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Finally…now get out and practice!


We talkin bout practice

With half the teams of the NFL, the competition level is going to be intense




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What a great turn out. Thank you to all the teams that participated in our Snowmageddon tournament. Things are a success because of the people participating. Thanks again everyone! Hope to see you all in the Spring!






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A huge thank you goes to everyone for played this season. We had the most fun we’ve had in a long time running this league. Great players and great attitudes make for a great league. Hope to see everyone back in the Spring! Thanks again everyone.



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Come one and come all..family and friends



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At 8:30 the number 2 seed Gate City Goats took on the number 7 Pure Magic. This game was supposed to be a total blowout, but Pure Magic gave the Goats a run for their money. The Goats offense was completely anemic in the first half as they were only able to take a 12-8 lead into the lockerroom. Coming outta the break the Goats first possession led to 2 points for Pure Magic, cutting their lead to just 2 points. It stayed that way til the midway point in the game when the Goats offense finally got moving. They scored two consecutive TDs to secure the victory. Goats hang on and avoid a catastrophic upset, 25-8.

The next game saw the number 2 seed of the other division, Scoregasm’s take on the Agency. The Agency had been coming along week by week and showing slight improvement, however, this is the playoffs and this is where the big boys come to play. The Scoregasm’s came out strong scoring 27 points in the first half and not allowing a single first down. The second half was more of the same as the Agency had no answer to the Scoregasm offense or defense. Scoregasm’s win 54 love.

At 10:30 the red hot Lions took on the Control Freaks for the second straight week. The week of watching game tape and long sessions in the film room, didn’t help out the Control Freaks much as the Lions had their way with them once again. The Control Freaks averaged 12 points a game in the regular season, and they stayed right on point in this one. The Lions roar to victory in the first round 58-12.

The next game may be a game for the ages. A game that all the people who witnessed it, will remember. At 11:30, Flagnado traveled to take on the Rough Riders in a 4 vs 5 matchup. The first half defense was the name of the game as the Rough Riders led 15-6 at the break by way of a pick 6 and blown coverage TD. After halftime Flagnado got hot. They scored on all but one drive the entire half, but unfortunately for them…the Rough Riders did the same. It was a back and forth battle each team going by 3 or 4 points on every drive. Flagnado with just under 2 minutes remaining took a 3 point lead and needed a defensive stop to hold on for the victory. The Rough Riders were not going to be upset on this day though, they drove the ball straight down the field and took the lead with 30 seconds left to play. Flagnado was out of timeouts and out of comebacks in this one as the time expired on a spike ball attempt, the Rough Riders hang on to fight another day 37-34.

The 3 seed Fan Faves were at home to take on the 6 seed Nashua Vikings in the next game. The Fan Faves have been a shell of their former selves lately as the injury and commitment factor has gotten to them. With a whole new personnel on both sides of the ball and facing off against a hungry well rested Vikings squad, they were doomed from the get go. Despite this game being close at the half (15-12), the Vikings were in total control of this entire game. The Fan Faves playoff winning streak and hopes of a fourth straight championship are shattered as they lose 41-20.

The finale of the first round was another game of memorable notion. Where it was worth paying the full price of admission. In another 4 vs 5 matchup, Catalina Wine Mixer took on the Battletoads. If you believe in foreshadowing, the first score of the game came on a Battletoads safety to take a 2 pt lead. Both teams played their hearts out inching out each yard as if it were there last. Catalina had the advantage after a tough first half battle 15-9. The Battletoads hankered down in the second half on D. They completely shut down the Catalina offense the rest of the way through. The Toads with just under 80 seconds to play scored their first TD of the second half to take their first lead of the day since the opening safety 16-15. Catalina had both of their timeouts in their pocket to go down the field with under a minute to play. They got almost to midfield before their luck ran out and they turned the ball over on downs back to the Battletoads. Now with 26 seconds left to play, all the Battletoads need to do is get the ball out of the endzone and take a knee. However, just as scripted before, a false start on the offense resulted in a safety and the Battletoads one point lead, suddenly became a one point deficit. Catalina ran the clock out and wins a thrilling first round playoff game 17-16.

What a weekend of games. This is what playoffs are all about. Tough, grinding games that are played to the end. Now we are at the final four in each division and we will see a new champion crowned next weekend. Thank you to everyone who came out this session that won’t be taking part in next weeks action. This was one heck of a season, thanks to everyone who made it great. Til next week…goodluck and godspeed.







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In the season finale, a lot was on the line for a lot of teams. The Blue Balls Dynasty and the Gate City Goats held their destiny in their own hands. All they needed to do was win and they get the bye. If the second place teams, Scoregasm’s and Rage win, then they can take the number one seed with Blue Ball and Goats losses.

And what do you know…just as we scripted it, the Scoregasm’s and Goats both played each other to kick off the day in what some writers argue, could be a possible championship game preview (just as last year, the Goats and Fan Faves played each other in the season finale as well..coincidence???..perhaps).¬†This game started out tough as neither quarterback was able to get any rhythm going stalling both offenses for most of the first half. It wasn’t until 11 minutes left in the first half when Derek Riley was able to connect with James Smith in the back of the endzone to give the Scoregasm’s a 7 point lead. The Goats quickly responded with an Anwar Clarke 60 yard handoff to pull them within one point. That was the brunt of the storyline in the first half until the 1 minute marker when Erik Johnson sacked Riley in the endzone to give the Goats an 8-7 lead heading into the lockerroom. Not many second half adjustments were made as defense continued to dominate the headlines. However, the Scoregasm’s were able to strike first with a Nico Couture screen that he took up the sideline to take back the lead 13-8. After several minutes of sloppy offensive play on both sides, Goats QB Eric Rosario was able to hook up with his center Bob Dawson to take a 1 point lead once again. Erik Johnson continued to stiffle the Scoregasm’s offense and this one appeared to be all but over. But on fourth and long, the Goats elected to pass and Leon Lackiram picked it off and the momentum quickly turned. Riley was able to work his way up the field for the first time all day. In just under a minute, he connected with Dan Walkley for the game winning touchdown with seconds on the clock. Scoregasm’s win 20-14. Now they must watch and wait the next game as the Blue Balls Dynasty looked to clinch against the Nashua Vikings.

