favor of Disruptive, Alexbergensonman capped the first half off with his 2nd TD of the game. After a much needed inspirational speech by QB Jeff McMahon, disruptive put their first half troubles behind them and got the second half started in style. Martin caught 3 of his 10 receptions on the day in the first drive, which led to a Cory White TD to pull them within 7. However, Legion QB Dustin Bealby wouldn’t let the coverage, DISRUPT, his day. He found Mr. YAC, Eugene Sartin to put this game out of reach. Bealby added a rushing TD in garbage time, to make it less of game than it appeared. LOD gets their first win of the season going away, 32-12.

The matinee saw the Outlaws take on Catalina Wine Mixer. The star of the game was Catalina’s Vinnie Frasco. He intercepted an Outlaw pass at the 30 and took it to the house for an early Catalina lead. That would be the only scoring that the first half would see as it closed 8-0, advantage Catalina. Out of the lockerroom, Frasco struck again. He streaked up the sideline and caught a beautiful spiral in stride for his first offensive TD of the day. The Outlaws would answer. QB Mike Powell found star wideout, Tim Doss with a nomination for catch of the year in the endzone to pull within a score. Frasco would then respond with yet another TD. In a game of back and forth, Frasco would always respond. He ends the day with 9 catches for 110 yards and 4 touchdowns (3 receiving). Outlaws put up a good fight, but the poise of the veteran Catalina squad was just too much. Catalina outguns the Outlaws, 32-19.

At 1:20, the game between Flaggravated Assault and Blue Balls Dynasty was one for the ages..except it wasn’t..because it didn’t happen. The Blue Balls Dynasty who is used to people not showing up in their building, got used to it some more. The Flaggravated Assault team bus was a victim to a sinkhole on the way to the stadium. The sinkhole opened up and ate the bus along with their roadies and team mascot. Fortunately for the Assault, it regurgitated them and they now have one more team accident before the sinkhole might swallow them up for good.

The final game of the day pitted a pair of original 6 QB’s against each other. Brendan Bernazzani’s Metrowest Boomin went on the road to take on Derek Riley and his Scoregasms. As per usual, the Scoregasms Dan Walkley scored the games first TD. Along with the 2nd and before we knew it, the score was 37-6 at the half. The Boomin had got it together a bit for the second half as they didn’t manage another score, but they did however hold the Scoregasms to just one second half TD. A small step, but a step none the least. Boomin kept improving, but a little but too late in this one as they fall, 45-6.


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The parking situation for this weekend’s games are not ideal. We are playing at the field located at Jewell Lane, however, there is ample parking for only about 25 cars. If you arrive to the field and there isn’t any parking, there is more parking on 48 Charlotte Ave (around the corner from Rite Aid). Once there, you can park on the street next to the sidewalk or in the actual school spaces. Once parked proceed to the playground and then walk down a short little trail via the swing sets and you will pop out at Jewell Lane field. Unless you wanna park like this guy!





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You smell that? The smell of fall and the smell of a new season is in the air. Fresh faces, fresh “healed’ bodies and fresh cut grass. Yep..we said that. Fresh cut grass.

To kickoff the season we had a pair of teams poised and built for postseason success matchup in a divisional matchup. America’s Children went into the hostile territory of the 6th man, home of the Nashua Vikings. This game started as smoothly as a 1922 Ford Model T with a crankshaft starter after 50 years on the farm…terribly. The first half saw 3 combined interceptions along with 2 forced fumbles and 8 dropped passes. The Vikings were the first team to get on the board as Tyson Forsaith caught a 2 yard shovel pass to give them a 6-0 lead. With under a minute to play, America’s Children wideout Devin Conley picked off a pass at his own 21 and took it to the 12. Two plays later he rose up for a receiving TD to tie the game at 6’s going into the half. The halftime speech by player coach Jacob Forsaith ignited the Vikings as they put their Model T style rust behind them. They came out firing on all cylinders. Offseason Free Agent acquisition Matt Thomas hauled in a pair of INT’s and a leaping highlight reel TD to lead the way. Mike Lamonday added a pair of TD’s late as the Vikings stomp on America’s Children in the second half, 41-6.

At 9:20 the defending champion Manchester Rage went on the road to face off against Metrowest Boomin to begin their title defense. This game lacked much of the drama one would expect from an opening game. Last season’s Rookie of the Year and Playoff MVP, Rob Keddie picked up right where he left off. He started the game off with a pair of TD’s to go along with constant QB pressures and sacks. QB Jimmy Sanford spread the ball around to each of his receivers evenly to finish the game with a blitz passer rating of 146.3 and completing 14 of 19 passes. The Boomin’s bright spot was Jay Davis. He led the offensive charge with 8 catches from the X, Y and Z positions on the field. The Boom is dropped by the Rage on opening day 40 nil.