Unfortunately for drama sake, the 9:30 game wasn’t quite as much fun to watch. The Vikings were shorthanded and down a man due to a local Boston sports team winning a championship of some kind. However they didn’t’ go down without a fight in this one. They kept it close in the first half. Jake Forsaith found open holes in the soft zone with John Colon who cut his Welker-y way through for a first half TD. Then Jake was able to find brother Tyson to pull within 2 points at halftime 13-15. After the break, the Blue Balls decided to wake up. MVP candidate Dave Martel slung 4 second half TD passes and also was able to get a pair of pick sixes to cruise to victory. Blue Balls clinch the number one seed and a bye, 61-19.

Now that the Goats had lost the Rage knew they had a chance to win the division with a win over a weak and slumping Flagnado squad. Again in this one, defense stepped up. Rage QB Jimmy Sanford connected with Brian Bebyn on a nake bootleg for the lone score of the half 6-0. Coming outta the lockerroom, Sanford and Bebyn hooked up once again to take a 12-0 lead. That was all they needed in this one as the pressure delivered all day by Adam Sullivan stiffled the Flagnado offense. The Rage was able to get a pair of quick TD’s with just under 4 minutes to go, and take this one by way of the the shutout, 24-0. With the win, The Rage clinch the Top seed in their division and will enjoy a much needed week of rest.

At 11:30 the usually scrappy Agency squad stayed at home to face off against the Battletoads. Unfortunately this game was over before it started. The Agency wasn’t able to piece together an entire squad as they lose by way of forfeit on the last game of the season. Battletoads win in an exhibition match 52-13.

The matinee matched up the Lions going on the road to take on the Control Freaks. This game meant nothing towards the playoff picture because both of their seeds are already locked up. The Control Freaks did have some pride to play for though, they wanted to prove that they are better than their record indicates. However, it was a tough task to choose the Lions as an opponent in that situation. The Lions came out roaring as usual and were unstoppable from the start. Ivan Valcarel was able to get the first score of the game on a deep post down the sideline and then the floodgates opened up from there on out. Valcarel went on to grab 4 TD’s on the day to pull him in a tied for the league lead in TD catches. The Control Freaks showed sparks of genius at times in this one as they were able to shred up the Lions D on occasion, but just couldn’t punch it into the endzone once in the hotzone. Lions go on to win easily 48-12.

At 1:30 the Rough Riders traveled to take on Pure Magic. If Pure Magic was able to win this game, they would catapult in the standings and take the 5 seed in the playoffs. Pure Magic was able to get on the scoreboard first as Evan Enaya found Joe Medeiros in the endzone to take an early lead. Unfortunately for Pure Magic, that was all the scoring they would be able to muster up in the half. The Rough Riders D led by Mike Hill and Jared DeGeatano completely shut down a usually high powered Magic offense all day. Rough Riders QB Mario Pena found the Magic D easy to dissect as he found 4 different receivers in the endzone on the day that led to 7 total passing TD’s. The Rough Riders win going away, 43-19.

The last game of the regular season pitted the Fan Faves and Catalina Wine Mixer. Both teams are looking to gain some momentum heading into the playoffs because as of late, both have been shells of their previous selves. Catalina is coming off a big win last week against the Rage with a game winning TD catch by Pat Williams. And right on queue, Williams got it started for Catalina in this one with a TD catch across the endzone. Brendon Bernazzani of the Fan Faves answered quick with a TD to Leslie Traeger. Then Bernazzani found Jay Davis deep to take a 13-7 lead. Catalina stood firm and was able to shut them down until the clock was winding down in the first half, when Davis caught a controversial TD on the back line to end the half. The replay officials confirmed that the referee missed the call but nonetheless, the TD stood and the Fan Faves led 19-6 at the half. After the break, Catalina wasn’t able to get much going on the ground or through the air due to the relentless defensive pursuit of Ben Young. The Fan Faves despite sloppy play on the offensive side of the ball, had their defense lead the way and win on the road 44-14.

So in case you missed it, the season ended this past Saturday and what a season it was. Lions QB Codey Dalton fell just 4 TD passes short of setting the single season record; while in the last game he set the single season record for most INT’s. Catalina Wine Mixer RB Mike Dion fell just 1 TD short of tying the single season record for most rushing TD’s in a season. Erik Johnson of the all mighty Goats defense broke his own record for most sacks in a season. And lastly Leslie Traeger of the Fan Faves shattered the single season record for Defensive TDs in a season. Records are made to be broken and that’s all they are for…records mean nothing when it comes down to championship banners. Now that we all had fun with our stats in the regular season, let’s get down to the dirty dirty in the playoffs. This is where MVP’s are made. Where heroes are born. Where Blitz memories…are created. Good luck in the playoffs gentlemen…you’re all gonna need it.