The third game was more of the same as the Scoregasms went into the swamp to take on the Battletoads in a matchup of storied franchises. However..the Toads left their Battle at home in this one. The first play of the game saw the Scoregasms Derek Riley air one out to Dan Walkley for a 60 yard TD. After a Battletoads turnover on downs, Riley connected with Nico Couture for a 58 yard TD toss. Then on the next drive, Walkley struck again with yet another 60 yard Touchdown catch. Then Leon Lackiram got in on the 60 yard TD catch game. You catch the drift here? The Scoregasms, were gasaming all over the scoreboard all day long against the Toads. However for those of you playing at home, the Battletoads ended up getting some momentum in garbage time to keep your fantasy teams afloat. The Scoregasms win their opener to keep pace with the Rage 64..yes 64 to 19.

At 11:20 the Gate City Goats went into the badlands of the Outlaws where the buffalo roam for a big early season divisional matchup. This was a close one for most of the first half. Third year man, Luid Andino, also known as “keko” got the game’s first points on a pick 6 from his own 25 yard line. That wasn’t the last of Keko in this half as he caught a deep post touchdown, beating both the back and the safety to go ahead by 14. The Outlaws would finally respond when Tim Doss took a screen from the right sideline and shaked his defenders out of their cleats as he scampered to the house to cut the lead in half. Last seasons lone all-star Jovi Santos then would pull the Outlaws within two with a 15 yard TD catch from Dan Murphy. As the first half clock was winding down, the Goats were threatening at the 5 yard line. After 2 failed conversions and 20 seconds left of the clock, Eric Rosario scrambled away from multiple blitzers to find Erik Johnson in the front of the endzone to close the half with a 20-12 lead. After the ambulance left and the blood was squeegeed off the field, the Goats D started to solidify. Erik Johnson rushed in on the first play of the second half to cause an Outlaws safety and from there, the flood goats were opened. The Goats scored 19 unanswered points book ended by Keko’s second pick six of the day. Goats prevail victorious in this one 41-19.

Next on the docket was the game of the day as the Legion of Doom went on the road to take on Flaggravated Assault. The first half was a defensive battle riddled with turnovers and incompletions. It wasn’t until the Legion of Doom broke the zeroes with a slashing rushing TD by Ed Bourgeious. The Assault finally decided to answer back with a David Zocco seam route to tie it up. And then with 10 seconds left in the half the Assault, found the endzone again to take a one score lead into the lockerroom. After a short impromptu halftime performance the Legion of Doom came out looking to cause havoc. QB Karl Alexburg switched his offense to west coast style and matriculated his team down field. It was third and goal from the 7 when he found  Eugene Sartin over the middle for the game tying touchdown. Once again, the game became a stalemate of defensive proportions. Once we skip over the boring 12 minutes of passes defended and balls on the ground, we get to the two minute warning and the Assault marching. On fourth and three, the Assault found Dylan Humphrey on a quick out right at the 30 to gain themselves a fresh set of downs. On the very next play Humphrey went up high over all the defenders for a game clinching go-ahead game-winning touchdown. Flaggravated Assault outlast their division rivals 19-12.

The grand finale of the day pitted the Living Legends on the road against the Catalina Wine Mixer. Mario Pena, of the Legends was the star of the first half at his new position of wide receiver. He scored the first TD of the game that he set up himself by snatching a dazzling over the head interception from the sky on defense. Catalina’s MVP candidate Ryan Rule would not be outdone. On the second play of their next possession Rule took a pitch in the backfield and flew down the sideline for the first rushing TD of his career. Shortly after with the first half winding down, Catalina’s Vinnie Frasco picked off an arid Legends pass and took it to the house for the 13-7 lead at the break. In Catalina’s second possession of the half, the Legends picked off a pass and set up a Legend’s TD by newcomer Kay to tie it up. This one looked destined for overtime until Rule struck again. On his sixth and final catch of the day he gashed the Legends D for the dagger. Catalina survive a scare on opening day 20-13.


OPENING DAY: Things to remember

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SEPTEMBER 12th is opening day!

*Please show up at least 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork and take in a game or two.

some new things for the fall:

-2 team forfeits = league expulsion

-Stiff arms are to be used a tool, NOT a weapon

-League fees are as a team instead of individuals

-One player from every team at some point, must do the clock at least once

-It also won’t hurt to reread the rulebook before the season starts!






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A Congratulations goes out to the new league Champions, the MANCHESTER RAGE.

Made up of a solid group of crafty veterans, they combined their will to win with upper echelon talent, topnotch effort and above all…their distinguished applicability of teamwork. They define a Team. Not one player won the championship for them and not one player carried the team. Game in and game out, they played off of each other’s talents and weaknesses to perfection. In just their 4th season of existence, the Manchester Rage can call themselves; CHAMPIONSRAGE